Fatihful Husband

Faithful Husband and the Private Dancer

Faithful Husband – Jeff had a dilemma.  One that most men simply would not understand or relate too, but most men were not as committed as he.  Striving to live a life that would be characterized as “Holy”, a life that his God and his wife would approve of.  It wasn’t always simple but the rewards lasted into eternity.

He had worked long and hard to become sales manager of the second largest furniture manufacturer in the state of California. He had managed to provide a comfortable living for his family, and now that both boys were nearly finished college, the finances were covering all the bills, and then some.  They had all they needed, and he and his mate for life, Jackie, had enough resources to support a number of missionaries on a monthly basis, over and above their regular and substantial giving to their local church.  Their comfortable ranch style home with brick fascia and a 2 car attached garage had an expansive backyard complete with pool.  There was a price, though, for this standard of living, dead lines, sales targets, travel requirements, so “ Home “ was a really great place to get away from the hustle and bustle and to relax and recharge the batteries.  Mortgage free, boys doing great in school, terrific church and close friends, should be no problems, right?  …. Yeah right….

Jackie was a concerned dedicated mother.  She would do anything to see her boys happy and successful.  Both Jerry and Jimmie were great boys.  Both had strong resemblances to a younger version of their father in his prime.  Both with Sandy blonde hair, Jerry at 6′ 4” and Jimmie at 6’2” each with a close facsimile of their fathers winsome smile complete with dimples.   They were both handsome and athletic and Mom was very aware of the interest her boys generated in the girls at school, and at church.  When the two college men were home on weekends, all the girls at church seemed to try to outdo the next girl in order to catch the attention of her offspring.  They each wanted to be the one to flirt with the most eligible men around. Jackie was actually a little proud of their influence on the females in their sphere of influence, but she was also very wary of any girl that wouldn’t measure up as a “mate for life”. Her boys were focused kids, though, and were determined to do well at school, so neither had chosen to develop a serious relationship with a member of the fairer sex, to this point.  Mom had observed one gal who didn’t seem to want to take “no” for an answer, Christy McClennan was certainly making her intentions very plain to her first born.  Christy was one of those curvaceous beautiful girls that seemed to get more than their share of attention, and the way that Christy accentuated her “package” with form fitting clothing, skirts a little too short, and tops a little too tight could have been a problem for her red blooded son, but Jerry had kept her at an appropriate distance, his good judgment and ability to handle Christy gracefully was just another reason to love him as only a mother could.

Jackie’s life was full with many blessings from the Lord, she had a very comfortable home, one that she really loved, and enjoyed sharing with friends for the occasional BBQ and pool party. She had a great group of friends at church, there was a small group of core ladies that had been meeting for prayer and fellowship since the boys were small, some of those girls were closer than sisters, and she had come to love and depend on them.

She knew and liked many of the women on their local PTA, she had stayed in touch and active with the group, even though it had been three years since her youngest, Jimmie had been in High School.

And of course there was Jeff, he was a great partner, husband and father, and she knew he tried to provide for her every need.  He was active in the Church, and had a strong bond with his boys.  The three men in her life loved Football and Fishing, and Jeff took every opportunity to have his sons join him to enjoy action in a packed stadium or beside a quiet trout filled stream.

She slowed the nearly new Red Ford mustang convertible into the driveway, she loved it when the weather let her drive with the top down, and today was one of those glorious days.  Life was as good as it could ever be. …..…Right?

Jeff straightened his tie as he waited in the elegant reception area.  The oak and brass trim and the expansive floor to ceiling view of the Pacific Ocean made for an opulent setting.  He noted that their must be really good money in the interior design business.  This place had all the creature comforts, soft leather seating, specialty coffees, soft classical music piped in from some unseen source, and the smell of fresh bakery products, he should have been really enjoying the time spent waiting for the Monday morning quarterly sales call, but instead he wished he could disappear from this place.  He hated the fact that he was forced to deal with this client, it simply drove him crazy.  He recalled the last visit three months ago, and how he went straight to the President of his company expressing his urgent need to have this account assigned to someone else.  The President left no uncertainty, after that passionate exchange of opinions, voices became raised, the “Boss”, concluded by saying that if Jeff didn’t service this client, that he would be fired.  Jeff was sure that the fact that this particular client had insisted on Jeff’s personal touch drove his “ Boss “ crazy; and was part of reason that the Senior official was so unreasonable about the situation.   Jeff thought to himself that the President probably would have no conscious problems at all in  “Servicing” the client in the manner she wanted.  The fact that she wanted the Sales Manager and not the President was probably very hard on the boss mans ego.  Jeff was aware that the Boss had dropped some subtle hints, and some not so subtle and that she made it perfectly clear, that it was Jeff that she wanted to “Personally Handle Her”.  The boss was turning up the pressure to keep her happy, whatever that was going to take, or else Jeff would be an “unemployed Sales Manager”.

