Naughty Hottie

My husband has always had a slightly naughty streak about him. He will sometimes touch me in my intimate areas when I least expect it! Some notable times include him grabbing my breasts while we were in London on a ferris wheel.

The other night, I was looking out our window and enjoying the view. My sexy husband came up behind me and grabbed my butt. Then he quickly put his arms around me and grabbed my breasts!

“You naughty hottie!” I exclaimed.

“You’re mine, baby. All mine!” he said. He ran his hands all over me.

“Turn around for me, baby. That’s my lady!” He was feeling me through the form-fitting silk gown I was wearing.

“I love how your beautiful soft breasts feel through the silk. But I love it even more when there’s no fabric between them and my hands,” he said.  He gently started to pull my dress off.

“You’re so hard…” I whispered.

“Yeah. Do you like that?” He asked, in his sexy voice.

“You know I do, my naughty hottie!” I replied.

I started with his shirt, stripping him out of his clothes.  “Oh yes, that’s what I’m talking about!” he said.

I sat on our bed with my legs spread, so he could see every inch of my front. I wanted that big beautiful cock of his to come into my wet ladyplace for a good soaking, and get massaged by my vaginal “sex cushions”.

“Oh yeah, that feels soooo good!” I moaned as he entered me. He thrust at a moderate speed as he held me and kissed me passionately like there was no tomorrow. He felt my breasts and gently licked my hard nipples.  All that attention was giving me intense, orgasmic tingles.

I massaged his lower back, which made him go a little deeper inside me. He kissed my breasts all over before he licked them again, causing me to get close to orgasm.

My naughty hottie hunk of a husband had a mischievous look on his face before he thrust extra hard. He did his classic “throbbing thrusts”, which he can still do after all these years.

I came intensely. I moaned loudly in uninhibited orgasmic bliss. Then my husband’s orgasm followed, accompanied by his ecstatic screams.

“Wow! That was HOT!” we both said.

My husband kissed me before rolling off me. We looked out the bedroom window and noticed it was raining outside. We cuddled up as we listened to and watched the heavy rain, making us glad we were snug and warm in our bed.

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10 replies
  1. Lovinghusband says:

    Harper – "throbbing thrusts"….very sexy description for sure. I loved that way of saying it. Plus "ecstatic screams". Wow! It was fun knowing this was something that happened recently too. I love the remembrances from years ago – don't get me wrong. But, fun to know some recent Harper experiences too. Very sexy. God bless you both. LH

    • Harper Shelby Thornton says:

      Hey Lovinghusband how are you? I've missed your "favorite part" reviews, I'm glad you enjoyed this story! Thank you and God bless you too 😀

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