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Saturday Chores

I love my wife, Lori, and I love to make love to her.  But today, at least for the time being, sex was the farthest thing from my mind.

I know. That surprised me too.

But there were household duties to be done. On this, the first really good Saturday of the spring, it was time to work. I had it all planned: till the back yard, straighten out the garage, wash the vehicles and work on anything else I could find. I obsessed about my chore list all week, much to the amusement of Lori.

I was up early Saturday and as I rolled out of bed, Lori touched my arm. “If you stay in bed, I will make it worth your while,” she said sleepily. Trust me, she always did. I knew if I gave in, I wouldn’t get out of bed all morning; it had happened before.

But I was laser focused. I kissed her on the lips and said, “Babe, I want to get all of this done and then you will have my undivided attention in all ways.”

So off I went. I started with cleaning the garage.  I swept, tossed unwanted items, made sure our bicycles were in working order, repaired two wooden shelves and then put everything back into its proper place. That took about 90 minutes, and I was just warming up.

As I was pulling out the tiller to work in the backyard, Lori came out to check my progress.  She’d pulled her light brown hair into a ponytail and she was wearing a baseball cap — one of my favorite looks on her.  I could tell that she wore no bra under her gray t-shirt; her nipples were erect and visible. Underneath, Lori had on cutoff jeans which came up to the bottom of her lovely butt. And judging by the lack of an outline on her jeans, she wasn’t wearing any underwear, either.

“So, my little houseboy, how are we doing?’ she said with a grin.  I couldn’t stop looking at her beauty but finally found my tongue. “Well, uh, I am having difficulty concentrating right now.”

Lori giggled. She walked over to me, kissing me on the cheek while grabbing my crotch with her left hand. “That is the idea,” she whispered. “Hurry up and get done. The sooner you finish work, the sooner we can play.” With another kiss on the cheek and another squeeze of my now bulging crotch, Lori walked back inside. I watched her butt sway all the way into the house.

Well, my interest in chores was diminishing rapidly. But I persisted. I took the tiller and began the exhausting work of tilling the backyard. Unfortunately, it was not a small yard and it took time. I tried to keep my mind off Lori, but the hardness in my jeans made that impossible. And just so I would remember what was waiting for me, Lori stepped out twice onto the back patio as I came by with the tiller.

The first time, with her back to me, she bent over so I received a nice view of her rear end; with the jeans barely covering the bottom of her cheeks.  The second time, about 20 minutes later, she came out again to wash out the flower pots with a garden hose. That time she “accidentally” got water on the front of her T-shirt. It wasn’t much but soaked the shirt enough so the outline of her breasts and nipples were showing.

Lori grinned at me as I tried not to look. “If you don’t pay attention, you will never get done,” she laughed.

Finally, just about noon, I finished — and not a moment too soon. From the opened kitchen window, I heard Lori ask, “You ready for lunch?” Food wasn’t exactly what I had on my mind, but I said, “I will be right in.”

After I put the tiller away, I came in the back door and took off my muddy shoes. Taking a moment to wash my hands in the small bathroom and then looked in the kitchen. Lori wasn’t there. I walked through into the dining room, and there on the table, I found a drink and a sandwich on a plate. Also sitting on the table right next to the food was Lori. She wasn’t wearing anything.

“It is your choice for lunch,” she said in a low, sexy voice, shifting her body and parting her legs so I could see her entire physical beauty. “You can have the food….or you can have me.”

“Decisions, decisions,” I muttered.

I pulled a chair up to the table to where Lori sat, her legs dangling on both sides of the chair. I sat down and started running my hands up the inside of her smooth thighs towards her shaven entrance. “I am really liking what is on this menu,” I said, tracing my fingers on the outside of her slit. “Any recommendations?”

Lori giggled. “First of all, ” she said, “we need to get you cleaned up. You are all sweaty and dirty from your chores. I don’t want you eating until you wash.”

With that, she took my hand and led me to the upstairs bathroom. After turning on the shower, she undressed me. First my socks, then my shirt followed by my pants. The only thing left was my underwear with a very large bulge apparent in the middle.

“Now, that is an interesting look,” she smirked.

While looking into my eyes, Lori slipped her fingers into the band of my underwear and pulled them to the floor, allowing my penis to snap to full erection. I grabbed my love and hoisted her on the bathroom counter. I spread her legs so I could get close; with my penis hovering near her love entrance. We then kissed for a long time as our tongues and hands explored each other.

“You have no idea how I have longed for you today,” she whispered. “Just watching you work up a sweat made me incredibly horny.”