The Secretary behind the desk wearing the phone headset, looked up from her computer screen, as if on some invisible cue and said “ Ms. Reynolds will she you now, Mr. Litton”.  Jeff stood, straightened his tie again, squared his shoulders and whispered a prayer “ Father help me”

Jeff entered the enormous office, and as professionally as possible said “ Good morning Marj”.  Her face immediately lit up as her eyes met his.  “ Good morning Jeff, so very nice to see you again” she spoke into the intercom “ Susan, see to it that Mr. Litton and I are not disturbed”.   Then she stood and moved around from behind the deep cherry wood desk with her hand extended.  Her shoulder length jet black hair fell back over the shoulder of the tweed jacket she wore.  The jacket and matching skirt were flawless and followed her sleek form as she moved from behind the desk.  He tried to keep the handshake and physical contact as brief as possible, but she quickly placed her free hand over his and lightly stroked it.   He purposefully pulled back his hand.  She was wasting no time in conveying messages as old as time itself, Signals that flashed “ I think your very attractive…I want to get to know you in a physical way…Your body and my body have some unfinished business”.     He pulled away immediately, and tried avoiding eye contact, he quickly, set out the new samples on the oval table in the corner of the office and began going thorough the sales pitch, but at every opportunity she was locking eyes with him, she commented how well his suit fit him, “what type of Cologne is that” it is so masculine,  “How much time in the gym does it take to stay is such great shape” and questions designed to get her intentions communicated.   He tried to ignore her and continue with his sales pitch, and as he did, she leaned forward across the table in a pretence of looking at the material, and then he realized how low cut the jacket was that she was wearing, and immediately noted that no camisole was covering the cream colored bra that was constructed entirely from sheer lace, very sheer lace.  She knew that he had observed her display, one that she had carefully orchestrated.  Since the last quarterly review she had planned for this meeting. No detail would be forgotten, from the little shopping excursion to purchase the provocative bra and thong, to the time spend in the spa, to the extra attention to detail at the make up mirror this morning.  She had a plan, and very seldom did she not achieve her goals. She smiled coyly, and let him feast his eyes, and she awaited his response.  He tried to go back to his presentation, but it was becoming harder to concentrate.  He had never given her any indication that he was interested, he remained nothing but professional, so why doesn’t she just back off, he thought.    She spoke in a soft low tone “ Look Jeff, what do I need to do,…. do you want me to beg?”  She moved around the table in behind him “ You have been playing hard to get for too long now, and I’m sure the commission on this sale would be a great financial bonus, and I’ll bet you a weeks salary, the extra curricular bonus is every bit as enjoyable.  “This could be the most rewarding sale you’ve ever made, and the best body you’ve ever laid”.  He could feel her push up against him, and her warm willing body seemed to meld into his.” Turn around and kiss Me,” she said.

This was it.  That split second in time, whose consequences could last for eternity.  In centuries past, Joseph faced it, he fled Potiphars wife and passed, David faced it and failed, by feasting his eyes on a beauty that was not his and that lead to adultery and murder, now Jeff was put to the test.  Time and eternity hung in the balance as his desire to do what was right, fought with his flesh and the desire to eat and feast on a forbidden fruit.  The spiritual battle was intense.

Jeff bolted upright, nearly causing the woman to lose her balance, Look Marj, I’ve tried to keep this professional, what you’re doing here isn’t harmless, it would destroy the Trust my marriage is built upon, as well, my foundation for life and living would be ruined if I caved in now.  His steel blue eyes were aflame with determination and conviction as he chastised her. “I would fail in my commitment to the everlasting God and my Saviour by doing this.  Gods design is for one man and one woman to live together keeping themselves only for each other, you would contaminate that relationship, and because you just don’t seem to get the message, I will not be back”.    As he strode to the door she called to him “ Jeff this could cost you your job” He glanced over his shoulder, her tweed jacket was unbuttoned and she had slipped it off her shoulders to reveal the lacy undergarment, its exquisite craftsmanship supported her perfectly, her nipple outline was visible thru the sheerness of the undergarment.  “Won’t you reconsider?” she questioned. “ I know we would be perfect together”.  He quickly looked away and grabbed the doorknob, she flaunted her sexuality as she said, “ And besides just Look at what you are passing up”  He left without another word.

