My Boat Lover

Married 27 years, her Italian,5’4″ — Me 6’3″ and blond– Her spontaneous, sexy, flirtatious, and dark skinned as a true Italian is – Me –Reserved, quiet, steady type.  We got along great.

One thing for sure — we both enjoyed a good adventure — and I especially liked looking at her body, and she is somewhat of an “private” exhibitionist, so we get along just great.

Going out in the boat – secluded – a nice sized inland lake — no-one else around.  This was one of our favorite outings.

We jumped in our 185 h.p. inboard boat, with reclining seats, and a super stereo.  My wife excited, because she just loved the outdoors, and I was going to be fishing in a secluded spot, out of the way of the other water traffic.  Donna had her sexy loose jungle bottoms on, with her loose bikini top.  The top showed the sides of her breasts, and had low cleavage.  When she bent down, her breasts swayed, and the top part of her nipples exposed themselves – I just loved that top.  Her jungle bottoms were just as good, when she sat down, the lips of her clitoris were right there in front of you, and the dark Italian hair of her womanhood stood out in a thick bushy manner.

I sat behind the steering wheel, and Donna in the seat right next to me.  Donna opened the bottle of wine, and I turned the key of the boat, hearing the inboard engine kicking in.  The rrggrrrgggrrr rhythm of the finely tuned engine thrilled me, and Donna knew I was completely lost in the breeze of the warm air, the rhythm of the engine, and the intoxification of the smell of her vagina sifting through the air, with her own excitement of being able to expose herself to me once we were out of the public eye.

I aimed the boat out to the uninhabited island, about 4 miles from our docking point.  I reached over and pushed down on the throttle, and in no time, we were feeling the warm breeze turn into a steady wind and the air was coming down and against my wife’s crotch, causing her jungle shorts to flap, and thus exposing her completely blackened bush of Italian hair.  I looked down briefly and Donna just smiled.  The wind was also feeling good against my rising erection.

The wind caught her top just enough to expose her right breast completely, and I was watching her out of the corner of my eye as we cruised along.  She knew I was watching, and she knew no-one else on the lake could see into our boat, because of its size and depth.  Donna opened the glove box in front of her and took out her vibrator.  She looked at me and smiled, and then as we continued our 55 m.p.h. cruising across the calm waters, she slid her jungle shorts slightly to the side and put the 8 inch rubber vibrator into her moist vagina.  She reached up and squeezed the exposed breast, and slid the vibrator even further in.  Then I could hear the buzzing of the love machine, and I knew I lost her in the thrill of the ride, the massaging of her breasts, and the ecstasy from the vibrator bringing her instant satisfaction.  Even with the wind was so loud in my ears, I could still hear her scream when she had her first orgasm, and then with her second one, when I reached over with my left hand, still steering the boat, and put my hand over hers feeling her slowly sliding the rubber vibrating dildo in and out of her love canal, and feeling the wet base and smelling her delightful smell.

When I pulled up to the deserted bay, my wife was smiling, the dildo was put back into the glove box, and she had her reclining seat down and made into a sun tanning bed.  She peeled off her top, and then turned facing me in just her jungle bottoms, asking me to untie her shorts with my teeth.  Looking at my fishing rod and then dismissing it, but instead looking at my own hard on of a rod, I opted for the second.  My wife reached over and slipped her succulent lips over the head of my  shaft, and she started to lick the end, right under the tip and making my legs weak.

She licked my shaft and fondled my balls for a good 2 minutes, and I had to lovingly give her hair a slight tug to stop her, for I was just a few licks from ejaculating all over her.  She stopped, and smiled.  Then I bent down on my knees and untied her jungle bottoms with my teeth.  She then tossed them to the front of the boat, layed on her reclined seat, spread her legs wide, with her knees up, and one leg leaning against an edge of the inside of the boat, then she tugged hard on my penis, pulled me down to her mouth, sucked me in hard for three sucks, and then said; “Get down there and show me what you can do with your tongue, that the vibrating dildo couldn’t do.”

Rising to the challenge, and with no thoughts of fishing, I put my nose down on her black Italian patch, and whiffed a hard intake and smelled her womanhood.

Needless to say, I did not get much fishing in that day.

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