Last night

I travel a lot in my work and got home yesterday after a six day trip. To say that I have been longing for my wife and and been longing to make love to her is just an understatement. I haven’t been able to think about almost anything else the last days. I couldn’t resist and masturbated the last three nights to relieve the pressure and try to calm my pent up desire. Unfortunately it didn’t help very much. A few hours later my thoughts were on my wife again.

When I got home I just couldn’t keep my hands off her, and she was just as eager as I, but she is able to control herself better in this department. She was not as clingy as I was. I stroked her back, kissed her neck until she got goose bumps all over, hugged her from behind and squeezed her breasts.

Her breasts, I love them! They are perfect in size, a full B-cup or a little larger than what I can fit in my hand. They are very soft and a little saggy after three pregnancies and breast feeding. I love the sagginess! The fold of skin that now is under the breast between the breast and the chest is so sexy and they bounce around more than when she was younger. She has dark nipples (used to be pink before she got pregnant the first time) that become erect very easily and they stand out more than a half inch. Beautiful! I suggested that she should go without a bra when she is at home because I think it’s good for the breast health if the bra isn’t on all the time. As a bonus I get a great view of them when she bends over and I look down her top, or get a good feel of them when hugging her and they bounce around when she moves in a wonderful way. I couldn’t believe it, but she agreed to go braless when at home from now on!

We are reconstructing our home for the moment which means that we only have one bedroom, the living room and the kitchen available and all five of us have to sleep in one room. We decided to make love on the couch in the living room later in the evening since we were afraid to wake the kids if we did it in the bedroom. A quiet quickie is usually ok with the kids in the room, but that was not what we planned for this evening.

We put the kids to bed and then made ourselves a cup of tea. We sat down on the couch and relaxed for a while. My wife always needs to wind down before she can concentrate on sex and our minds and souls needed to connect as well, not just our bodies.

When we had finished the tea, it was time. We got up, spread a blanket over the couch (so we wouldn’t mess it up) and undressed. We hadn’t been naked together for over a week, so we were a bit excited as we looked at each other. Especially I, and my penis immediately started to swell to a semi erect state pointing straight out and grew a lot longer and thicker than just a few seconds ago, at the sight of my beautiful naked wife. But this was going to be a long, slow and tender session.

My dear wife turned off the lights and lit some candles while I went after the massage oil. We have a couch with a corner and we sat down in the corner. I sat towards the backrest with my legs spread and my wife sat down between my legs with her back towards me. I poured some oil in my hands and spread it out and then started a slow and soft massage of my wife’s neck and shoulders. She really enjoys that and it makes her relax. I kept massaging her neck, shoulders and back for almost half an hour. She moaned and groaned from the pleasure I gave her with my hands slowly stroking her body, and that is very satisfying to me as well.

Then she slowly leaned back towards me and rested her back against my chest and her head on my shoulder. I took some more oil on my hands and slowly stroked her upper arms. Up and down, up and down. Since she was leaning back, her breasts were drawn outward and kind of rested a bit on her upper arms, which I happened to be stroking. Every time I passed her breasts my fingers “unintentionally” touched the outside of them. Oh, they are so soft and they easily gave way for my fingers passing between the breasts and the arms. I love to watch them move and now they moved a little for every stroke.

After a while I couldn’t let them be any more. I poured some more oil onto my hands and spread it out all over her breasts, chest and tummy. It felt so good to touch her there and my erection (which had subsided during the back massage) returned with full power. I had to ask her to lean forward a sec, so I could adjust my penis to point straight up. She leaned back and pressed her back against my hard penis. I returned to stroke and massage her breasts. First I went lightly in circles with only my fingertips. I started on the outside of the breast and caressed around and around them in smaller and smaller circles until my fingertips were circling her dark nipples. They became deliciously hard and erect from my treatment, and pointed straight out.

She had her eyes closed to focus on the pleasure with all her senses. I started massaging her breasts with my hands from under them. I lifted them up and squeezed them softly and they slipped easily in my oily hands until the nipple passed my thumb and forefinger. Then I pinched the nipple lightly. I could feel my wife was getting aroused and I concentrated more and more stimulation to her nipples. I pulled them out gently until they slipped out of my grip and her breasts made a little bounce when they fell back against her chest again.

