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I thought about this little idea for weeks. I read tons of stories and blogs here on MH looking for a new idea for some sexual bedroom fun.

My husband is very masculine and I have no desire to change that. I'm not what you would call a dominating woman, however I do like to take control at times. My hubby is the same and, we give and take very well. It's all about the sex and fun.

I wanted to do something new and exciting to push the limits. I couldn't find much online that wasn't either too extreme for us, or just plain weird. After taking bits and pieces from my research, here is what I came up with and how it played out.

My plan was to make a deal with my husband, Michael. He would have to do everything I asked without question. If he did not follow my instructions, I would stop, and he would never find out what I had planned. I knew he would agree because he loves this type of play.

Here’s the story:

Having forgotten to set my alarm, I was late for work. To make matters worse, traffic was bad and I needed to stop to get gas. It was going to be one of those days. Finally, I was on my way!

I rushed into the building and caught the elevator just as the door was about to close. It was packed, but at the next floor half the people left, and I heaved a sigh of relief. I hate crowded elevators and I was going right to the top floor. However, my relief was short lived as there was another surge of people on the next floor.

I was pushed to the back and was feeling quite annoyed when I thought I could feel a hand on my hips. It was quite insistent and seemed to be working its way to my waist under my jacket. It was too crowded for me to turn around or move away and short of making a scene, there wasn't much I could do.

By now the hand was caressing my back and to my surprise, I was enjoying it! Especially when I felt it pushing under my jacket and touching my right breast, one finger brushing my nipple.

It was like an electric shock and my nipple immediately hardened. I turned slightly to the right so that my whole breast was cupped in his hand which was squeezing and pinching my nipple. My sheer silk blouse and unpadded bra were no barriers and I was well and truly turned on by now.

I pushed myself against his body and felt his hard bulge in the small of my back. The lift reached my floor and I managed to push my way out of it.

I felt rather than saw that there was someone behind me as I walked down the corridor. It was still early and there was no one around, all the offices were quiet. I had a moment of panic and I was getting wet!

He reached out his hand and stopped me as we passed the door to the visitors' room. I opened the door and felt his hands on the small of my back gently pushing me inside.

The blinds were closed and it was dark in the room. He was close behind me as I walked over to the leather sofa in the middle of the room. Part of the deal was that I was not to turn around.

I felt breathless and excited as I felt his body against me, his hands roaming under my jacket, cupping my breasts and squeezing them, his fingers pinching my nipples.

I moaned and arched my back pushing my chest outward! He bent down to kiss the back of my neck, his hands pulling my blouse out of the skirt waistband. The touch of his hands on my bare skin made me gasp, especially when he undid my bra and squeezed my bare breasts and nipples. Feeling them awaken with pleasure! Stiffening!

I reached behind me and touched his hard bulge, rubbing its rigid length and heard his sharp intake of breath. I found the zipper and pulled it down and reached inside to find he wasn't wearing any underwear. His hard cock was already oozing pre cum as my fingers stroked it. I knew he liked that.

The urgency was mutual as he pushed my skirt up to my waist and bent me over the back of the leather sofa, parting my legs wide.

I almost screamed as his hand touched my throbbing pussy, my panties already soaking wet. His fingers rubbed it up and down, circling my sensitive clit before he slipped them inside.

I felt him pull my panties to the side and his hard cock rubbed my pussy over and over again until I felt I couldn't bear it any longer. ... I wanted him inside me, pushing into my hot, wet tightness, filling me up, over and over again. I raised my arms trying to find something to grasp.

“Is this what you want?” He asked bumping his erection against me.

“Yee.. yee…. yes,” I said nodding my head and cupping both my breasts in my hands. Then I dropped one arm and touched myself, played with myself.

Then at last he did just that! We both gasped as his cock slid into me, all the way to the hilt, before he pulled back, only to push it all the way in, again and again, his hands holding my hips as I pushed back into him, his balls slapping against me. I sighed and moaned, almost inaudible. We were wet with desire; his cock went back and forth with deep penetrating strokes. My breasts bounced as we met with each stroke.

It was hard and fast, and it wasn't long before we both came, he pulled out and spilled his cum on my bare cheeks. With trembling legs, I collapsed onto the back of the sofa. He wiped my cheeks, pulled my panties into place and pushed down my skirt.

I heard the door close behind him. I managed to make myself look presentable again and, legs still trembling, left the room. The corridor was empty and there was no sign of him. It was thrilling!
We would talk about it at home, tonight.

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  1. Upcomingauthor says:

    WOW! Lisa, Michael! You two are crazy! I love reading your stories! How dangerous and exciting how the heck did you two come up with this! WOW! 😀
    This is something I want to do with my wife one day, something like it, when I have my own private office. I really look forward to it 🙂
    But how did you two pull this off!? 🙂

    • Michael & Lisa says:

      LOL UpComingauthor. Crazy? Uhhhhh yes crazy in love. Thank you. Looking forward to you telling us about your adventure. How did we do this? Shhhhh.
      Lisa xo

  2. CMLove says:

    Hahaha! Loved it, Lisa! At first, I was very confused and a little worried! But the ending was perfect! I enjoy how you write; I get wet every time! Thank you, both, for sharing the stories of your "spouse-arousal" techniques! May God keep you in love with Him so that you can overflow with love for each other!

    • Michael & Lisa says:

      Hi Cameron. If you enjoyed this one ;). WAIT till the next one. We enjoy this and being here very much

      Lisa xo

  3. Ayo Deji says:

    This story is totally hot. Especially the fact that you held yourself from seeing your lover's fade all through the experience. Must try this out soon. Stay hot, blessed and wet always

  4. Lovinghusband says:

    Michael & Lisa - your creativity is inspiring. You motivate me to want to do the
    necessary work to keep things fresh. You two put a lot of thought into that - it
    didn't happen easily - but what a memory you made for life! I must admit I'm
    lazier than that - but I don't want to stay that way. Thank you! God bless you
    guys! LH 🙂

    • Michael & Lisa says:

      Thank you very much LH. Happy to motivate you & yours.... You're very welcome.

      M & L

  5. hornyGG says:

    Thus the reason you are definitely a member in good standing with the Horny Wives Club. Really HOT you two, I enjoyed it greatly. Stay horny and God bless you two.

    • Michael & Lisa says:

      Hi GG. From one member of THE club to another 🙂 Thank you very much

      Lisa xo

    • Michael & Lisa says:

      OhooohOOoooh. thank you Alicia. 🙂 Pssssst we enjoy writing what we've done.

      Lisa xo

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