Public Place Sex

Public Place Sex – Getting Hot In Macy’s

Public Place Sex – It was date night for us. We try once a week to have an evening alone.  After all with three kids, sex and time alone has to be: spontaneous, quick, and often passionless. This night all 3 kids went to my parents’ house for the evening. I was working kind of late so we agreed to meet up and have dinner.

We met and ate at a little steakhouse we both loved. I had us a table and drinks already when my lovely bride arrived at our table. She was breathtaking like always. Her chestnut hair neatly arranged and in a playful ponytail, but little strands of hair hung down on either side of her oval shaped face. She wore a light blue to the knee button up sleeveless dress with a dark blue three-quarter length sweater.

Man did she look hot. Her short red heels were driving me crazy! We finished our meal together laughing and cutting up like only her and I can. She said, “I really want to go shopping.” Directly across the parking lot was the mall.

We drove into Dillards, and looked around here and there, picking out clothes and trying them on and looking at shoes. We bought lotion  from Bath and Body Works, we even shared a cookie.

Finally we arrived at the Macy’s. I said, “Hey baby, let’s go to the men’s department.” We were looking around but I was preoccupied with my wife’s very sexy butt. When out of the corner of my eye I spotted a “unisex” bathroom.

I walked up behind her and I grabbed her around her waist. I whispered in her ear, “My God, Monica, you are so hot.” I glanced around…….. I saw no one in particular watching us. So I pushed her just ahead of the corner bathroom, and I opened the door and pulled us both inside.

Before she could protest I started to kiss her. Deeply and passionately kissing her and biting at her neck. She was very taken back at first, but she began to reciprocate and the tongue dance began.

As we kissed I lifted her dress, and was I shocked when I learned she had no panties on at all. She grabbed my cock through my dress pants and started to pull playfully.

Then looked directly into my eyes and said,

“Man, Joshua, what does a girl have to do to hint around she wants her man for some public place sex?”

“You knew this would happen?” I said.

“I sure did!” She said

I picked up one leg (thank God for morning yoga that made her flexible) and I unzipped my pants. I positioned my cock and slide my head into her wet and waiting pussy.

She grabbed me tight and said, “Please, Josh, all the way inside.”

I held still until she started to rock her hips and I got in rhythm with her rocking. I rocked my hips and slammed into her tight body over and over again.

I could tell she was getting close. And I also saw her getting very loud. So I put my hand over her mouth and I started to go faster.

Then it happened,—-KNOCK KNOCK—

I composed myself and was about to answer when she said quietly but firmly into my ear,  “DON’T YOU DARE STOP”

Fully composed but still sliding in and out of her, I said, “Just a moment.”

My hand held firm over her mouth as I felt her little tight pussy get even tighter around my cock and I knew by the moaning into my hand and the convulsing hip thrust—“My baby is coming!”

I turned her around and I lifted the back of her dress, and I started to do her from behind. I watched my hard dick slide in and out of her….

Finally I began to squirt my creamy seed deep inside her. I collapsed on her back still panting and squirting into her. We straightened out our clothes and we walked out of the bathroom both of us beaming and smiling ear to ear.

Needless to say we love the unisex bathroom at Macy’s and we use it once every couple of months for some public place sex.

We love our date night!

Public Place Sex Ideas

Public Place Sex

By: Bart Everson


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