Entries by Harper Shelby Thornton

Australian Heat

We recently went to Australia for a vacation for two weeks, we went to Melbourne and it was a lot of fun! We saw the sights, walked around, and ate at the famous Lygon St every night! But the best parts came at night. Especially this one night, when my husband took me from behind, […]

Beverly Hills Bliss

We went to a wedding in Beverly Hills about 20 years ago. While we danced a slow dance with other couples, we talked about how beautiful the newlyweds were. Then, my husband whispered how sexy I looked… Before long, we said our goodbyes, and went up to our hotel room. My husband was eager to […]

Oh Baby, Give Me More!

It was 1995, and my husband and I went dancing. We came home, feeling great! Dancing and exercise will do that. Not only does it make you feel great, it will sometimes put you in the mood… We did not hesitate to take our clothes off and get passionate. I lay on our bed, naked. […]

Naughty Hottie

My husband has always had a slightly naughty streak about him. He will sometimes touch me in my intimate areas when I least expect it! Some notable times include him grabbing my breasts while we were in London on a ferris wheel. The other night, I was looking out our window and enjoying the view. […]

Evening Shopping

It was 1984. We had been out for the day and as evening drew nigh, we went shopping for a few items. I was reading something off a cereal box when I felt a hand grab my butt. My husband snuck up on me! I laughed at how naughty he could be! “It’s alright, no […]

Nostalgic In The Netherlands

We were in the Netherlands for two nights, and to say we enjoyed it would be an understatement. We got amorous in Amsterdam both nights! Once we got settled into our hotel, we went and did some sightseeing. We walked around, took boats through the canals and visited landmarks. After having dinner at a classy […]

A Dreamy Night So Erotic

It was the day after Christmas of 1987. The last two days had been busy. On Christmas Eve, we had sung carols with some other artists, and the show was televised the next morning. We watched the program after we came back from church. Then, I prepared my dish for Christmas dinner, which we attended at […]

Lavender Lovin’

My, this night was intense! I remember it like yesterday even though it happened in 1987! It took place shortly after our return from Iceland. We arrived safely, praise God. We had a large bathtub in our home in Astoria. One night I was in my little dress when my husband called to me from […]

Mr. and Mrs. Bond Go Dancing

In the Spring of 1987, my husband and I got invited to a friend’s wedding in Bremen, Germany. (I know, lots of weddings!) Needless to say, we were thrilled to go. We were especially excited that we were going to role-play Mr. & Mrs. Bond, which always results in passionate lovemaking! We settled in well […]

Two Times In A Night

In late 1991, my husband and I were taking our girls home from a birthday party. When we stopped at a traffic light, my husband gently caressed my hair, and I looked at him and smiled. We drove home, and sent our girls to bed, preparing for bed ourselves. My husband embraced me from behind […]

Playing Around To Orgasm

We were not only passionate that one night in Niagara Falls, but most nights we were. We were having a wonderful time, and it was our last night when we were getting ready for bed. Knowing and anticipating another night of great sex that was going to happen in a matter of minutes, my husband […]

Lady Rock ‘n’ Roller

In 1985, I used to put on musical performances with a few of my girlfriends. On one song, I’d play guitar as well as sing. Afterward one such show, my husband and I were backstage. He kissed me and told me how amazing I was. He said the way I played my guitar excited him. […]