Honeymoon Fun

Honeymoon Fun -Sexy Last Day of a Honeymoon Cruise

Honeymoon Fun -While this is a Honeymoon story it wasn’t our first night of marriage together. We had booked a cruise about 2 months after our wedding date, however we were still very much in that newlywed state of mind! It was also the last day of our cruise which had us drained from all the activities of snorkeling, drinking, dancing, eating, and of course love making! We didn’t want to waste a day though…We we enjoying honeymoon fun!

It was mid morning and a perfect Bahamas day; sunny, warm, and just humid enough to make my wife’s skin glow in her red sun dress. It was very low cut, but still hid her string bikini top underneath. At mid thigh level it left enough to the imagination but also allowed me the luxury of seeing her black bikini bottoms which covered her perfectly shaped butt. We wanted to beat the crowd off the boat so we were up early. I couldn’t take my eyes off Amanda in that red sundress. Before we left the room I planted a short but sensuous kiss on her soft lips to let her know I loved her and she looked amazing.

While waiting to get off the boat for a day on a small island we talked and flirted in whispered tones, teasing when we could. The newlywed bug was still in us. We flirted of a fantasy of sex in a public place, hoping to find a secluded place on the island. We had brushed over the topic before.

The day on the island was amazing. Crystal clear water for miles, delicious beach drinks cooling our mouths, and the sun making our skin glisten with sweat. I talked Amanda out of her dress for a quick dip. The sight of her in that bikini made me forget I was on a tropical island. I took in her body with my admiring stare as we meandered playfully in the calf deep water. This setting was perfect for having some thinking sexy. With hundreds of other people on the island there was no place to find seclusion so we kept on with the flirtations and longing stares at each other’s bodies which increased the tension.

To avoid any more sunburn and sexual tension from boiling over with nowhere to hide we headed back to the boat. Since it was mid day and everyone else was still playing on the island the ferry back was near empty and we found some seclusion. We mischievously started to explore with our hands below the waist out of site. Mine inching up her dress but never quite getting to her heat, but I could feel the warmth. Her hand reached my semi hard erection every now and then but never getting a firm grasp as she wanted to keep me on edge. The ferry hit the boat just in time and we bolted up to our room.

Slamming the door behind us we get lost in our kisses and our hands all over each other. It was if there were additional arms rubbing, groping, and stroking our bodies. I sweetly took off the red sundress, but in that moment of heat it was more like tearing the wrapping off a Christmas present. I flung the dress over her head. I was quickly naked to follow. At this point I was hard as a man can get. We embraced again and I could feel the soft fabric of her bikini bottoms against my shaft. Her pussy was heating up and getting wet now. The friction of her legs and mound covered bikini sent blood rushing to my rod.

I stripped off her bottoms with a quick motion. Popping off her bikini top in one pull of the strings that tied it together in back was my next move. It didn’t matter if it wasn’t our first time. It was our honeymoon so we gave each other a shameless glance at our naked bodies. Then the lust struck us again as we landed onto the bed in each other’s clutch. The idea hit me as I noticed the sun bouncing off her bronzed skin. I quickly got her on all fours facing our small port hole. Looking out we could see jet skiers zooming around. It was no public place but knowing that we could look out on to the other cruise goers while we had that ravenous newlywed sex was close enough to get us into another drive.

I lined up the tip of my penis against her glistening wet slit. Since it was shaved clean there was no secret to how wet the day had made her. I was going to tease Amanda but she thrust backwards and took my entire shaft deep inside her. We both let out a moan of liberation as our sexual tension had turned in to a reality. We promptly found our desired rhythm as we looked out the porthole and took in the naughty scene. It would be impossible to see us from outside but that didn’t make it any less hot. Our minds raced with the thoughts that we could be caught or someone would see us in the act.

I reached around to massage her nipples; they were easy to find in their perky state. They only hardened with the touch of my fingers. This extra hand caused her to start rubbing her clit energetically as we picked up our pace. I could feel her rubbing hand against my balls with each deep plunge. Our moans were in rhythm with our bodies like harmony. The sight of my disappearing shaft in her tight wet hole was nearing me toward orgasm. Massaging her clit was having its desired outcome as she neared orgasm. The blood rushed to her clit. I could feel her body start to tighten and her skin getting flushed. She screamed into a pillow to muffle her primal noises. There is nothing sexier on this earth then having a paired orgasm.

This was too much of an amazing site and feeling to hold off from. I started cumming, spurting over and over against her dripping slit and round butt. Our bodies shuddered as our orgasms tapered off. I fell on top of her to catch my breath in a naked pile of sweat, juices, and lust.
Our “public sex” fantasy had been taken care of for the moment as we slipped into the shower to clean up from our honeymoon fun.

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Honeymoon Fun

By: Mangrove Mike

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  1. Mommyof3wifeof1 says:

    My husband & I just read this story, as we are soon next month taking a cruise as well for our 14th anniversary!!! Wow….the fun we are going to have!!! We enjoyed black corset as well, but really like this one!!! Please write more!!!

  2. coolassmick says:

    Sexy story here too; my wife's and my favourite position whenever we travel; that sexy ass of her tantalizing and always swaying side to side for me to get it up, which never fails. And then the doggy-style while looking away is simply unbearable; can't wait for her to read it after I translate it to her; she's French.

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