Marriage Spanking – Camper Van Fun

Playful spanking

Most men appear to like a sense of mischief in a woman, so probably my husband, Tom, has more to like than most husbands! I’m an incorrigible tease, a fact which my husband absolutely adores. When the mood is on me there’s nothing I love better than winding my man up for action. I like an occasional marriage spanking in fun.

Such was the time when we borrowed a camper van and went to tour some lakes. The weather was really hot and I was clad in T-shirt and a very brief pair of shorts for the journey. I was quite excited as it was one of our first holidays and I was admiring my man sitting next to me in the driving seat. He looked so good to me I just couldn’t keep my hands off him, and started tickling him and squeezing his bear leg.


Now Tom (quite sensibly) can’t bear to be distracted when he’s driving, so he told me, “Jenny, cut it out!” However, I’m not very good at taking a hint, which has been my undoing on more than one occasion, like the time I first got spanked at school.

I was just eight years old and very cute – at least I thought so. I was feeling quite sassy so I decided it would be fun to tease my teacher, Mrs Stacey, by making funny noises from the back of the classroom where I sat. My teacher took it in good part at first, but then it began to irritate her so she told me to stop it at once. Of course, I could not take the telling and within a very short space of time was suffering the humiliation of being spanked over Mrs Stacey’s knee in front of the whole class. Did I get teased by my classmates on the way home!

When I got home, Mom gave me the happy news that I would be getting a spanking from Dad when he got home. She was a great believer that a spanking at school should earn one at home. Luckily for us, Dad’s heart was never really in this, unless we had done something really awful, and so the spanking was usually only a token. However, I still had to go over his knee and hence went to bed that night nursing a sore bottom as a reward for my misbehavior earlier in the day. You’d think I would have learned from this, but the same scenario was repeated quite a few times during my school career.

Now, of course, I was misbehaving again, this time to my husband. I kept tickling Tom and poking him in the ribs. I thought he couldn’t get me as he was driving so I erupted into “sassiness” and started poking my tongue out at him in between tickles. Of course, I had forgotten that we had a rather large motor home at the back of us instead of our little car.

Marriage Spanking for Jen!

Hence I was totally taken aback when Tom pulled off the road, pulled me out of my seat, and carried me bodily round to the back of the van. He then took me inside, and, having locked the door, pulled me over his knee., the marriage spanking was coming!  I kicked and squealed as Tom’s hard hand descended on my thin, tight shorts a fair number of times as he delivered a well deserved marriage spanking to my squirming bottom.

When he finished, I stood up rubbing my tingling hindquarters as Tom put his arms round me and backed me on to the bed which he had let down. He then said, “Jenny, you are a little monster! I just can’t resist you! We can park here for an hour so let’s make use of it!”

It was the first time I had ever made love in a car park, but I got the idea and we pulled each other’s clothes off and made love. The camper van rocked from side to side as we stimulated each other. There wasn’t much room but we made the most of it as we reveled in each others’ nakedness. I gave a gasp as Tom’s male member entered me and we reached a very sweaty climax indeed – it was hot in the back of the camper in more ways than one! The tingling on my bottom from the marriage spanking added spicy contrast to his rhythmic thrusting. There was then the satisfying feeling of post-ecstasy as I felt Tom’s manly fluid inside me.

In the hot atmosphere we drifted off to sleep, only to be woken by someone banging on the door. Tom frantically put his shorts on and I threw a sheet over myself. When he opened the door it was a warden telling us our time was up and that we risked a penalty charge if we stayed. I was grateful to him for saving us money, but I have a feeling he was curious to know just what was going on in the back of that van!

When we emerged a couple of minutes later, our cheeks were red – only I had two sets of red cheeks thanks to the attention Tom had given my bottom! As we drove off, the warden waved us a cheery goodbye, and as I looked back in the mirror I could see him chuckling to himself. We both started giggling as we made our way back on to the highway and I looked adoringly at my husband. My bottom still smarted a bit from that marriage spanking but the look on my face was one of utter satisfaction.

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