Date Nights

This is not a story, just sharing. I’m always looking for new ideas for loving my wife and ways to keep our love life spicy and hot, and fun. I always want to be a better husband, lover, and man, for my wife. My wife and I have date nights.    We try and have one once a week. Sometimes we go out for dinner, other times we will go to an outside coffee cafe, talk, play card games, sipping coffee, people watch, and watch the sunset. Sometimes we have stay at home date nights, where we’ll watch a movie and eat pizza in the dark. Sometimes our stay at home date nights can get pretty wild. We’ll watch a romantic love story, and have a steak dinner. I’ll set the lights down low and have a candle burning on the coffee table where we’re eating while we watch the movie. After we finish with dinner and a movie, we’ll shower together.

We’ll wash each others hair and backs, lathering each other up and rub our naked bodies together. I’ll get out first, dry off, and lay a towel down on the bed. By the time she is out of the shower and dry, I have the bed all ready for her to get her “smoothie”, not the drink, but a nice shaving bare, except for a nice small shaped patch. I usually like to trim her bush into a heart shape or an arrow pointing down. I love to shave her, I take my time. When I am finished with her, it’s my turn, I just love it….I can’t describe how it makes me feel, it’s fantastic! She also cuts my hair and shaves my face once in awhile, talk about an intimate act! She shaves my balls, she likes to feel them soft and smooth, without any hair. She’ll trim and shave the hair around the base of my shaft as well. There is nothing like the feeling of her smooth shaved lips wrapped around my shaft. On these nights we’ll also play a married couple’s  game, and I’ll use one of her toys on her. She has a small vibrating one for the g-spot, and then a couple other pleasure toys of various types and sizes. It drives us both wild when I use a non vibrating toy, sliding it in and out of her, while I tongue her clitoris. Other date nights we’ll drive up one of the mountains in town, and look out over the city, with all it’s lights, and neck, no heavy petting, and no intercourse, just kissing and holding hands. One date night last summer, when we still had our jeep, we took a late night drive out in the desert foothills. It was so dark, the city lights we off in the distance. I put the top down, and we laid our seats back and looked up at the starry sky. It wasn’t long before we saw a few shooting stars.

It was about 1 in the morning, and the summer night turned cool and felt so good. As we sat there I felt a rubbing on my crotch. I didn’t move, only my penis did. It started  to grow and push against my shorts. I reached over with my right hand, while I was sitting very still behind the wheel, and began to caress her left breast. She slowing unzipped my shorts and freed my now throbbing penis. It stood straight up, longing for her touch as she now teased it. With her left  hand she wiggled it back and forth, then pulling it down and letting it spring back up, like a fleshy toy, she was having pleasure with. She ran her fingers around the rim of the head and stroked just the head of my penis until it was big and purple. When she felt that, she began to stroke my love tool wildly, without looking at it or me, just kept watching the stars. I was so turned on, that it didn’t take long until I was shooting up hot lava like a fountain all over her hand, the steering wheel, and myself. I looked over at her, my body still quivering, and she just smile. I turned to her, undid the button of her shorts, unzipped them, and slide them and her panties down to expose her love triangle to me. I returned the favor, I played with her lips, played with her hard clitoris, and slid my finger deep into her wet love hole. I made her orgasm twice by hand, as I kissed her neck. She sat back, breathing hard, and wanting to make me orgasm again. She took my spent,  limp member in her hand again, but I was so spent from my earth shattering orgasm, it didn’t respond.

She continued playing with my penis while it  was placid, and soaked in my own orgasm. She leaned over and took me in her mouth and sucked. In the dim light I could see her head bobbing up and down, she was giving me so much pleasure. She did this until it sprang to life again. Feeling my penis grow hard in her mouth again, she knew I was ready for me. She stood up on the seat and leaned over the roll bar ready for me to enter her from behind. My penis is straight when it’s hard, and therefore it’s sometimes hard to get a good angle to rub on her g-spot. And entering from behind while we both were standing, made it even harder to hit that spot. She bent her knees, and I stood on my tip-toes, I reached around her with both arms and held her breasts. Our bodies pressed against each other, one body, one flesh,…and I hit that spot, and pushed my love tool in and out until she experienced another orgasm, I followed shortly after a few more thrusts, squirting all I had left into her.

We sat back down, held hands and saw that it was now 3am.We straightened our clothes, kissed, and drove back home. We love our date nights, and will continue exploring exciting ways to spend them.

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