Evening Shopping

It was 1984. We had been out for the day and as evening drew nigh, we went shopping for a few items. I was reading something off a cereal box when I felt a hand grab my butt.

My husband snuck up on me! I laughed at how naughty he could be!

"It's alright, no else is in this aisle!" said my husband. We small talked while finishing our grocery shopping before going back home. After a light dinner, I went to our room and watched some TV. My husband soon followed.

I took my eyes off the TV and watched him remove his clothes to change into his sleepwear. I got a little wet as he slowly took off his top. Maybe he intended for those languid movements to seduce me. If so, he was succeeding as always.

He climbed on our bed and over to me in just his boxer shorts. His fingertips caressed my face. Then he began kissing my cheek and gradually moved down to my neck. I got the tingles when I felt my husband gently touch my lady place over the white silk garment I was wearing.

I lifted his chin with my finger and kissed him. Then I got up on my knees and took off my dress, revealing my figure to him. Glancing downward, I was greeted by the welcome and flattering sight of a bulge in his underwear.

My husband lightly touched my face with his fingertips, then gently ran them across my breasts. His touch was seductive, almost worshipful. Maybe a wordless prayer of thanks was offered in that moment - I don't know.

I pulled back the covers to get in bed and he gingerly removed his boxers before climbing on top of me and feeling my wetness with his hand. When he entered me, I bit my lip and moaned softly. I ran my fingers across his toned body as his thrusting penis pleasured me.

"Oh, yeah, baby," moaned my husband, thrusting as deep as his cock would go. "I love how wet you are. Soft and wet," he said, fondling my breast.

I caressed him as I drew closer to climaxing. Then I clutched him tight as we orgasmed together. He hung on tight and jerked intensely inside me, crying out loudly.

Our orgasms fading, my husband kissed my neck over and over, giving me the tingles. I felt a bit of liquid ooze from my lady area. My husband spread it around my ladyplace a little bit before resting his head on my shoulder.

I wrapped one arm around him and lay my other hand on his arm, which rested across my body.

What a beautiful, intense night! I thought to myself. We both needed this. We were so relaxed after this we slept right away.

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  1. Dean316 says:

    Always such a joy to hear from you Harper as well as being very pleasurable. You have a fantastic loving husband whose lucky to have you as wonderful wife!

    Stay sexy!

    God bless,

    • Harper Shelby Thornton says:

      Oh yes it certainly is! You'll see when my next story comes out soon! God bless 🙂

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