For Her

It had been a long day. The bitter cold snow, the driving wind, the frozen mud, and the endless forest made him wonder why he chose logging as a profession. The hours are terrible and the conditions awful. The only thing that seemed to make it worthwhile was the loving arms of his amazing wife.

Although she worked, she was home every night when he got home. Today would be different though, he was home early. He had planned the whole afternoon and evening. He would get home at 2:00, get a hot shower to thaw out and then cook a romantic dinner of Chicken Marsalis to serve with a salad, and just the right bottle of wine.

As he undressed in the bathroom he smiled at the thought of spending the evening looking into the eyes of his personal dream come true. To think he almost went through life without her was a painful thought he tried hard to ignore. The shower was on and the room was quickly filling with steam, the stereo in the bedroom was playing a mix of mellow music his wife called his “muse music.”

As he stood in the shower, water pelting his back and neck, he gave in to his weariness. He had plenty of time before she would be home, he could lay here in the tub with the hot water hitting his chest and torso and nap for a minute. He had fallen asleep like this before and when the water turned cold he would wake up. He grabbed a towel from the rack and put it behind his neck as he reclined in the tub. The water felt wonderful, the steam felt better and his mind began to drift. He wasn’t quite sleeping but had definitely reached the point of being able to see what he was thinking about.

As he drifted in and out he thought he heard a noise, but refused to open his eyes. That is until the water falling on him suddenly stopped. Not turned off, but redirected. It was now landing on his legs as if something was blocking the flow of water.

He slowly opened one eye…and indeed, something was blocking the water. Above him was the backside of the most beautiful woman he had ever seen—his wife. Her face was towards the stream of water and all he could see was back, butt, and legs…although it was a sight to behold. He pretended to sleep as she turned and reached for the soap.

He had always enjoyed watching her shower although she often resisted his gaze in a ridiculous claim of her not being “pretty enough”, or “skinny enough”, or “whatever enough”. The grin he was fighting was winning and he hoped she wouldn’t notice it as she rinsed her breasts and began to shave her legs. With each leg lifted in turn, he had a wonderful view of that special place he liked to go.

As she finished her ritual she looked down at the pretended sleeper. Running one toe down the inside of his leg she asked, “Enjoy the show?”

He opened his eyes fully now and tried to hide the boyish grin on his face. “How’d you know…?” he began as she ran her big toe along the side of what had given him away.

“Oh, yeah,” he grinned. “I guess that was a dead giveaway.”

“It doesn’t look very dead to me,” she commented as he rose to his feet.

Their bodies met as he put his arms around her and savored her presence. After all this time, she still felt amazing beneath his touch—her soft skin, her rounded hips, and those endless pools of passionate green eyes. He decided again then and there, that there was no other place on earth he’d rather be.

She ran her hands down his face she commented that he could use a shave, “Ya know, this tends to tickle my thighs…mind if I shave it off?”

He gladly consented to her control and enjoyed the feel of her hands moving over his face. She was careful and methodical as she lathered his face and began to work.

“Stop grinning or I’m going to knick you,” she scolded.

He was trying not to, but the look of concentration on her face was making it hard. Finishing her task, she rinsed his face with warm water and rubbed her cheek against his.

“Mmm, that’s nice,” she cooed.

As he stepped from the shower intending to drip dry over the pile of clothes on the floor she stopped him with a hand on his arm.

Handing him the razor she asked, “Care to return the favor?”

“I’d be glad to, but didn’t I just watch you shave your legs?” he questioned.

“I wasn’t thinkin’ about my legs,” she replied with that devilish grin he enjoyed so much.

“Oh my!” was all he could say as his mind drifted back to the first time she had mentioned this idea. At the time he had no idea that she would ask him to perform such an intimate and delicate act.

“‘Oh my!’ indeed,” she responded as she sat on the edge of the tub and offered an open view of the project at hand.
“I have no idea where to start,” he said nervously.

“Don’t worry; I’ll walk you through it. First, you need to get some soap and get me all lathered up,” she offered while handing him the soap.