As the door closed behind him, he grabbed his cell phone and dialed the direct number for his boss, the man had barely said Hello, when Jeff shouted into the phone, “ I quit” and slammed the receiver closed, he marched directly to the elevator and punched the button.  He was completely unaware of the receptionist who kept her eyes glued to the computer screen.

Susan had worked as a receptionist at this firm since she was first married. That was just over three years ago now. Two of those years as a wife, and one as a divorced woman.  She was doing her best to put her life back together again, and with the help of a good divorce support group at her church, she was making some progress, but it was tough going.  Many times she thanked the Lord that she didn’t become pregnant during those first months of marriage to Phil.  Raising kids as a single Mom is not what she had in mind for her family heritage.  That’s probably why she loathed her boss, Ms Reynolds, so much.  It was a woman very much like Marj, who had enticed Phil to be unfaithful to her.  She had never forgiven that woman, or Phil for destroying her chance for a happy family life.  That’s, why when the intercom line had accidentally remained open to the room where Marj and Jeff had their business meeting, she simply couldn’t turn it off, even though she knew she should.

Susan knew about her boss’s feelings for Jeff for a long time, but she wasn’t sure how Mr. Litton regarded her advances.  Her high tech eaves dropping had clarified that, and when she heard how he had remained true to his faith, and to his wife, Susan wanted to cheer and cry all at the same time for this faithful husband.   This kind of dedication is exactly what is needed for a marriage to survive.  She was so completely impressed by this display of commitment, that she felt moved to try and find some way to thank him.  And she wanted to find out who this man’s wife was to let her know that he a very solid Christian man, a faithful husband and how committed he was to his wife, and their relationship. She began flipping through the Contact information in the computer until she came upon the information for Jeff Litton, she didn’t even hesitate as she started dialing the number that was listed for his home residence.

Jackie had just set the bag of groceries down on the Granite counter top when the phone rang, and a strange voice on the other end of the line introduced herself and began explaining the reason for her call.  Jackie listened, and as the tale unfolded for her, she experienced a varied range of emotions.  Anger, Jealousy, Fear, these and many more all blended together to rock her world.  She was furious that Jeff had even allowed the situation to begin with, and this woman who had threatened her family structure, and marriage, well given the opportunity, Jackie could see herself wanting to physically harm this woman, she wanted to scratch her eyes out.  She felt sorry for secretary Susan and her situation, the difficult life and sense of loss of a potential family and future that was stolen from her because of the infidelity caused Jackie to mellow a bit.  Then she thought, I could have had a similar story, if Jeff hadn’t have been strong and true.  As Susan continued, Jackie began to understand the pressure that Jeff had been under, and the realization that her faithful husband was now unemployed, and that there would be no regular monthly check, brought worry into this emotional mix.  Susan concluded her call by urging Jackie to appreciate the faithful husband she had in Jeff.  Jackie thanked her for her call, and offered to pray for her, and to include her in the small women’s prayer group if Susan would like.  As they ended the conversation Jackie thanked Susan for her call, and as strange as it seemed, Jackie felt she had just made a new a dear friend.   That balanced the fact that she also had discovered a brand new enemy.  One that would have destroyed her life as she knew it, if her husband had fallen for it.

Jackie set the phone down, and dropped onto a stool at the counter island. She passed her fingers through her long sandy blonde hair as the mix of emotions pulled her in every direction.  As she considered the phone call and its contents she evaluated the consequences that were involved.  They were now without a source of income, life could become difficult, but they were in it together as always, a team.  Then she thought about the other potential outcomes.  What if Jeff had been unfaithful to her, he could have easily have succumbed to the temptation, and had sex with that woman.