I nibbled at her neck. “If I knew that, I would do chores more often,” I replied.

Lori jumped off the counter and led me into the shower. She undid her ponytail and shook her hair until it fell to her shoulders. Then we stood under the warm water in a tight embrace, my hard penis up flat against her stomach. We smiled at each other and kissed each other deeply, enjoying our time together.

Finally, Lori pulled away. “It is time to get you clean,” she said.

Turning me around so that I stood underneath the shower, she got on her knees and took my shaft in her hand. Her tongue slid up and down my shaft and her lips took time to kiss the head of my penis. Then she slowly began taking me into her mouth. She began to suck my penis, stroking it with one hand and cupping my balls in her other.

Looking down, I watched her head bob up and down as the water rolled off both of us. I listened to the sounds of her sucking my penis and felt the surge traveling through my legs and into my groin area. To steady myself, I grabbed the towel rack; clearly, I would not last long.

“Be careful,” I moaned. “I am very close.”

Lori looked up, my penis still in her mouth, smiled and said, “That is the idea.”

As Lori sucked me closer to the edge, I ran my fingers through her hair, waiting for the final explosion. With a final squeeze of my balls and a suck of my penis, I unleashed my cream into her mouth.

After she finished sucking and swallowing, Lori kissed the head of my penis, rose up, and kissed me on the mouth. She smiled. “I think you are clean now.”

Holding hands, we stepped out of the shower and grabbed separate towels. We took our time wiping off the water from each other. She made sure my penis, which was starting to twitch again, was completely dry. I did the same to her, paying especially close attention to her breasts and her love triangle.

Once dry, I placed Lori on the bathroom counter, parted her legs so I could stand between them, and kissed her deeply. As I pulled my mouth from hers, I asked, “Now that I am satisfactorily clean, can I have my lunch?”

She grinned and said, “Enjoy it because I know I will.”

I started by again kissing Lori on the mouth and then down her neck. Both of my hands went to her breasts where I traced circles around each nipple and pinched them lightly. I  heard Lori gasp and felt them rise underneath my fingertips.

Using my tongue, I started a downward trip from her neck, to the valley between her breasts, across her stomach, and finally to her love entrance which was glittering with her natural moisture. Then I got down on my knees and pulled Lori closer to me so her clitoris was level with my mouth. She had her legs straight out, knees resting on my shoulders.

First, I began to probe her entrance with my fingers as the outer edges started to enlarge. I put one finger on her slit and pressed lightly. Lori shifted as she responded to the pressure. Then I started to slide my tongue in an up-and-down motion on the opening, feeling her wetness on my tongue and smelling her unique sweetness.  I alternated between fingers and mouth, going a little deeper each time. I found Lori’s G-spot and rubbed slowly, hearing a gasp from above.

As Lori wrapped her legs around my back, I used two fingers to enter her, moving in a rapid in-and-out motion. Her body started to tense. Looking up, I saw her eyes closed, back arched, and her head tilted up against the bathroom mirror. She was using her hands to massage her breasts. Watching Lori touch herself excited me too.

Grabbing her butt, I pulled her closer to the counter’s edge and my waiting tongue. Her entrance stood open, soft and wet. My tongue moved deeper into her, eliciting a deep sigh from her.

Lori took my wrists and moved my hands up to her breasts where she placed one on each and then covered my hands with her own. “Double the pleasure,” she moaned as we massaged them together.

My tongue kept probing and I felt Lori start to quiver. Leaving my hands on her breasts, she placed hers on the back of my head to keep it steady. “Please hurry,” she whispered. As I squeezed her breasts, I licked her clitoris with my tongue. She groaned, and I felt her love juices start to flow onto my tongue and into my mouth. I kept sucking as her first orgasm transitioned into the second. Her body quivered as she was overcome by the release.

Finally, Lori’s hands let go of my head and she slumped against the mirror. I kissed her entrance and edges as I licked up the last drops of her stream. I stood up between her thighs so I could kiss my beloved in both appreciation and love.

Lori returned my kiss, using her tongue to sweep her taste off my lips. “I like how I taste,” she said as she tried to catch her breath.

“I do too,” I whispered.

After finally returning to normal breathing, Lori swept her hair out of her eyes, put her hand on my face, and smiled. “Whew, that’s the best lunch I have had in a long time.”

Stepping back, I helped Lori off the counter, holding her as she became steady again under her own power. She kissed me again and looked at me sideways with a grin.

“After such a big meal, I am exhausted,” she said grabbing my erect penis and leading me out of the bathroom to our bedroom. “Why don’t we take a nap and then later, I can find some more chores for you to do.”

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