He dropped to his knees and proceeded to follow every direction to the letter. He was beginning to enjoy what he was doing when he noticed her breathing had changed, her eyes had closed and her head was thrown back.

“Um…am I doing it right?” he asked in mock seriousness.

He couldn’t understand a word she said but continued moving his fingers until a little shudder ran through her body.

She quickly regained her composure and gave him his next instructions.

While continuing to work he commented, “I bet that doesn’t happen when you’re doing this yourself.”

In a silky voice, she answered, “I bet it does.”

This took him slightly by surprise but he liked it…a lot. As he finished up the task at hand he couldn’t help but plant a tender kiss where he knew she would enjoy it.

Showered and shaved they moved from the bathroom to the kitchen.

“Now what?” she asked.

“Well, unless you want to skip dinner, I need to get cooking.”

She sat at the kitchen table in her loose silk robe. She truly contemplated skipping dinner—and everything else in this life—to be consumed by her overwhelming love for him.

“You could sit there drinking wine while I prepare an amazing meal,” he offered.

She gladly agreed to be his living art although she was still getting used to the fact that he truly did find her so beautiful. She watched as he moved around the kitchen.

She tried to put words to what she was seeing; graceful but not feminine, comfortable but not completely, masculine but not cumbersome. He displayed a conservation of movement combined with a sense of purpose. It was times like these she allowed her mind to wander back to their reunion; the way they stared, the disbelief, the instant level of comfort.

Her second glass of wine on an empty stomach had begun to affect her and she was enjoying that fuzzy feeling. Truth be told, ever since they had been together she had been feeling fuzzy a majority of the time. At first, it was a constant state of sexual arousal, but a feeling of utter contentment had been added to it lately, and she knew she had finally found the thing for which she had searched.

Her daydream was broken as she heard his voice, “Are you going to eat or just keep looking off into space with that silly grin on your face?”

As if by magic, before her on the table was a steaming meal that smelled wonderful. Her taste buds were rewarded as she began to eat. Although the food was delicious, it was obvious they both had other things on their minds.

“Leave the dishes, I will get them later,” he said as he took her by the hand and led her to the living room.

“Tonight is for you,” he whispered. “Before the sun rises you will know what it is like to be loved and adored; you will have been given great pleasure and will have felt the joy of pleasing another.”

He led her to the blanket on the floor in front of the fire. Instructed to do so, she lay down on her stomach while he dimmed the lights and turned on some soft jazz. then he knelt beside her and ran his fingers through her hair. Using the tips of all ten fingers he began to massage her scalp. The tension of the day drained from her body and she began to float. His words a soothing comfort to her soul. His hands moved down her neck and seemed to share their heat with each of her muscles. He caressed each arm from shoulder to fingertips, dropping gentle kisses at her wrists.

With oil warmed between his palms, he began to stroke her back from top to bottom on each side of her spine; he did not miss a spot. His hands then found the swell of her bottom. She was melting from within, moving down each leg, his hands so warm and strong. Kneading every muscle, relaxing every care, he brought her to a place of total relaxation.

Gentle kisses fell behind each knee. It seemed to tickle and tantalize her at the same time. Ending at each foot, he held them in his hand. His gentle turning motion cued her to roll onto her back. Starting at her ankles he slowly kissed his way up each leg as he moved back and forth between them.

His progress slowed as he reached her thighs, and her legs seemed to spread of their own accord. He made it a point to rub his clean-shaven face against her thighs.

His lingering pace made her ache. She wanted to feel his lips against her skin. She wanted his tongue on her—in her. He slowly found his way up to her lips with the tip of his tongue: so smooth…so silky…so sensual. Pressure from his palms gently spread her wider, and his tongue delved deeper, driving her wild. Faster… then slower… harder, then softer. Finally, he gently took that secret button between his lips and circled with his tongue.

His hands all over her body, his hot breath, his wet lips, and his tireless attention finally set her free. As she arched her back and grabbed his head she felt pure pleasure. A rushing sense of completion overtook her body and caused explosions in her mind. She was lost in pleasure, floating free from time and space.

Everything but he and she had vanished from the world. Nothing existed but her lover, her friend, the man of her dreams, the keeper of her soul, hers, and only hers to be shared with no one.

