Hi all! This is my first time posting, and I hope you like my story.

A couple of years back my mother-in-law was visiting from out of state. Since she traveled a long way, she was staying with us for four weeks. As a part of her visit we took her and our two kids on holiday for a couple of weeks. Holidays are fun, and it was nice spending time with my mother-in-law.

The problem was we were staying in hotels; my beautiful wife and I had no privacy. And it was hot, so my wife had been wearing short skirts that showed off her sexy legs wonderfully. They also accentuated her lovely ass. You can imagine the predicament it created.

Each day we’d share the front of the car while my mother-in-law kept the kids busy in the back seat. I found myself peeking down often to see if I could catch a glimpse of my wife’s panties. The thrill of the possibility was driving me wild, and my wife knew it. She would deliberately hike up her skirt to show me a little more leg. But she was sneaky about it; her mum never caught her!

After about five or six days of this torture, I couldn't stand it any longer and neither could my wife. Finally, I cornered her as she went into the bedroom, whispering that I needed her and needed her now.

She said, “Let’s go for a drive. We can tell mom we're going to get some wine.”

That was good enough for me. I almost ran to the car. My wife came out wearing her sexy little skirt.

As we drove off, she pushed her skirt up and showed me she wasn't wearing any panties! God, she looked terrific! I wanted her body so badly! I drove to the outskirts of town, found a quiet spot off a back road, and parked the car. We drive a station wagon, so we laid the back seats down and jumped in.

As soon as we were inside, we began kissing. Our tongues intertwined. We were both so turned on knowing we could get caught and that we had to get back to the hotel soon.

We were necking and touching each other. My hand moved down to my wife's skirt, pushing it up, and I began to rub her lovely tight pussy. My wife released my penis from the prison of my pants and stroked my stiff member. We couldn't wait any longer.

My beautiful hot wife was so wet that my rock-hard cock slid into her easily. I started thrusting in and out of her dripping pussy. It didn't take long until we were both ready to cum. She felt so amazing, her folds enveloping my cock as I slid in and out of her.

“I'm going to cum,” I gasped.

“Please, please, I want your load of fun inside me!” she said.

I thrust one more time, unloading my hot cum into my sensational wife, and she came at the same time. We always seem to cum together; I love that.

After a quick cuddle and kiss, we put our clothes back on. We jumped into the front seat and drove back to the hotel. To this day, I don't know if my mother-in-law guessed at what we had done.

God bless my brilliant, sexy, adventurous wife! Being married to her keeps life exciting and fun!

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    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      Haha! That was my first thought, too! If she didn't suspect what you were up to when you left, coming back without the wine was a dead giveaway! But why should she mind?

      Sounds like you guys have a great marriage! All that teasing with the skirt-peeks in the front seat all week! I loved this story and can hardly wait to follow your wife's example - minus the mom in tow, though. 😋

  1. Slinger says:

    CHL- I was also wondering why the mother would mind! 😂. Some families simply don’t talk about or acknowledge sex though. Personally, my mom has been on vacation with my family and she will take our daughter to the pool for a few hours and tell me to “give him some lovin!😉”

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