Young Lovers – Friday Night Date

Young Lovers – My wife and I are newlyweds,  young lovers, and we had a wonderful honeymoon.  Every night we made love, and my wife – who has the most gorgeous body in the world – would wear some different type of lingerie.  However, she didn”t bring along all the different outfits she had received at her wedding showers.  She saved some of them for our time at home.

We had gotten back to our apartment and settled into the regular flow for a few days, and actually were so exhausted that we had gone two days without sex.  My wife was determined to change that.  It was a Friday night, and I took her out to dinner at our new favorite restaurant.  It was our first night out as husband and wife and I was so ecstatic.  She looked fantastic; very classy in her tight khaki shorts and maroon top.  I told her that she looked so fantastic I could barely concentrate on eating.  Giving her a wink, she winked back and said to me, “And you don”t even know what I have on underneath.”  She blushed, but we both knew what we were thinking now.

My hands were on her legs as soon as we sat down in the car.  She leaned over and kissed me so sexily I could barely stand it.  At the same time her hand ran up my leg as she pulled back and said, “This is just the beginning.”

She unzipped my pants and pulled apart the opening in my boxers, allowing my penis to pop up through the opening.  I started the car tentatively and she began to work my shaft up and down.  I could already feel myself welling up.  With one hand, I drove the car out of the parking lot and onto the country roads leading to our house; while the other clutched in pleasure at my wife”s shorts.

I was so close to losing it, I looked over at my wife and told her that she”d better stop or it would be over soon.  She smiled, pulled a Kleenex out of her purse, and went faster.  She pushed me right up over my threshold just as we were pulling into our driveway.  I apologized as she used the Kleenex to clean up, but she said, “Nothing to be sorry about, I told you it was just the beginning.”

We went inside and I sat down on the couch.  My wife came over and pulled off my shirt and pants.  “Hon, I can”t,” I began but she put her lips on mine to stifle the protest.  “I know,” she said, “but you might get something online casino’s special while you wait!”

She backed away from the couch and began dancing.  Slowly, she spun her hips in circles and looped her hands under the maroon top and tossed it to the floor.  Next were the khaki shorts, slowly being unzipped.  Suddenly, she was dancing in some lingerie I had never seen before.  It was black and lacy, barely covering anything but the essentials.  Her breasts were popping up, begging to be released from the bra.

My wife came over and lay down on the couch next to me.  Her kisses were on my chest, then up to my lips.  My hands gravitated towards her breasts, but I knew that she went wild when I softly caressed her behind.  I did so as lightly as possible, and she rewarded me by increasing the passion of her kiss.

I turned her over onto her back, and had a whole look at her beauty.  Amazing, a gift indeed.  My hands softly grazed over her stomach and my lips followed, just nipping around her belly button and making her laugh.  Laughs that with a gasp turn into moans as I swiftly remove her black lace panties and replace them with my lips.

She is surprised; she expected the bra to go first.  Now she is throbbing, moaning, thrusting her hips up into me.  My fingers dance around the outside of her sweet love as my tongue runs back and forth.  She is rocking with the tension.  Two fingers slide inside, and my tongue is on her clitoris.  She runs fingers through my hair and pants rapidly as her climax comes quickly.  I continue to kiss but work my way up to her lovely breasts.

Removing the bra, I simply kiss around the outside of the breasts, right up between the sweet valley, waiting for her to come down from the first climax.  As she does, I slowly begin to kiss the nipple, taking it in my mouth and wrapping my tongue around it.  The moans begin again.

I am now hard again, having spent a good 25 minutes on preparing my wife.  With my hardness pressed against her leg, my wife notices and instinctively begins to open her legs to me.  My kisses hover over her breasts and then find her neck as my shaft hovers over her entrance of beauty.  As her kisses become more urgent I bury myself inside of her.

I start slowly but her hips are begging for faster.  She is very wet already from climaxing, and so I accept the invitation for a faster ride.  I slide quickly in and out, myself beginning to come to moans.  She is breathing much quicker now, soft moans muffled by her kisses on my neck.

Suddenly she can concentrate on nothing more.  She throws her head back with a gasp and a moan that warns of impending orgasm.  Her hips are moving with a mind of their own, legs shaking and toeing at my calf’s.  Her hands are begging, grabbing at my buttocks, pulling me into her over and over again.  Her inconsistent heavy breathing is so sexy, it nearly puts me over the top.

I lean down to kiss her but she is gone, now breathing in heavy long moans that tell me of her orgasm.  She is tired, happy, and her hips are slowing down.  She knows I”m not finished but the pace was so frantic she could not keep it up.  Slower now I build toward the edge.

She begins her moaning again, probably faking a bit because she knows it drives me crazy, but I don”t even need it.  I”m now coming in a hurry, and she can feel it as my breath get much quicker along with my strokes.  She wraps her arms around me as I collapse in orgasm.

“And we haven”t even made it to the bed yet,” she smiles and winks… We are young lovers cherishing each other and this time of our life. We went to bed laying in each others arms contented in our love.

young lovers

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