Smoking Hot Firetruck Encounter

Since joining the local fire department a few years ago, my wife and I have always wanted to have sex in one of the fire trucks. Well one night we found ourselves alone in the lounge and after a few drinks, my petite brunette wife said, “Now’s our chance, we’re doing it in the truck”.

We proceeded to the bay and I opened the door to the cab of the engine. My wife was wearing a sexy short dress. As she got up onto the first step to get into the cab, I was right behind and stopped her. I lifted her skirt, running my fingers along the back of her legs. I had revealed her fire-engine red g-string thong panties. I reached under the front of her underwear and slowly moved my knuckle over the outside of her vagina. Her legs instinctively straightened and she bent forward into the cab, putting her hands on the diamond plated floor in front of her. Her rear was in the perfect position for me run my tongue over the crease of her underwear. Not quite touching skin, I could hear her coo over the scanner chatter as I moved my tongue slowly over the fabric covering her mound. Every so often my tongue would lick her vaginal lips, but just for a few, quick moments. Just enough to get her juices flowing and craving more.

When I sensed she had enough of this teasing, I motioned her into the cab and I got behind her. This is a full size cab that can fit 6 firefighters so there was plenty of room. She bent forward over one of the jump seats and grabbed onto the straps of the breathing apparatus, while I positioned myself behind her. I reached forward and pulled down the top of her dress revealing her perfect, natural breasts. I licked my fingers and swirled saliva around the outer-band of her nipples, eventually ending at the tip. I could feel them harden to my wet touch.

I dropped my trousers and took out my penis. Lifting her skirt and pulling aside her panties, I ran the head of my penis over the crack of her vagina. She pushed herself closer to me, anticipating the point of penetration. As she held onto the straps of the seat in front of her, I just allowed the helmet of my penis into her clitoris. She let out and instant moan, desiring  more. I let it linger there for a few moments before taking it back out and running it up and down the length of her vagina. I love teasing her and seeing the way her body reacts. After some more of this, I inserted my penis slowly back in her wet clit. She had enough teasing and pushed back hard, taking in my entire girth. I could see a pulsing shudder work its way from her thighs to her breasts. She moved her hips back and forth on me, and I stood there, letting her control the motion. It did not take long before she pulled hard on the straps and let out a long, satisfying orgasm.

At this point I turned her around and sat her in the seat in front of me. My pelvis was directly in her face. She extended her tongue over the head of my penis and up and down the shaft, giving me a satisfying cleansing of her juices.  As she took me deep into her throat, she gently moved her fingers from the tip of my anus to my testicals. The warmness of her mouth along with the sensation of her fingers was exhilarating. Witnessing this delicate act in the rough setting of the fire truck was quite an erotic turn-on. After a few minutes I had reached a peak that I knew I could not sustain for long. I pushed her back into the seat and she lifted one foot onto the cross-bar of the cab door and the other on the center console.  She reached for the head rest overhead and held tight as I thrust my penis into her as far as I could. The position she was in enabled me to deeply penetrate her, it was almost like she was weightless. All it took was a few long, deep thrusts of my engorged hose before I pumped her full of my juices. It seemed endless. I had hit her sweet spot and set her off again as she erupted in a another writhing climax.

It was at that point that a call had come over the pager for a general response, and it would only be minutes until other members arrived at the firehouse to man the engine. Hastily we pulled our clothes back on and she retreated to the lounge. It was a few minutes until the crew arrived and I was back in the cab responding to the call. On the way to the scene I couldn’t stop thinking about the hot experience that had just occurred where I was now sitting. None of my crew mates were any the wiser.

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