Maybe an affair would have gone on indefinitely, but his faith and relationship with his God would have been severed, he would have become tormented by a life of hypocrisy.   Eventually the truth would come out, it always does, their partnership in life would be broken, the trust and support would be none existent, and it could easily have ended in a divorce.  Legal battles, betrayal, a family destroyed.  What a terrible ruin would lie in the wake of the wrong choice.  Jackie began to appreciate her man, and his unwavering commitment to good.  She began considering how she would share with him the news, and how she would indicate her Love and commitment.   She wanted to embrace him and tell him what he meant to her.  She whispered a little prayer, God help me show him what he means to me…. Her prayer was cut short by the phone call from her faithful husband.

Jeff was beside himself; he too had a spectrum of emotions to deal with.  His anger at his former boss was almost overpowering.  He was concerned about the financial future and what sort of lifestyle changes they may have to make.  He loved his wife, and needed to hear her voice.  He was so happy she was home.  Some of the details of his recent unemployment he kept to himself.  She was a very protective and loyal woman, and he didn’t want her worrying about the pressures he faced.  He was trying to keep his wife from any additional emotional anguish so he told her the only reason he was unemployed was about the way the President pressured people to do unethical things.  The details about the visit, he kept to himself.  Her response was expected, she supported his decision, though he thought it a bit odd about how insistent she seemed to be probing for more details.  They talked for a number of minutes, and Jeff could hardly wait to be at home and hug his wife.

Jackie hung up the phone.  The outline of a plan was beginning to develop in Jackie’s mind, a plan to show Jeff her appreciation and love and the fact that she could trust him.  After hours of careful consideration, she had finally understood, that the only thing that was missing from their relationship, was passion.  They had everything in life, except the fire for each other that once had consumed them.  Over the years things had become comfortable, and that’s not bad, but the way to protect her marriage and her man was to ensure that she was the object of his fantasies and not some Sleazy woman in a business suit.  So she made up a little package and card and wrapped them in silver foil wrapping paper with a pink ribbon.  She was actually going to do this, as out of character as it was, but no-one was going to steal her man, besides she was sure there would be some “ fringe benefits” for her as well, if everything went according to plan.

After the 30-minute commute, Jeff pulled into the driveway with the Chrysler 300 M and noted that the convertible was in the garage, so he was sure Jackie was home.  Of course she was home, he realized that the events of the day must be faced together, and that she wouldn’t be anywhere but at his side.

He tossed the keys on the kitchen island and then, there she was in person, they, embraced each other for a long while, and then began reviewing their situation.  Jackie still probed about the pressure the company applied, and he passed it off as an accounting thing, they wanted him to do things with numbers that just weren’t right.  What he didn’t add was the fact that the numbers they wanted him to manipulate were 36-24-36..  His motive for trying to keep her from unnecessary hurt was something that concerned her a bit, but she did appreciate the fact that he wanted to protect her.

“So I suppose you will be out job hunting tomorrow right?” she said.   Jeff responded “ Well, I will need to clean out my office, and talk to the people in the Human Resources department, but I should be done by mid-afternoon, so I could make a few calls, why do you ask?”    “Just want to know what the game plan is, you know the bills won’t stop, so just wondering” she stated then added “ You will have your cell phone with you in case anything pops up”.   “ What good is a salesman without his phone, I’ll have it with me all day”.  Good she thought to herself, because you have no idea what pleasure, tomorrow afternoon holds.

It was all set, she couldn’t believe how all the little details fell into place, maybe God was helping out a bit, after all great sex between one man and one woman, was his idea.  She was a little nervous though; this was way out there, and that fact alone made it somewhat exciting.  She pulled the curtains back on the 20th floor penthouse suite.  The unobstructed ocean view was spectacular, and the cloudless sky made the view even more beautiful, but if everything went according to plan, Jeff wouldn’t even notice all the natural beauty, around him, he would have other things on his mind.

She dialed his cell, when he answered, she inquired how the details where going, he replied that he had all his office stuff in the trunk and everything was complete at HR and he was so glad, that we would never have to return to that place again.   Great, she thought, “Now its time to put things into motion.”  She explained about the call from Susan, and how she understood the entire situation, she let him know that she supported him and how things were going to be all right – she just knew it.  She corrected herself, and said that no, they were going to be better than alright, she intended to put the spark back into their love life, and that she needed his help to do so.

