A Night to Remember – Part 1

I’ve been a member here for some time but have only read, never written. But a few nights ago, we had a great time of sex. I’ve been thinking about it on and off most of the day. So, I decided I would write about it for the readers of MH.

It started as a typical morning. We had both had our coffee, quiet time, and breakfast. It was going to be another busy day for us both. I knew that we needed to set aside some time for intimacy. Sometimes, if we don’t schedule sex, the time gets away from us. We’re tired, and things just don’t happen. Can anyone relate?

I winked at her and said, “How about messin’ around tonight?” She always knows what I mean. “And…maybe we could enjoy 69 again.”

“Mmm, sounds good,” she said, with a sly smile. Teri loves sex but has to be encouraged a bit. After a quick kiss, we were off to the tasks of the day.

Of course, during the day I got more and more horny thinking about what was to come that night as most guys would.

We both had an early evening meeting at church shortly after work. There was only time for a quick sandwich before we had to head that way. Discussions went smoothly. We were done by 8:30, which was relatively early. Afterward, one couple invited us for dessert and coffee, but my wife smiled sweetly and declined. She made the excuse that we “had a busy week ahead” and needed to get home early. Wow, normally she would have accepted. But tonight her priority was our time together.

Once home, she said, “What’s on TV?”

“Not too much,” I said, “but we can find something on PBS.”

I hurried off to the guest shower while Teri prepped in the master bath. I made sure that my cock and balls were freshly shaved for her. Then I got into bed nude, the way I like to sleep. She came out a while later in a cute summer top and no panties.

I was still channel surfing and finally landed on a show to watch. It wasn’t long until her hand started caressing my leg ever so softly. Very slowly and lightly, she continued to rub my leg as my cock begged for attention. Finally, she made her way to my balls and then stroked up the shaft.

“Mmmm, that feels nice,” I moaned.

All through the show, she played with me, stroking, twisting, caressing. It all caused me to grow harder and harder. Pre-cum started to drip. I love watching her do this. While Teri worked me over with her right hand, she continued to get into the plot. What plot? I hardly remembered the name of the show.

I had been getting this kind of attention for almost an hour when the show ended. I was ready to mount her and fuck her hard, but she said, “Hold on, I need to be warmed up.”

I came to my senses and remembered that this is all about mutual pleasure – giving as well as receiving. My wife is like a Crockpot, needing to be warmed up slowly. But, I do know that this Crockpot, when warmed up, can get very hot!

She flipped over, signaling the need for a slow massage of her legs, back, butt, and very sensitive ankles. I was happy to accommodate her.

She sighed, relaxing with the soft caresses of my hands.

“Mmmm, that feels good,” she said. “Keep doing that.”

My hands glided up and down her back, occasionally sneaking down the side of her boobs. My mind started to drift back to the MH story “Edibly Flexible.” That story is about a husband positioned so that he could lick and suck the tip of his cock while his wife helped him. Then I remembered his comment after the story about another time she had helped him cum in his mouth. My cock jerked thinking about how hot that was. I concentrated on caressing Teri’s soft ass.

Then my mind drifted off to Honeysuckle’s story, “Friday Night Fellatio.” That story relived times the wife sucked her husband off. As my hands made their way to Teri’s inner thighs, she moaned at my touches. My cock got harder, fueled by my thoughts and the intimate contact with my wife.

Gradually, she spread her legs offering access to her already wet pussy. Yes, she was ready now for some very intimate caresses from my hand and soon, my tongue.

“Kiss me,” she demanded, as she rolled over on her back. I moved into place between her legs. Her hands moved down, spreading her pussy lips in anticipation of my mouth and tongue. I love the way she gives me total access to her pussy. Her lips met mine, offering the most intimate kiss.

Licking, kissing, sucking. I love giving her pleasure like this. She moaned, bucked, and caressed herself as I licked her clit. She loves to cum this way. I knew we had more plans for the night, though, so I let her cum.

“Mmmm, that was awesome,” she panted.

I was anticipating us moving into the 69 position. But Teri gestured with her hand, smiled, and said, “No, I want some time by myself first.” Who was I to argue with that? It’s all good.

She got on her knees to my left side. Bending over, she started to engulf my cock with her wet mouth. It felt so good, but her long blonde hair was blocking my view.

“I want to watch,” I begged, so she nestled in between my spread legs. She was lying on her stomach, her tongue working its magic.

She slowly licked the shaft, lingering at the tip, and then took it into her mouth, gently sucking. Her eyes closed as she savored the hardness, scent, and taste of my aroused cock. It was a beautiful sight to watch as I felt her tongue gently caress me. She doesn’t bob too much. Instead, she loves to hold my cock with her lips. Then she uses her tongue to play with me while gripping my cock lightly with her teeth. I could tell the sucking was turning her on too!

Over the years, she has learned how to increase the intensity and get me incredibly turned on. Finally, I knew that if we were going to 69, she had better slow down. She sensed this too and released my engorged cock from her mouth. My throbbing member was completely hard, the fruit of her oral efforts.

Without a word, we moved into 69 formation, lying on our sides.

To Be Continued

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5 replies
  1. Mercury7 says:

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful description. I appreciate your attention to realistic detail, and the way you wove in references to other MH stories. Nicely done!

  2. CrazyHappyLoved says:

    Wow, Rc, there is no better example of "erotic" in my mind than this story. And I like the way you use your memories of stories you've read here to stay hard and hot for your wife while giving her the warm-up she needs. Great way to use your biggest sex organ! Looking forward to Part 2.

    • Rcthom55 says:


      Thanks! It certainly was erotic to us as well. Enjoyed remembering how sexy & fun it was as I wrote about it. Love the stories here. Keep them cumming to fuel each of us for our spouses!

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