Wet Kisses

It was Valentines Day and we were newly weds. He picked me up late from work. I was really excited for a night of romance, love, and sex and couldn’t wait to get home to be with my man of 2 years of marriage.  I waited by the phone wondering if he’d call to tell me why he was so late. Everyone had left for the day, and it was 30 minutes past quiting time.  He finally arrived smelling so good I wanted to jump him in the car.

He said he was late getting ready for my Valentines Day surprise. When we arrived home he told me to put on a blind fold and then he carefully got me out of the car and walked me to the door and inside of our home.  He sat me down in the kitchen and then took off the blindfold. I was sitting at the kitchen table. It was decorated with candles, a nice table cloth, our best china and new wine glasses. On my plate was a love poem that he had spent days composing for me. My heart flooded with love for him.  He pulled out a lighter, lit the candles and turned off the lights. Had a nice Italian dinner that he had picked up from a local restaurant. It was delicious and so nice to not fight a crowd at a local restaurant.

After dinner he asked me to walk down the hallway to the bathroom with him. He slowly took off my clothes while kissing me passionately. We kissed passionately and and felt each other up. I felt his huge cock pressing against me as I undressed him. We showered together while French kissing, sucking each other. I gave him a wet blow job and sucked on his nipples.

He slipped out of the shower while I washed up.  When I stepped out of the shower I found velvet, red bra and underwear waiting for me on the toilet.  I put them on and came out the bathroom to find rose pedals on the flower leading to our bedroom. In the bedroom he was on the bed with a plate of chocolate dipped strawberries, and he was dressed in nothing but a pair of silk boxer shorts, and a huge smile.

We ate the strawberries from each other’s mouths and kissed each on the lips, neck, and nipples.  He slowly made his way down from my lips to the inside of my legs and then proceeded to give me oral sex. It was so good that I cummed 3 times. I then pulled him over me so I could do the same for him.  We then made hot passionate sex that lasted 30 minutes.   Afterward we watched a romance movie and before it was over we made love again on our living room floor.

That is a Valentine’s Day I’ll never forget!

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