A Dreamy Night So Erotic

It was the day after Christmas of 1987. The last two days had been busy. On Christmas Eve, we sang carols with other artists. It was televised the next morning, and we watched the program after we came back from church. Then, I prepared my dish for Christmas dinner, which we attended at my cousin's house. We had a wonderful time, praise the Lord!
Now, the next day, my husband and I made a short visit to an old friend before coming back home. I wanted to make the night special, so I got naked. My husband was a little tense but turned on when he saw me naked.
I offered to massage him, and he accepted with pleasure. He took his top off, and I started to rub his broad shoulders and neck. I heard his breaths become a little heavier, and he let out an occasional whispered "Oh, yes, baby...." I saw the pleasured expression on his face.
His breaths shifted to moans as I kneaded his sexy frame, and then I noticed his cock had gotten hard. When I kissed him, he reached for my wet ladyplace. His gentle fingers stroked me down there, spreading my lady liquid across all the folds and especially on my sweet spot.
I got excited as I watched him reach for his beautiful, hard cock. I spread my legs, luxuriating in the vision of him pleasuring himself and getting even more ready for me. Sensing my readiness, he climbed over me and entered me. He was in no hurry, allowing me to experience all the erotic, pleasurable “pre-sensations” before his thrusts would commence.
Sure enough, they did. My husband put one hand on my lower back while embracing me, lifting that part a little and allowing for deeper penetration. It felt so amazing! I came almost instantly, and my hips convulsed more intensely than ever before!
Just as I loosened up and relaxed upon coming down, my husband experienced a loud climax. I felt his convulsive jerking inside me. He took a moment to catch his breath while his orgasm faded. I felt the sweat on his sexy body, as he leaned down and kissed my neck. Then he rested his head next to mine.
We were both exhausted from the festivities and the great sex combined, so we fell asleep right away. And we still felt the residual afterglow in the morning.
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  1. J_ says:

    Great story as always! I feel like I know you guys having read so many entry’s of yours.

    [Edited. The purpose of the stories here on MH is to encourage you to imagine you and your spouse in the situations described. We discourage seeking visual descriptions past what the authors volunteer in their story.]

    • Harper Shelby Thornton says:

      ArtRutherford it wasn't actually a dream... when i describe the night as "dreamy" I mean it in that it was a beautiful night, very blissful. But thank you! God bless

  2. Alicia G. M. says:

    Loved the story Mrs. Harper. Hope all is well with you and yours. Things are better on my end. Had a rough patch for a while after we lost the baby, but working through it day by day. Callie is good, growing like a weed. Anyway, thanks for all your wonderful stories and prayers. God bless. ❤

    • Harper Shelby Thornton says:

      Thank you! Believe me i understand what it's like to lose a child, 🙁 again i'm so sorry. It's not easier if they're in the womb or grown up, I can tell you. Things are better since Clara's husband passed on, we still have our days but we're better thank God. My husband and I along with our grandbaby are going to Australia! 😀 We've been visiting my mom for a bit that's always enjoyable. I wanna see her as much as I can while she's still alive (she's 87 now) and on Monday we're going to Australia, first we're going to Canberra then to Sydney and finally Melbourne! She's gonna celebrate her 13th birthday on June 28th! 😀 God bless you too my sweet angel

    • Lovinghusband says:

      Alicia, it is so good to read that things are better for you now - as you and Trey persevered through a very hard trial in life - by God's grace.

      Anyway, just wanted you to know that really encouraged me to know. God bless you. LH

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