Kegels for Men?

Hello, Brothers and Sisters in Christ. This is our first post.

My husband and I will hit our 30s this October. We’re wondering if some husbands on MH practice penis exercises to maintain sexual health? Are penis exercises (like Kegels or some other kind) necessary to have a healthy sex life?

I guess we’re all aware that at this stage testosterone level can start to drop, and hubby is a little bit worried. Do any of you guys practice those kinds of exercises to have a strong erection?

Thanks in advance. Keep the fire burning. Bisous.

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5 replies
  1. HeSaid-SheSaid says:

    I'm interested as well to know if certain exercises help. Here are some thoughts and experiences of my own.

    I've read about men and women who while at a gym doing core type exercises they can have an orgasm. It's called a "core-gasm". Core exercises develop the muscles in and around and including the PC muscles, pelvic floor, and prostate. So it's no wonder that repeated, rhythmic use of these muscles can trigger orgasm. Most people report that they are sudden and come out of nowhere with little warning and no arousal. Most people are embarrassed by them (because it usually happens in a public place like a gym). They also report that the orgasms are different, subtle to intense, deeper, and for men, dry, meaning no ejaculation.

    I believe a similar thing happens to women while giving birth. Some women claim orgasmic feelings at the same time as experiencing a painful contraction.

    As for myself, I have to be vulnerably honest here. I'm in my mid 40's, and in the last year or so I've noticed erections are not as forthcoming as they used to be. But I chalk that up more to preoccupation of mind rather than health. Although I am a bit overweight too, but more on that in a second. But more embarrassing is the fact that when I ejaculate, the stuff just kind of oozes out. It's been that way for about 15 years or more. It seems that most males in MH stories are able to shoot their load across the room! If that's true, what's your secret, lol? I also have a friend the same age who is in the same boat. He lamented how when he was a teen he would have to go "looking" for where his cum shot landed, but these days, it's just right there at the tip of his member.

    Lastly, about 12 years ago I lost a pile of weight, in a good way. My wife was giving me a rather good hand job while lying down and when I blew my load it landed up on my shoulder. I was surprised to say the least. So I don't know if losing weight had anything to do with it, but I do recall the orgasms at that time felt a bit more intense. But when I do have a more intense orgasm, I notice the cum does seem to have greater velocity.

    So I wonder if a combination of exercises, weight lose, and more intense action makes for a greater orgasm? I would think so.

  2. ArtRutherford says:

    Kegels for men; I've tried them several times and they do help some.

    Wait until your 60. The testosterone level really drops.

    My cum shoots out, but not nearly as far as it used to, but it doesn't dribble out either.

    I suppose if I didn't masturbate so much, it may go further, but I've not masturbated for several days before and it just kinda oozes out then.

  3. onehotmamma says:

    Hi there, yes, there are kegel type exercises your husband can do to maintain his erections: while your husbands penis is aroused and hard, have him drape a hand towel over his penis and flex his penis. Doing several reps. When that becomes easy then dampen the hand towel and drape that over his hard penis and flex. When that becomes easier, upgrade the towel to a larger dry bath town and then dampened. My husband has been doing this for many years with great success. It also helps him maintain his morning wood when he’s working overseas and we can’t be intimate. Hope this helps!

  4. TorrHead says:

    Kegels for men? Yes. My experience has been that Kegel's can help with: erection strength, cum control (last longer, choosing to go over the edge when you're ready, resisting "point of no return" when that's your optimum outcome in-the-moment), and ejaculation power (going the distance). Try sets of ten (contract/release), work up to ten sets. Repeat as you have time and energy to do so through the day. You can also try holding "the squeeze" and counting to ten, mixing up the routine. Just doing the Kegels can trigger an erection, so don't "work out" if your in a situation where you might be conspicuous : ). All of that said, though, cardio-vascular health is key to making those erections happen and maintaining them, over a lifetime. Erection engineering is a function of blood flow; the strength and hardness of your erection can be a good indicator of overall cardio-vascular health. And, lifting (anaerobic muscle workouts) push the testosterone levels up, no matter what your age. No number of Kegels will compensate for poor cardio-vascular health or a sedentary lifestyle with declining overall muscle tone. That's my take, anyway, based on my experience and research. If you're in your 30's (king11) or 40's (He Said-She Said), "I am your father." No big athlete here, but a guy who's been running and simple lifting since I was 32; I'm in my 67th year now and my only trouble with erections is that I'm still getting them so often I'm self conscious in public; no failures in bed, either; no meds, no supplements. Just a regular guy who's very much in the game. Last comment: no matter what your age, the data is clear: aerobic and anaerobic conditioning will always reverse decline and improve performance, in every area (sex included). Works for me. So far, anyway. Ran and lifted at the gym today–and making my wife crazy tonight. Give those Kegels a try; match them with a workout routine. Enjoy. :

  5. DKnight1 says:

    2 cents from a 40 year old…
    Remember, the brain is the strongest sex organ! Yes, without a doubt, E.D., and decreasing testosterone are real medical issues, however, if he dwells on this in his mind, it could cause these issues to develop unnecessarily. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!! Just keep having fun!!

    Also, as far as volume is concerned (I know this wasn't the basis of your topic, but others have commented) large quantities of Lecithin have worked for me. You have to take a lot, like 12-15 x 1200mg capsules the day before engaging in sex, but it does the trick. I'm not a Dr. or any type of sex therapist, and there are varying reports of success with this online, but I can tell you it's helped me, for sure!

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