She told him to open up the card taped to the package located under the front seat of the car and to follow the detailed instructions contained inside, and then she hung up.  Jeff closed his cell phone, and found the package under the seat just like she said.  He opened up the card on the front of the package.  He read the letter she had written; it proclaimed her love for him…and her lust too.  She said she wanted to put the sizzle back into their lovemaking, and she expected him to do his part.  The note concluded by instructing him to drive to the Hyatt Regency and to phone the hotel and ask for Jackie’s room when he arrived, and not to open the package until instructed.  He wasn’t sure what she had in mind, but it definitely peaked his interest.

He admitted to himself, that the passionate part of their relationship was something he longed for as well, so he steered the car toward the beachfront hotel…and was pushing the speed limit as he drove.  He pulled up to the Hotel and called the front desk, two rings later, Jackie was on the line.  “ All right big fellow, you and I have a problem, we have a comfortable sex life, and that has to change, so here is the homework, drive that car to the top level of the parkade”  Jeff drove across the street and began spiraling his way up the concrete enclosure.  She continued talking “ In order for you to understand just how serious I am, go to the top level of the parking lot, there you can open up the package, and I’m sure you will find a use for what is located inside, remember, I’m on the 20 floor. Then the line went dead.

Jeff couldn’t understand what was going on, he was near the seventh level of the parkade, and hadn’t seen a parked car for at least two levels, besides, the sun would be unbearable hot on that top level, but when his woman starts talking about making their sex life heat up, he wanted to give it a chance.  So he passed all these perfectly good parking stalls until he was on the roof.  He pulled his car up directly across from the Hotel and shut off the engine.  He picked up the package that had a distinct scent of his wife’s perfume and untied the pink ribbon and opened the box. Inside was a pair of binoculars, and a note that said simply, enjoy the view, remember I’m on the 20th floor.

She had been watching from the window, and had noticed the car pull into the parking spot on top of the parkade directly across from the hotel and stop.  She was certain it was her husband; no one else would be on top of the parkade in this heat, unless all the spots were full below, and she knew that wasn’t the case.  She was quite positive it was he.  She gave him a couple of minutes, the time she calculated to get the package open adjust the binoculars, and to identify her special window.    She had pulled the desk over to the window, and now she used the chair to step on top of the desk.  She was quite sure he was watching, and she was getting nervous with her little plan, now that it was becoming reality, what if she chickened out, what if Jeff didn’t think this was something a good wife should be doing, or worse yet, what if he didn’t think it was sexy, or what if someone else saw her private show. Well it was too late for all of those worries now, she was committed, it was a show she had promised him and a show he was going to get.  The deep bass from the stereo was pounding out a steady beat, and she began to move, at first it was a little forced, but soon she found that she was becoming aroused.  All the planning, and the fact that her man was watching her do something so wild, was a real turn on.

He held the binoculars up to his eyes and focused them.  He panned the hotel from the front seat but couldn’t see any higher than the 15th floor from inside the car, so he opened the driver side door and steadied his elbows on top of the door.  He counted the floors, and realized the 20th floor was the top floor.  The glasses flashed across the building, and then he caught a glimpse of an open curtain.

There in a full length window was a female form swaying and moving 13 floors above his seventh floor view.  At first he couldn’t believe it, that can’t be Jackie, but it was.  He quickly glanced over his shoulder to see if there was anyone else around.  No one on the roof at all and he checked the street below, no one down there was aware of the window dancer.  He brought the glasses to bear again on this window that had captured his attention.

There in full view was his woman, but her fashion sense had clearly taken a wild turn.   A fire engine red, sweater with a button front and a leather mini-skirt, with fishnet stockings, well this just wasn’t the classy Jackie that was always properly attired.  But this was the form he had fallen in love with.  It was her; she had legs that just wouldn’t quit.  It had been awhile since he had really appreciated that fact, but with the stiletto heels and hip swaying action, his “Appreciation” was beginning to form in his groin.   He noted that the sweater must have some Lycra or spandex or something because he held to her every curve.