He lifted himself from between her thighs and kissed her deeply on the lips. Their tongues collided playfully, each, in turn, sucking the other’s tongue into their mouth. Slowly her breathing returned to normal, her body relaxed and lazy.

“That was…magnificent,” she purred, “but it’s not quite fair. That’s two for me and none for you.”

Sitting beside her on the floor he asked, “Did you have something in mind?”

She responded in a playful tone, “Oh, dear me. It would appear I have spilled some oil on my chest!” She drizzled it on each breast and the valley in between. “Whatever shall we do with such a slippery mess?”

He was mesmerized by the sight of her glistening skin as she meticulously massaged the oil onto her exceptional breasts. Positioning one knee on each side of her, he braced his hands on the couch above her head for balance. His excitement was obvious as she pressed her splendid orbs together around his length.

The smile on her face combined with the words coming from her lovely mouth sent him reeling down a tunnel of pleasure. Within minutes, he had found a release of his own and she was visibly pleased that she could cause such things to happen. He rolled to one side of her and relaxed in utter contentment.

Slowly running her finger through the warm residue on her chest she said, “I’ve heard this is good for your skin…makes a great moisturizer too.” She brought her finger to her lips and covered them with a coating of the slippery liquid.

Returning her finger to her chest she caught his eye, as if trying to read his face, and studied him as she gathered another finger full of the gift he had left on her chest. He could read the question in her eye and felt as though he knew what she intended on doing. He tried to offer consent with nothing more than the look on his face. She slowly brought her finger to his lips and looked for any sign of refusal. Seeing none, she proceeded to gently trace his lips…first the outside…then the inside…her finger moving around his tongue.

Although neither could explain it, this was an extremely erotic experience. As if by magnetic attraction their lips came closer, each smelling and tasting of the other, they joined together to produce an intoxicating combination. The kiss was passionate, the feelings overwhelming, even more so because they both knew, without any question, that they each were feeling identical feelings for one another.

To be loved and accepted, unconditionally, was something that neither had felt before their marriage. Relaxing on the floor, he slowly ran his fingertips over her body. Up and down her arm, around each breast, through the valley, around her belly button and back up to her face. Her beautiful face, so expressive, so bright and open, so full of life, tracing each part he reveled in the fact that she had freely given herself to him.

“Hungry?” he asked.

“Sort of,” she groaned as she stretched.

“Well, I bet I have something you’ll devour.”

She had anticipated this to be an innuendo of a sexual type, but to her surprise, he jumped to his feet and disappeared into the kitchen. Upon his return, he found her sitting on the couch, an orange silk robe barely covering her body. In his hands was a covered serving dish which he set on the table in front of her.

“Ready?” he asked.

“Will I like it?” she teased.

“Do you like ice cream?”

She nodded her head.

“Do you like chocolate?”

Another nod of her head.

“Do you like Cheerios?”

She rolled her eyes.

As he lifted the cover, she was delighted. Sitting before her was the definition of decadence—two peaks of chocolate cake packed with six types of chocolate, (including chocolate mousse) fudge icing, and chocolate shavings, surrounded by two scoops of vanilla bean ice cream and real whipped cream…but no sign of any Cheerios.

They ate slowly and quietly, watching each other intently. He couldn’t help but laugh as she proceeded to lick the plate clean. Pulling the plate from her face, he wasn’t sure if she was aware of the chocolate dot on the tip of her nose.

“I take it you liked?” he asked.

“I did,” she replied.

“Well, why don’t we find somewhere to get comfy together?” he suggested.

“As you wish,” she said with a grin.

He took her hand and they made their way to the bedroom.

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  1. MissingMyHusband says:

    Loved this story reading how theses couples are connecting is giving me hope for my marriage we have been having a lot of problems and we are trying to reconnect with Jesus in the middle these stories are giving me some wonderful ideas

  2. Brachm76 says:

    That was a great story; one to remember for a lifetime. I think there are a lot of us who wish we had that dream come true, the one who would stand by us through good and bad, the one who sees everything as one with us. It is a blessing and something to cherish.

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