She had been sitting with her legs straight in front of her on the couch, but then she drew her knees up (she still had her knees fairly close together). I stroked her up and down her chest and tummy. Up, lifting her breasts and pinching the nipples just before they slipped out of my hands, then down over her breasts and tummy again. Further and further down, closer to her lower abdomen for every stroke. I touched her triangle of soft pubic hair, caressing her Venus mound (I love the shape and feel of her round and soft mound under my hand) and followed the edges of her dark triangle down between her legs, my fingers lingered a little longer in the area for every stroke, and then returned up over the breasts again. I did this several times and went a little lower every time and she spread her legs a bit wider for every stroke I did.

After a couple of strokes her legs were spread wide, and I took that as an invitation to start touching her in her most sensitive place. I started very light and slow strokes with all my fingers, the index and little finger on either side of her labia, and my middle and ring finger on top of her outer labia. “Mmmmmm,” she said and spread her legs even wider to give my hands full access to her wonderful vulva. I could feel that her outer labia were soft and swollen and parted by her inner labia that were enlarged and stood out between them kind of erect. The next stroke went down on top of her labia all the way to her perineum, but this time my middle finger stroked the part of her inner labia that are standing out. When I stroked the other way towards her front again I let my middle finger slip in between her inner lips, over her opening and up over her clitoris. “Aaaaaahhhhh,” was her response to that move. I think I might have done something right!

She was dripping wet and incredibly slippery between her labia and her clitoris was rock hard, standing straight out and a lot bigger than I could remember… Strange! I kept stroking her crevice from end to end, from the top where her outer lips meet, over her hard clitoris and her wide open vagina to her perineum with my right hand while my left still works on her oily breasts and nipples. She turned her head and started kissing me deeply. Our mouths opened wide and our tongues met in a frenzy. We kissed, licked and sucked each others mouths, lips and tongues like crazy. Our hearts pounded hard and fast and our breaths were quick from the high arousal.

My penis was as hard as ever, pressed between my front and her back. My wife changed her position and leaned against the other backrest so we were now seated perpendicular to each other. My penis was freed from it’s prison and was long, thick, hard and pointing towards the ceiling twitching slightly for every heartbeat. It was longing for some attention. She poured some oil onto her hands and lubed up my penis until it was very slippery. Then she started stroking me along my whole length. Slowly and lightly she ran her fingers up and down my hard shaft. She massaged the head lightly and ran her fingertips around the edge of the head. It felt incredible. It tingled throughout my whole penis and I couldn’t help but thrust my pelvis forward in reflex. “Uuuuuuhhhhhmmmm, that feels soooo gooood!” I moaned. “Oh, that’s good!” my beautiful, naked and sexy wife replied and concentrated her fingers to stimulate the head of the penis intensely.

I had a wonderful view of her naked body in front of me where she was leaning back with her long legs spread very wide. Her breasts wiggle when she moved her hands on my penis. I get very turned on by looking when she strokes my erection.

Her genitals were fully visible to me, since she repositioned, and her dark triangle of pubic hair with my fingers buried deep looked so arousing. The fingers of my right hand were still stroking her slit, and her outer lips have kind of flattened out and spread to the sides and the inner lips are standing straight out and are parted to form of a funnel that lead to her open vagina. Her erect clitoris pointed out just above the opening to her love tunnel. I stroked her with my middle and ring fingers back and forth in her slippery valley.

I slowly let the fingers penetrate her open and wanting vagina for every down stroke. Then I slowly pull them out and up over her clitoris. Her vagina stretched out easily and enclosed my fingers in it’s soft and warm wetness. The wrinkles inside felt wonderful and I thought about what they soon would do to my now very aroused penis. I couldn’t wait much longer and groaned out loud and thrust my penis forward in her hands once more. My wife uttered the most encouraging sounds. “Uuuuhhmmm, oooohhhh, aaaaahhh!” in rhythm with my strokes. She is thrusting her hips continuously against my hand and I knew she was close now. She raised up on her knees and said, “I want to sit on top of you!” Then she straddled me, took my longing penis in one hand and held the tip against her awaiting opening. She slowly lowered herself onto me with an “Uuummmmmmm!”

My hard penis slid into her soft wetness that stretched out to accommodate it very easily. It went in all the way and I could actually feel her labia against me on both sides of my penis. She ground her pelvis against me, rather than in and out motions, since it stimulates her more. My penis was buried inside her to the hilt and her clitoris fit perfectly against my pelvic bone in this position. I could hear from the sounds she made, that she wouldn’t last very long in this position.