OK she had his attention, he watched as she swayed to the music, and his appreciation grew and grew, but someone might notice, this was a little nuts.  He picked up the phone and called her room again without letting the view of the glasses leave the window.   He could see through the lenses that she had moved from the window.  “Yes Mr. Litton, is there something I can do for you” she cooed.  “ Alright, he said, you have my attention, close up those curtains and let’s meet”.  “ Oh but you don’t understand how this little game goes.  I give the directions, and you follow them.  We are only getting started big boy and. Don’t call me again”.  Then the line went dead and he watched as in a few seconds, the window dancer was back.  Her movement and gyrations were showing fewer and fewer signs of inhibition, he could tell that she was becoming aroused at the same time as he.  He continued watching, as now her hands were moving over her body.  A body that he knew very well.  It should be his hands caressing her form.  Then with disbelief he watched as her right hand began to unbutton the sweater, then his mouth dropped open, he realized she wasn’t wearing a bra.  He was stunned.   He couldn’t believe his eyes.  He whirled around to make sure no one else was watching He did the quick reconnaissance of the rooftop again.  Still no one on the garage roof. He quickly brought the glasses to bear on the window in the penthouse.  The sweater was just dropping from her shoulders.  His gaze was fixed as he watched her sway to the beat that he could not hear.  Her hands dropped and cupped each of her breasts and then she bent slightly towards the glass.  As she did so each of her now erect nipples contacted the coolish glass and it sent a ripple of unexpected delight through her, she gasped and then pushed up harder against the glass.  From below he could see her flesh pressed against the glass and the 10x Bushnell Binoculars were strong enough to see that her nipples were hardened and refused to completely flatten against the glass the way the rest of her ample bosom did.  His organ swelled inside his suit pants.  It was so engorged he thought it may explode.

He couldn’t tear his eyes away from the view.  She turned away from the glass and as she rocked from side to side, she slowly began raised the hem of the very minimal skirt.  Each hip cycle from side to side gave him new visual things to feast his eyes on.   He knew what the results would be, part of him wanted to rush up and close the curtains, to insure no one else could see, the other part of him urged her on.  First the lace top of her stockings, then the base of her buttocks.  Then the view of the black thong.    “Oh Baby” he moaned audible, Go, babe Go.   When the skirt was up around her waist, she undid the zipper and let it fall to the desk, she kicked it off the desk and it fell to the floor.   She turned abruptly once more to face the glass, she tossed her head from side to side with the beat, her hands stretched upwards and grasped a hand full of curtain each.  From below he saw his woman spread-eagle in full view of anyone who cared to watch.  She had her breasts pushed hard against the glass again, and he was transfixed as he watched her hand drop from the curtain and slowly move down to her belly button.  Her hand continued to drop and as it passed over her vagina, her headshot back hard and her golden hair fell down against her back.  Her hand lingered there and the swaying motion had been replaced by a thrusting gyration.  He watched as the thrusting continued, her hand moved down under the band of the thong and he could tell when her fingers made contact with her clitoris, because the thrusting stopped and she arched her head forward and he could see that she was biting her bottom lip with pleasure.  Now the only motion that remained was her fingers moving slowly in her crotch.

He couldn’t take it anymore.  He thought the visual alone, could cause him to explode in his pants, right there.  At that same instant the curtains went closed.  He continued to gaze, wondering if there was more, and then the cell phone rang, he answered it without losing sight of the window.

The message was clear, 5 quick words delivered with urgency “ Meet me in the lobby “ she said, then the line was dead again.

She threw the black nylon ¾ length rain coat over her nearly nude form, and tied it at the waist, she wasn’t certain what sort of response her performance had on Jeff, but she was absolutely certain that she had never needed her man more than she needed him RIGHT NOW.  She swept out the door and strode the 20 paces to the single elevator and punched the button.  As she stood waiting for the elevator to arrive, she realized that she was quite a sight.   4” heels, fishnets, and a raincoat that should be a little longer to prevent too many stares.  Oh well, there shouldn’t be anyone in the lobby at this hour of the afternoon, and besides, this was for Jeff’s eyes, others could watch if they wanted.  She only knew one thing; she had to have her man NOW.

He was bounding down the cement stairway, two stairs at a time.  He couldn’t believe what he had just witnessed.   His woman was full of surprises but this was way out there.  The growth in his pants made it a little awkward to move quickly.   He knew that the moment they were alone things would explode.  He couldn’t move quickly enough.  He hit the ground level and didn’t bother with the crosswalk; he got an annoying blast from the horn of Ford half ton truck that had to slow down to let him across.  Jeff gave him a little wave, but knew if the guy in the truck had a clue what was waiting for Jeff, he would have gladly stopped to allow Jeff to cross more quickly.

