Exhale in Unison

Our sex life is infrequent these days, usually once a week. She doesn’t really want or desire more than that. I could have sex every day… and actually masturbate almost daily (with her blessing) to calm my sexual “frustrations” (it is a huge help to our marriage).

But tonight we laid in bed and she started rubbing my cock on the outside of my underwear and made it clear that tonight was a sex night (it had been about a week). We soon undressed, lathered some CO on my stiff cock, and penetrated her in the spoon position. I can’t think of a better activity in the world than fucking my wife… it’s my absolute favorite.

I have mild ED issues, but tonight I was especially hard, so I decided to put us in doggie position, which rarely works for us. It felt great, but only sort of worked, as I slipped out a half dozen times. We need practice to get doggie right. 🙂

After 10 minutes, my wife had had enough on her knees, and we both rolled over onto our backs. We laid side by side and stroked our own bits. Her nipples were especially hard tonight, and she moaned as I reached over and played with them.

I love that we have the freedom to masturbate together, and the intimacy is just as (if not more) palpable than coital PIV sex. I could tell by her breathing that the Ms. PacMan was going all out and was getting close to orgasm. It is a hot scene! I stop playing with her nipples to maybe prolong her ascent to climax. I got a bit more CO for myself, and she whines, “Oh no, you’re not close, are you?” I knew I needed to catch up to her. “I’m getting there.”

My erection returned to full form. (I had lost maybe 25% of my erection during doggie.) She rolled on top of me completely naked and sat just below my balls and continued to rub her clit as I continued to stroke my cock.

Then she rubbed her clit on my dick back and forth. She felt how hard I was. So she positioned herself over my cock head and plunged it into her snatch. It felt so good. She leaned back to feel some G-spot stimulation and I reached up to play with her nipples. I could release at any second. I was just trying to hold on for her orgasm.

I could tell she was getting close when she reached down to stroke her own clit while we continued to fuck cowgirl style. I knew I couldn’t hold on much longer. I pinched her nipples harder. We were both panting. And in one glorious exhale, we both caved into explosive orgasms at the same moment. Her whole body was contracting as my rod shot ropes of cum into her warm pussy.

We snuggled in that position for several minutes. As we separated and cleaned up, she gave a quick assessment: “Tonight went well! Things felt good! It was fun!” Yes, we hope to keep improving this area of our marriage. And I slept like a baby!

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