Needy Pastor’s Wife Explores

My wife is an amazing pastors wife. Godly, yes, but also with a sexually active pussy that longs for attention.

Our sex has grown increasingly over the years and has thrived even more since my wife started pleasing herself. She never did as a young girl, and never did for years of marriage, but in time she became curious, and I was intoxicated by the idea.

I wanted her to touch herself. I wanted her pleasure even more than my own. And so I instructed her one day to take some time on her body and explore what felt good. Let her fingers roam, let her mind engage in her pleasure instead of running from it.

So there she stood, looking at her body in the mirror, naked. She started caressing her nipples, it felt naughty but good. I was at the church office studying while she stood naked exploring her own pleasure for the first time. First, the nipples, then the pussy. Putting a leg on the counter she spread her lips opened and moistened her fingers with her wet juice, she liked it and she actually began to like her pussy. For the first time, she overcame years of needless shame and plunged her fingers deep into her cunt, and in time the pleasure came. Her entire chest turned red. She stared at herself in the mirror, looking into the depths of her own eyes, getting the erotic sense that she was fucking herself. She was finally able to understand what I see as I stare in her eyes while her orgasm rocks her body. She liked how she looked. She liked the seductive look of her eyes lost in a world of pleasure. While the kids were away, this hungry pastor’s wife was filled with pleasure. Her orgasm coming from the depths, she began to breathe heavier, her fingers thrusting and back arching, waves of pleasure overcame her.

30 minutes later she returned to the mirror for round 2. She wanted it and actually needed it. Her left fingers violating the folds of her pussy, while her right fingers caressed her passion spot. Same orgasmic flurry, same look in her eyes. Her pussy swelled with excitement and this Pastor’s wife was unleashed into a new era of pleasure.

That night we lay in bed and she recounted the pleasure, play by play. I was so turned on. It was the first time she got off by herself. And just knowing that she is capable of that much pleasure is intoxicating.

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10 replies
  1. OneCouple says:

    I like your story Pastor&Wife, this type of sexual freedom in a Christian marriage is so HOT, ! I also love it when my wife masturbates, such a turn on, thank you for sharing and God bless you two !

  2. Old Lover says:

    Wonderful account of positive sexual discovery for your Wife, Pastor. Knowing that our wives love to pleasure themselves brings great joy and intimacy into the marriage bed. My Anne, is an expert masturbator! Nothing is more thrilling than to watch her stroke her swollen clit as she cups her breast taking herself to her moment of explosive cumming pleasure. I love seeing her full, sexy lips part, revealing her perfect white teeth, as she gasps in breathy ecstasy.

  3. hornyGG says:

    What an awesome story! I applaud you and your wife. It is important to love and make love to your own body and find what pleases you, so you can share it with your spouse. I am and will always believe in the benefits of masturbation.

  4. Tulsa says:

    Great story!
    And yes! My wife & I have both learned by watching each other! We are trained up now, but still watch each other!
    I always had a problem with getting her off with my fingers. One afternoon, as I was attempting to get her there, she asked if I would like to watch her do it!
    I think I said yes before she was done with the question!!

  5. CMLove says:

    Very hot post! Thank you, Pastor, for encouraging your wife to score herself. Masturbation was a big taboo in my family growing up. My husband has veen helping me immensely with encouragement to explore without shame and with excitement and gratitude to God for the gift. I'm glad your wife has been freed as well!

  6. Eroticcouple says:

    Great story. My wife & I love mutual masturbation sessions but my favorite was when my wife told me she woke up for work the other day ( I had already left for work ) and she needed a release before showering. She grabbed her favorite vibrator and buzzed her swollen Clit to an orgasm. She told m e it was just what she needed to get the day started. Needless to say I couldn't get the picture out of my mind of my beautiful wife laying naked in bed pleasuring herself. I find that very erotic & encouraged her to masturbate when ever she needs to but to please let me know afterwards with all the details

  7. possibility says:

    Lovely story Pastor. 'I wanted her pleasure even more than my own' really touched me. This reminds me of our earlier days of marriage when one night my wife had gone to bed before me. Shortly afterwards I walked passed the bottom of the stairs only to hear sighs and what sounded like moaning in ecstasy and words such as ' ooh fuuuck yees, oh fuck feels sooo good' This made me horny and my penis was soon standing proud and my heart was thumping. My wife was masturbating playing with and stimulating her private place. I went upstairs not particularly quietly and found her on the bed with her legs open occasionally bucking her hips in obvious enjoyment and mouthing ' oh yes fuck feels so good'.As the window was closed the bedroom reeked of the smell of her sex – it was wonderful to smell and see the pleasure on her face. I fetched my cock out and started to gently masturbate. My wife said 'please put your penis deep inside of me, I want to feel you fill me.' I did not need telling twice and quickly stripped and got on top of her and slowly penetrated her warm and very wet cunt. It felt so fucking good. She wrapped her arms and legs around me trying to get me in as deep as she could. We got into a nice rhythm and were very vocal – 'ooh aah yes yes' that sort of thing. She then shuddered into an orgasm and mine followed shortly after filling her with my milky spunk. We were both spent and slept well that night. I thank God for the wonderful gift of sex and the feeling of wellbeing we and all the contributors of MH get during and after our lovemaking. I marvel at how horny I get and how I can still perform at age 65

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