Sexy Workplace Surprise

Jerry worked as a Paramedic for a local EMS in a southern state and they’d had a busy day. He was bummed out because he had to work on his birthday. It was a cold night in late November. It was dark out already and he was watching TV while his partner was in his bedroom catching a nap. Usually on his birthday his wife made love to him and tonight she wouldn’t. He knew he shouldn’t but he was feeling sorry for himself. He had a wonderful life with a knockout of a wife.

His thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door. Turning the TV down he opened the door hoping it wasn’t someone needing their services. He was amazed to see his wife, Kerri, standing there.

“May I come in?” She laughed.

“Sure,” he stammered, holding the door open for her.

“Where’s your partner?” his wife asked, peering around him.

“Ah, he’s asleep,” Jerry told her. “Why are you here?”

“Well, I wanted to bring you your birthday present,” Kerri grinned at her husband.

She opened the long black leather coat she wore down to her knees. His mouth hung open as he was speechless, his eyes ogling his smoken hot wife. Her ash blond hair swirled wildly about her still youthful face, and down her shoulders and back. Underneath the coat she wore a red French bra with her brown nipples peeping though and over the bra. Her breasts spilled over the bra delighting the eyes. She wore matching lace crotchless panties and garter belt that held up her red thigh-high stockings. The panties were cut low showing her Rolling Stones tongue tattoo delving down toward the top of her slit. Her tiny triangle of silky blond hair and the top of her clean shaven slit were visible though the sheer panties. Jerry felt the front of his pants tighten as his eyes traveled down to her black knee high leather boots with the two inch heels. She massaged the growing bulge in his uniform pants.

“Let’s go to my van and I’ll take care of that,” she purred.

Grabbing up his HT walkie he followed her into the night. They crawled into the back of her van with the darkened windows. Holding her coat open she straddled his lap and pressed herself against him. They kissed open mouthed, their tongues thrusting hotly. Her breasts pressed against his chest and rubbed her sex against the bulge in his pants.

Rising up off him she unzipped her husbands pants and freed his erect manhood. Taking him in hand she wrapped her fingers around his hard shaft and began to stoke him while her other hand cupped and massaged his balls. She lowered her mouth and slowly engulfed his hardness in her mouth. She took him all the way into the back of her thoart and held him their till she began a slow in and out motion. When she felt his balls contract and his cock swelled in her mouth, she pulled her mouth off. She straddled his lap again and placed the tip of his hard cock at the entrance of her dripping pussy lips, so swollen and ready for his engordged manhood. Kerri groaned as his cockhead slid inside her.

“Do me now! I want to feel your cock stretching my pussy. Now!” she hissed, baring down on his cock. Her pussy wrapped around his invading cock like a warm wet glove.

She began to undulate her hips as she rode his penis like a cowgirl riding a horse. She tossed her hair wildly and reached behind her to massage his balls where they joined her body.

Jerry’s lips were wrapped around her hard nipple sucking avidly. Kerri was panting as she rose and fell on his cock. It filled her pussy full each thrust. Every fiber of her being was centered in the fire building inside her. She convulsed her muscles grasped and milked her husbands shaft as he drove it deep inside her spasming depths. She felt his hot cum explode and it drove her over the edge as ecstasy tore though her body. She collapsed on his chest as they came down from the heights. When he slipped from her pussy she slid off his lap and laid her head in his lap.

But she wasn’t finished with him yet. She toyed with his now soft tool and licked it gently. She took him in her mouth and held him there as he hardened again. Moaning she began to suck him. He rose up and straddled her face feeding her his cock while he lowered his face between her legs and sucked her clitoris while fingering her juicy pussy. Beside themselves they came together as he fired hot cum down her thoart.  She in turn filled his mouth with her musky juices. They stayed wrapped in each others arms for some times afterwards before she roused herself and got ready to go home.

On leaving Kerri pressed a picture of her in tonight’s outfit into Jerry’s hand as a final gift.


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