period sex

Period Sex -Nothing Gets In the Way Part 2

Period Sex -She had woken Sunday morning having dreamt of sex.  It was early, he was asleep and she had her period.  Period sex is great so she placed her hand on his cock, which was semi erect, maybe he was having a similar dream.  He opened his eyes and saw hers open, with a glint of naughtiness in them.  No words needed to be spoken, he rolled onto his side as she had done, and they faced each other in the gloomy light.  Her hand had achieved its desired outcome, a nice hard cock.

She rubbed his hand against her panties, assisting her to become even more lubricated.  She then slipped down her panties and rubbed his cock against her lips, he desired to push and after some patience his head slipped into the warm abyss.  Three more thrusts and he was fully inside her, the cue for him to roll onto his back and for her to join him on top, still joined.  She then began to move her arse in a sliding motion, forward and back on his cock.  He gave further assistance grabbing a handful of each buttock initially kneading them then pushing down and forward.  This wasn’t going to be a long session, her clit was rubbing on the base of his cock, and he was enhancing this with what he was doing to her arse.

“Suck my tits,” were the only words spoken and as day started to break he moved one hand from her arse to her right breast.  He took as big a mouthful of her breast as he could, sucking it and pressing her nipple softly up against his teeth.  Her response to this pleasure was audible and gave him a burst of elecricity through his cock.  Then with tit in mouth he returned his hand back to her arse, giving it a few small slaps.  She continued to grind her wet pussy onto his cock, increasing the intensity, making him burst inside her, filling her full of warmth.  This put her over the edge and her loud, joyous orgasm enveloped her, he could have sworn it startled the birds outside their window.

She collapsed onto his chest and he gently massaged her back in a rhythmic, hypnotising manner.  They both bathed in the glory for some time until his cock began to recede.  “No tissues!” he startled.  That’s always the problem with period sex, how to not make too much washing!  He bent forward holding her tightly, his legs moved out onto the floor and he stood up, her on board, his cock still inside her and they did the undignified, but unfortunately regular, waddle to the kitchen where a new box of tissues awaited.

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period sex

By: The Mooncake Box

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