The Anticipation

There would be no pretense this evening. No perhaps. No maybes. No let’s see what happens.

No, this was going to be a night full of lovemaking. They knew it and they had waited all day for it.

The anticipation began early that Saturday morning when she rolled over towards her sleeping husband. Her hand found a nice surprise poking up through his pajama pants– a full-scale erection. The morning ones are always the best, she thought. She moved closer and began to stroke his member, slowly and deliberately. He began to stir, waking up with a smile.

They exchange kisses while she stroked his penis and he rubbed her back. She could feel herself becoming aroused and he softly began stoking her breasts through her t-shirt.

They both knew where this was going and they were anxious to get there. She pulled him on top of her and he was just beginning to explore her private sanctuary when…..

There was a small knock on the door. The youngest of their children had needs of their own to be attended to. That meant their own needs would have to wait.

He groaned in protest and she sighed in resignation.  She kissed him passionately and then whispered to him, “No matter what happens today, tonight is about us. We will be back here and then you are all mine.” Then she giggled and squeezed his still rigid shaft. “Besides I would hate to see this go to waste.”

With one final kiss, they began their family day. But neither forgot what was waiting for them. They made sure each other did not forget either.

When she was taking a shower, he slipped into the bathroom and stuck his hand in the shower to caress her back and buttocks.

She wore shorts and a shirt that highlighted her physical attributes. She also made it a habit of “accidentally” dropping things in front of him so when she bent down, he caught an eyeful of bosom.

When she was washing dishes in the kitchen, he snuck up  behind her and lightly touched her breasts. She responded by reaching back and rubbing his groin.

As he was working underneath the car in the garage, she came outside and stood there so when he rolled out from underneath, his first sight was looking all the way up her legs and into her shorts. She wasn’t wearing panties.

And throughout the day, they acted like young lovers — stealing kisses and touches whenever they could.

They had dinner plans with friends for that night — much to his dismay. But she wore a summer dress that came to mid thigh and no underwear. During dinner, he was able to use one hand to caress her thigh and move all the way up to her triangle, which he brushed several times. He marveled at how she could concentrate on lively dinner talk with what was going on “down there.”

Then came the movie and she positioned herself next to him as he held the popcorn. When it “looked” like she was reaching for the popcorn, she was actually squeezing the hardness residing in his jeans.

Finally as they were headed home, she spread her legs wide enough to guide his hand into her entrance where he probed the layers with his fingers. She then sucked her juices off his fingers. Usually a fast driver, the husband took his time this night allowing both a chance to revel in each other.

At home, they greeted the children and their babysitter. As he prepared to drive the sitter home, his wife reached up and whispered in his ear. “Better hurry home or I may have to start without you.” Then she grinned, winked and patted him on the behind.

He quickly (and safely) drove as fast as he could to and from the babysitter’s home. When he arrived, the lights were off and the children were asleep. He climbed the stairs and reached their bedroom door. On the door’s knob was her dress. He walked in to find the room dark except for lit candles near the bed and there was soft music playing.

In the center of the bed and propped ups on pillow was his wife. She wore nothing and her legs were spread so he could see her private beauty.”Hello there,” she said with a smile. “I was wondering if you were ever going to get here. ”

She jumped off the bed and walked towards him with breasts swaying. “So,” she said reaching her husband and wrapping her arms around him, “what were we doing when we were so rudely interrupted this morning?”

They began to kiss passionately; their tongues exploring each other’s mouth while their hands caressed each other’s body. His hand traveled below where it probed her wet entrance. She reached underneath his shirt to rub his chest and pinch his nipples. Their actions resulted in moans from both.

She led him to their bed. She quickly took off his shirt while nibbling on his chest. She then sat down on the edge of the bed and began to work on his pants.  First she slowly unbuckled the belt, then came the zipper and then she slipped off his jeans. All that was left was his underwear and a  noticeable “bump” in the middle.

After kissing the bulge, she rubbed it. And then as he tensed, she placed her fingers underneath the band and slowly slid the underwear off his hips and down his legs. Now freed, his penis sprang outwards toward her.  She laughed as she took hold of it. “This certainly looks like the one I saw this morning,” she giggled.

With her eyes watching her husband’s reaction, she began to slowly take his shaft into her mouth. She kissed it, sucked it, swirling her tongue across the tip and then used her hand to stroke both sides. To increase his desire, she widen her legs and began to rub her clitoris. He watched that intently.

She could sense by his body reactions and moans that his first outpouring was close. Without waiting, she kept using her tongue on his shaft until she felt his body tense, heard him cry out and then tasted his warmness in her mouth.

After she had finished and his breathing had returned to normal, she pulled him closer and laid on her back, her shoulder-length black curly hair spreading out around her. No words were needed. He came to the edge of the bed, took one of her legs in each hand and moved forward to her center.  She slid closer to him and then helped guide his damp but growing again love stick into her love chamber.

“I have ached all day for you,” she whispered.

They locked eyes as he started to move his hips back and forth, his penis plunging into her. He alternated between slow and fast, watching as her breasts and body move as he moved. She begged him to pick up pace; he teased her, leaving her to demand for even more penetration. He positioned himself so he could watch himself enter and re-enter her.

The thrusting picked up as he kept moving faster and faster. He dropped her legs and braced himself on the bed by his hands and arms to allow for deeper entry. She wrapped her legs around him, her vagina around his penis and her arms around his. She didn’t let go until the first tide of ecstasy rolled over her followed quickly by the second wave.

He collapsed on her and they held each other for several minutes. He had not reached orgasm that time, but he didn’t really care because she had. After they had collected themselves, they got up, moved to the head  of the bed and underneath the covers.

But the night was still young — and this was their favorite type of love making. Now that “the edge” was off so to speak, they could take their time. They coupled together — kissing, groping, touching and talking. They felt safe in each other’s arms and they lost themselves in each other. They also were active lovers, rolling from one side of the bed to another, exchanging positions and techniques.

They slowly built up the anticipation in each other. Finally, he gently turned her over onto her stomach. Propping a pillow underneath her, he spread her legs and entered her chamber from behind. He was able to control the rate of movement and depth of penetration. His desire grew as he watched himself enter his beloved again and again.

For her, she felt him plunge deeper and deeper into her. And thanks to a mirror built into the bed’s headboard, she too could watch her husband’s continual thrusting.

His pace quicken, the breathing of both increased and the moaning grew louder. She tensed as she arrived at the tipping point and then allowed the orgasm to overcome her as she buried her head into a pillow. As she did, she also felt her husband clutch at her hips and heard him cry out as he released into her.

The two finally uncoupled, exhausted.  They huddled together, her head on his chest, both contemplating the tender moments of the day. She lifted her head and kissed him lightly.  “Now THAT was a good day,” she said with a smile.

By: Evil Erin








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