Mr. and Mrs. Bond Go Dancing

In the Spring of 1987, my husband and I got invited to a friend’s wedding in Bremen, Germany. (I know, lots of weddings!) Needless to say, we were thrilled to go. We were especially excited that we were going to role-play Mr. & Mrs. Bond, which always results in passionate lovemaking!

We settled in well and had a good night’s sleep before the wedding. Then we dressed our best and went off to have lots of fun, especially while we danced. (Thought I’d throw in that there was some ABBA, hehe!)

When we retired to our room, I changed into that classic see-through sheer white dress and got into bed.

Soon, my hot, naked husband climbed over me and kissed me. He wrapped me in his arms and ran his lips over my neck between kisses. Then he unwrapped the dress from my body and draped it on a chair before swiftly entering me. While he thrust with vigor inside me, he clutched me against his chest.

I tilted my head back in abandon as a surprise orgasm rushed through me in shockwaves. After I came down, I was a bit taken aback because I didn’t expect to cum so early! Nevertheless, I loved it. But we weren’t done yet.

My husband gave me a few moments to rest and regain composure. Then he rolled me on top of him. He resumed his thrusting movements into my wet vagina from under me while kissing me, and I had another small orgasm. Again he rolled us over to regain his position on top and thrust with passion.

I ran my delicate hands over him, enjoying the feel of his toned, masculine body and the erotic sound of his heavy breath. Suddenly, I climaxed for the third time, and this one was the most intense. I could feel my husband jerk inside of me and heard his loud grunt when he came.

As we settled back down, he kissed my neck, giving me the tingles. I loved how sweaty we were. As you can imagine, I was exhausted after having three orgasms! Resting my hand on my husband’s head where it lay on my breast, I fell asleep swiftly.

We woke up feeling great and refreshed, though my ladyplace still felt a little wet from the night before!

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6 replies
  1. EmmaAndNathan says:

    hello Harper Shelby, I love your stories. I got inspired to write my stories too.
    I'm new to this community, can you help me how to put my story and see comments in my story?

  2. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    Beautiful imagery, Mrs. Thornton. Your prose is almost poetry! I'd like to hear more about how you two role play. Is it more a mental attitude that comes with dressing up or do you talk out a "script" with a story behind it?

  3. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    EmmaAndNathan Hi, welcome! You simply write in the section provided, or you can write it in Microsoft Word then copy & paste later and the admins post it in time. Then you just see the comments when they get approved too. Thank you for your kind comment! God bless

  4. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    CrazyHappyLoved Thank you! It's the mentality of it, I suppose. I never thought about it that way, but definitely mentality when we dress like that. God bless

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