We embraced and kissed like crazy. I stroked her back, hips and butt. Her breasts were swaying in front of my face. I asked her, “May I suck on your breasts?” “Oooohhhh, PLEASE DO!” she groaned out loud. I took her right nipple into my mouth and sucked it hard. The nipple was engorged and hard. It was so arousing for me to have it in my mouth and my tongue swirled around it. “Uuuuuhhhh, uuuuuuuhhhh, uuuuuuhhhh” she said in sync with the movement of her hips. She was so close now!

I brought out my “trump card” which I know will bring her over the edge. Namely her left nipple. When she is very aroused, it seems to have a direct connection to her genitals and if I suck it she always orgasm within seconds. I decided that her time had come, and I took her big and hard left nipple in my mouth and sucked on it and swirled my tongue around it. She put her hands behind my head and pressed my face hard against her breast and let out, “UUUUUUUUUUHHHHH! OOOOHHHH, DARLING! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH” and she orgasmed hard. I could feel her vagina contract around my penis and she just fell forward and embraced and kissed me.

“Oops, that was quick,” I said with a smile. “Yeah, I don’t know why, but suddenly I couldn’t hold back any longer…” she replied laughing. “It’s your left nipple” I said and she answered, “Yes, I know, but it’s so strange…”.

“Now it’s your turn! How do you want to do it?” she asked. “I want to be on top,” I replied. She rolled over on her back and spread her legs wide and drew them up against her chest. She knows I like that position best. It’s very intimate, I can go very deep and when I look down between her legs I can see my penis, MY penis, slide in and out of HER very pleasurable vagina. That turns me on!!!

I crawled up between her legs and the tip of my large penis was at her inviting opening once more. She reached down and guided it in with her hand. I pushed my hips forward slowly and my penis slid into her again very easy. She was so wet from her orgasm and her vagina felt incredible. I groaned from the sensation between my legs. I pushed it in all the way and then pulled out again very slowly. I like to do it slowly, because then I am able to feel what it feels like to make love to her and how it feels in the penis when I thrust in and out. Feeling my arousal build slowly when her vagina softly encloses the whole length of it. Feeling the wrinkles inside her vagina stimulate the head and feeling my foreskin move back and forth with my thrusts.

I continued these slow and very pleasurable thrusts and started to groan with every thrust. I just couldn’t help it. “It feels so good to have my penis slide in and out of your vagina!” I moaned. “Good, keep going!” she encouraged me. I wasn’t going to stop anyway. I couldn’t! I felt my orgasm build and just had to go on. I couldn’t stop now. Must go on! My whole penis was on fire and tingled incredibly. Couldn’t stand it any longer! “I’m coming, I will spurt my sperm inside you soon!” I grunted. “Oh, good, my darling. Keep going, keep going!” my loving wife whispered.

Then I felt all the muscles between my legs tighten, my penis felt even harder and stiffer and it felt like the head expanded even more in the depths of my beautiful wife’s wonderful vagina. I groaned loud, “Uuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhmmmmmm!” I pushed my hips forward and buried my penis completely inside her and held it there firmly, as I knew I was past the point of no return and could just lay still and revel in the wonderful sensations in my penis. The pleasure was almost unbearable. My orgasm was out of my control and would come “automatically” in a second or two.

Then suddenly my groin and penis contracted rhythmically and I felt the exciting sensation when the spurts of semen flow through the penis, out through the head and into the depths of my wife. “Oh, I love you so much!” I said exhausted. “I love you too!” she replied, as I lay on top of her and we cuddled for a while to wind down after our high arousal and exercise.



This story is completely true and describes our latest lovemaking session. After such a session I usually get a lot of questions on my mind. “Is this normal?,Do other couples do what we do? Do other CHRISTIAN couples do this? Is it ok for a Christian couple to do the stuff we did?” I don’t know and I don’t have anyone to ask, and if I had I would probably not get any answers, since people don’t talk about these things with each other. If you feel like it, please leave a comment on these questions. Thank you!

By: Victor Bezrukov

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  1. Anonymous says:

    WOW! What an incredible experience for the both of you! Brave too with kids in the other room! Very normal and wonderful to enjoy each other in every way that you feel comfortable and romantic too!

  2. Gina G. says:

    You two are perfectly normal ! Obviously you haven’t read any of my stories. LOL! Very nice story, enjoyed it very much! Thanks for posting! Keep em coming!

    God Bless! Stay horny!

  3. b parks says:

    Yes,what you are doing is Great.
    You are meeting needs and turning each other on, and that is what it is all about – mutual pleasure.
    Very Sexy.
    Enjoy yourselves as much and often as possible, life is so short.

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