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Married Oral Sex: I’ll Watch

Married Oral sex

Find out how hot monogamy includes oral sex

Married oral sex stories are very encouraging. This married oral sex story takes place when this couple is on vacation.

When he entered the room, his new bride was lying on the bed on her back. She wore only a white lace thong—-her breasts, now tanned from three days on a private beach, were bared, their dark tips engorged and eagerly rigid.

She had been waiting for him, and when she knew she had his full attention, she arched her back, pointing her bosom to the ceiling, and opened her smooth thighs. She kneaded her breasts for a minute, then moved her hands slowly and luxuriously down her body—palms across her hard belly, index finger circling her navel–until her fingers reached the dipping waistband of her diaphanous panties. With a seductive smile playing on her lips, she slid her hands under the scant, filmy garment and cupped her vulva with her palms. The movement was incredibly erotic, and her eyes went to his groin to see if she was having any effect. She saw the bulge in his trousers, and she giggled girlishly.

“Wanna play, Big Boy?, or are you just going to stand there and watch?”

“I’ll watch.”

He’d surprised her, but she rose to his challenge. Gently at first, but then with increasing speed and intensity, she fondled her womanhood under her panties, her fingers stroking, probing, tickling, thrusting until she started to moan and writhe with her growing passion. He was wild by now, but was captivated by the sight of his wife’s hands on her body, her breasts swollen and heaving and bobbing as she twisted first to one side, then the other. Her legs were opened wide, and as her hands moved he caught glimpses of the neat dark triangle that crowned her mound and the slippery, engorged lips of her vagina as she coaxed herself to the verge of a climax.

He couldn’t stand it. He pulled his shirt over his head and deftly undid his pants. He was pulling off his shorts before the pants hit the floor, and he wriggled out of everything and went naked to the bed. She was gasping for breath now, and he leaned over her and grasped the waistband of her thong firmly and pulled. It ripped, and he pulled it away to leave her nude and vulnerable, her hands still moving wildly between her thighs, her head thrown back and rolling on her pillow in spasms of ecstasy.

He dropped his head to her loins and sucked hungrily on her lips, licking the perfumed pungency from her slippery thighs and out of her engorged vulva, stroking her erect clitoris with his tongue. She grabbed his head and pulled it tightly to her, but he struggled from her grasp and pulled her legs over his shoulders so that when he entered her he could reach the depths of her–the very soul of her womanhood. He plunged his throbbing member into her and thrust hard again and again. She was screaming now, bucking and thrashing with lust, her nails digging into his thighs, her own legs wrapped tightly around his neck as he emptied himself of all his love, his desire, his devotion, his passion and affection for this exquisite woman that God had given him to share his life, his home and his bed.

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