As he entered the lobby, he quickly scanned the area, no one but the concierge and the guy at the desk were there, and just then he heard the elevator bell announce its arrival.  As if in slow motion, he saw her exit the elevator.  There she was, his woman.  The one who had carried his children.  The one who had stood beside him when times were tough.  His partner in life, his friend, confidant and lover.  The woman who now chooses to be his fantasy as well as his reality.   He knew that his love for her would never end, but he also knew that his passion needed quenching, and only she could do it, after all, she created it.  She was walking towards him with purpose, and with every new step, a hint of lace appeared at the overlap of the hem of the overcoat.  Her cleavage was also visible at the collar of the coat. All small details that didn’t go unnoticed by the two employees of the hotel.  After all they were men too.   These details were having their desired effect on Jeff as well.  He couldn’t believe his eyes, his member was so engorged it was nearly painful.  He must have her and have her hard.  He moved towards her with the same urgency, they had uncompleted business that needed attention NOW.   As they met they kissed each other hard.  They were hungry for each other.  She wrapped her hands around his head and grabbed his hair and pulled him hard towards her.  He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her hard to him.  She nearly left her feet, and while neither of these two knew it, the hem of the coat was well above the lace of the stockings, again something that was dutifully noted by the two guys, who where trying to remain inconspicuous.  After a long deep kiss, their lips parted and she whispered in his ear, “so how do you like our new sex life so far?”  She now knew how extensive the effect had been on him, because he simply clenched his jaw and grabbed her hand and began heading to the elevator without saying a word.   She nearly giggled with delight.

They reached the elevator and the door hadn’t even closed completely, when he roughly ripped away the nylon garment hiding her form.  Her breasts were screaming for his touch, she needed to be handled as only he could.  He pushed her hard against the back of the elevator, and enclosed each supple breast with one of his large masculine hands.  As he alternated between rolling the nipples between his fingers and deeply massaging the soft tissue, she began to moan uncontrollably.  He closed off the noise by sealing his mouth over hers.  He kissed her hard and deep.   His hand moved down to the moist thong and moved the material aside with the thumb and forced his middle finger deep inside her warm waiting vagina and began circling the enclosure with his digit.

Her head involuntarily rocked back eyes closed, and she gasped for air and exhaled a deep guttural moan.  Waves of passion had been building in both of them, ever since the Private Dancer on Public display had begun.  He knew that she was close to release, but he wanted to linger at this spot a little longer.  He withdrew his finger and grabbed her leg under her knee and lifted it up until the heel of the stiletto was hooked behind the handrail of the elevator.  His frantic actions now changed to a slow deliberate pace, he laughed an almost sinister laugh, while he feasted his eyes.  Here was his woman fully exposed and anticipating his touch, he was wild with desire and he wanted to satisfy her in every way.  He began by kissing her neck and working his way down to her breasts.  His downward trek continued and she began to understand where his final destination would be, and the wait was almost more than she could bear.  He took his time and nibbled on each nipple, then licked around the circumference of each breast.  He dropped to one knee, and pulled her thong away, and now the fact that someone else might want to use the elevator tried to occupy a place in her brain. She just started to form the sentence “ What if some one ……..” when his tongue met the nub of her swollen clitoris, and the rest of her sentence was never completed, instead a quick gasp then short high pitched moans took its place.   Her moaning increased in intensity as he moved his tongue across it while in a vacuum state, then suddenly her moaning stopped as the violent wave of ecstasy began rolling over her, causing her whole body to shake.  She experienced pulse after pulse of silent eruption from inside.  Cascading over her body and occupying ever part of her being.  As the final waves of muscle contraction began to subside, the bell signal indicating their arrival at the 20th floor.

She was glad to see that there was no one waiting to board the elevator.  He stood and wrapped the coat around her and swept her up into his arms.   Before they knew it they were inside the suite, and he threw her onto the bed. He waited on a moment after hearing  her begging him to fill her up.   The last clear thought he had was ripping his pants off and burying his engorged shaft deep inside o

Fatihful Husband

By: Emilian Robert Vicol

f her before his jacket was even off. Then passion, love, excitement, orgasm, all blended together to form the bond that was made only for married couples in the sight of God.  They went at each other until they were both spent.

And God saw it and it was good, very good.



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5 replies
  1. 76servant says:

    What a faithful man and a giving wife! Beautiful shared experience through the reality of the life dance committed to marriage with ongoing explosive passion!! You both are blessed!! Thank you for running the race well!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Passionate, provocative and god honoring! If only more Christian couples would turn up the marriage heat! Is it wrong for me to want my wife to go to this place?

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