Sex Wish

One sexy night in 1991, my husband was giving me a sexy nude massage, and during the massage, he told me that he had a certain “sex wish” that he wanted to fulfill with me. It was to play the songs “Show Me Heaven” by Maria McKee and “Take My Breath Away” by Berlin while we made love.

Usually we never had sex with music playing but I certainly wanted to try this. My sexy hubby already had the playlist ready so once he turned on the music, we started gently with some light kissing. It didn’t take long for it to get all hot and bothered.

I rolled on my back, and my husband climbed over me and felt my smooth, feminine skin. He gently stroked my breasts and licked my hard, pointy nipples, causing me to have the orgasmic tingles.

He entered me with ease and started thrusting and when the second verse of the song started, my husband switched to his throbbing thrusts, and immediately I had a massive orgasm spread throughout my body as my husband went hard and fast.

Excited sounds escaped my mouth as my hips twitched in response to the intense orgasm, and when it was over I just took a quick recharge as I watched my husband flex his butt muscles while kept thrusting.

I wasn’t that tired after my first orgasm though, and I also wanted my husband to cum as well. He kept thrusting in my orgasm-heated wet ladyplace while letting out his own sexy sounds.

Soon, “Take My Breath Away” came on. We kissed passionately and embraced tightly while his hard cock kept thrusting and throbbing inside of me. Again, I had the pleasure of watching his butt muscles flex while he thrust and he felt my breasts again.

He started to do his classic “throbbing thrusts” again and it didn’t take long for us to both cum. I cried out in ecstasy while he almost screamed, jerking hard inside me in response.

Our orgasms faded at the same time the song did. Barely able to move, my husband pulled out but remained on top of me. He gently caressed my cheek with his fingertips. He then rested his head below my shoulder as we swiftly drifted off due to blissful exhaustion from our passion!

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21 replies
  1. OneCouple says:

    HOT, HOT, HOT, Mrs Harper, I loved this one a lot ! This is a first, I'm sitting at the airport waiting for an early morning flight and I could feel my cock growing in my pants while reading this erotic story, loved how you described your husband's hard thrusting cock and you both cumming hard, very passionate ! Thanks for sharing and may God bless you both !

  2. Eroticcouple says:

    Very visual story Mrs Harper – it sure got my cocks attention as I am now slowly stroking myself thinking of doing this with my wife when she gets home from work.
    Beautiful !

  3. Old Lover says:

    Nice description of how your husband loves on your breasts and tantalized your nipples, Mrs. Harper. My Anne loves to have me on her beautiful, perky breasts. Your account has me planning for a delightful time this evening with Anne. Can't wait to feast on her lovely breasts! It will make her horny and me, too!

  4. possibility says:

    Old Lover, I hope you and Anne had a delightful time feasting on her breasts as planned. The thought has my cock to full erection as I write this. I am reminded of my wife's large tits and the pleasure we both get from breast play. I love to stand behind her in front of our bedroom mirror when we are both naked and cup / fondle / knead (need) them. Her nipples grow hard and are very rubbery and are surrounded by a huge area of aureoles. I kiss her neck gently and press my penis against her lovely bum – oh the excitement! I massage her nipples as if I am tuning an old style radio, much to our mutual delight. I then take her to the bed and begin rolling my experienced tongue around them (I am 65) delighting in their taste and hardness. When I begin sucking them, my wife says 'please suck harder, oh fuck yes, harder, harder'! She feels the orgasmic tingles just like Harper did in her story. She asks if I want a titty fuck – guess what my answer / actions were? Soon after I lay on the bed and she lowers her cunt to my excited manhood and we fuck with her voluptuous tits dangling onto my face. We become very vocal about how we are both feeling about our lovemaking and then she shudders to an orgasm followed by me pulling out and spurting my semen all over those lovely big tits. I thank God for the beautiful gift of sex.

  5. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    OneCouple Thank you! Btw, greetings from Sweden! My granddaughter and I will explore some tomorrow for the field trip. So excited! God bless you both pal!

  6. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    possibility no we don't, what I do is I look over his shoulder, or sometimes the angle is different,thus more revealing because of an extra pillow or something like that, God bless

  7. OneCouple says:

    Thank you Mrs Harper, I hope you guys have lots of fun in Sweden, what a blessing ! My wife and I are also on a long weekend vacation trip down by the ocean, your story and all the subsequent comments set the tone and really made me horny for the weekend that will provide some hot and hard overdue fucking for us ! Our schedules have been so busy lately, but we are planning to make up for lost time with lots of cum and lots of orgasms ! Safe travels, enjoy, and God bless you !

  8. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Than you OneCouple, you have a lovely vacation. We're actually going to Malaga at the end of October, and Amsterdam, Netherlands in November. Hopefully we'll hear about your orgasmic vacation? We've had our fair share of those! I'm sorry you've been so busy lately, but I hope & pray that you'll have lots of erotic fun with your wife! God bless you two dear friends!

  9. Old Lover says:

    Thanks, Possibility, for the encouragement to feast on my Anne's breasts. Tonight, she offered her breast to me by sexily pulling her surplice top down under her right breast. I latched right on her perfect, perky breast nipple. She basked dreamily during my light, lingering suckling time. When I more vigorously twisted and tugged her left nipple, she began to jill-off with urgency. She treated herself and me to an incredible orgasm, cumming all over my fingers. It amazes me (and her) that she can produce such a volume of cum in her mature years. During her afterglow she purred as I helped myself to a third, fourth, and fifth serving of her sweet tasting cum by repeatedly dipping my fingers into her dripping wet and warm pussy and sucking them clean. She thanked me for her rapturous cumming and I thanked her for the heavenly breast time and her delicious pussy honey.

  10. OneCouple says:

    Thank you Mrs Harper, that sounds like fun upcoming trips for Oct and Nov, we've been to Amsterdam many years ago and really enjoyed it, especially as we could understand their language too. And yes, you'll definitely hear about our orgasmic vacation fun, unfortunately for the neighbors, so did they last night, if you know what I mean ! My beautiful wife sucked my cock and balls so hard last night I quickly shot a huge amount of built-up cum all over her big tits while she was down on her knees in front of me. It was awesome to see her naked body again, she gave me a beautiful view of her hairy pussy, which will get some special treatment from me today ! Thanks again for your story, have fun and God bless you and your hot marriage sex !

  11. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Hello! Hey don't let that get to you! It's not like they didn't know that's a good thing going on! But yeah, I'd be kinda embarrassed too 😛 Btw, you are more then welcome, and I can't wait for your stories! Thank you for sharing that one 🙂 Yes God-willing it'll be wonderful! Can't wait! Tomorrow we're off to Gothenburg, helping our granddaughter with that project! God bless you!

  12. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Old Lover,of yes that's very sweet and hot, at the same time. Sweet because she;s giving them to you, an hot because you enjoy it! So natural and beautiful. God gave us breasts for our husbands to enjoy as well as feed our babies with 🙂

  13. possibility says:

    Old Lover, So pleased you and Anne had a lovely time when she offered you her breast. I imagine you both to be totally lost in the glorious moment of your licking, sucking lingering and tweaking of her left tit. My wife also likes this sort of play and urges me on so much so she cums copiously – delicious!

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