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Kat and I live in NYC and we often have people visiting and staying with us in our apartment. This weekend is no exception. We used to try to not have much sexual interaction while people were here so as to not make people feel uncomfortable, but the visits are so often that it means more weekends than not we probably wouldn’t be having sex.

About 3 years ago we had a talk about this and decided that we either had to limit the number of guests we have or just change our behavior and enjoy sex together no matter who is in the apartment. We decided on the later since we really enjoy having people in our home.

We have a 2 bedroom apartment and most often our guests stay in the other bedroom but on occasion, like this weekend, we have someone sleeping on the couch in the living room outside of our bedroom. We had a great time out with this group of friends last night. Dinner, drinks and up late talking and laughing. Then we headed to bed and Kat and I enjoyed a pretty extended love making session. I have no doubt that if the person sleeping on the couch was awake, they knew exactly what we were doing. There was no screaming, but plenty of moaning, bodies slapping together and bed rocking. We weren’t trying to be loud but weren’t trying to be quiet either.

Upon waking up this morning our sexual encounter continued with a quick hand job and blow job from Kat. Then we went out to the living room and met up with our guests to head to brunch. No one said anything or gave any knowing glances. We just enjoyed our morning together with friends.

I was sitting here thinking that this should be the norm. Sex isn’t bad, it isn’t dirty, we don’t have to act like we, as a married couple, don’t have sex and don’t enjoy having sex with each other. I hope that if our friend did hear us, then they were thinking how wonderful it is that this couple is still so deeply passionate about each other after all these years. I’m thinking we will probably be going at it again tonight!

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9 replies
  1. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Be free, you're married, have fun! And btw, how is NYC? When my husband & I lived in the States, we lived in Astoria, Oregon, but we had a holiday apartment in Manhattan, and we always came there for vacation. Anyway, keep making your sweet love, my friends (Or as GG says, stay horny!). May God bless you two with lots more sexy times!

  2. Tulsa says:

    Yes….go for it! We certainly do! We do try and keep the noise down, especially with my wife, as she really rocks and rolls when she cums! It kind of adds a spice to it all, trying to be stealthy!

  3. PacMan says:

    Good choice. You don’t have to make the choice what will or will not make someone uncomfortable. It’s your home. It kind of comes with the territory. If I was staying at your apartment with my wife, I’m sure your “activities” would lead to our own love making. Have you overheard guests having sex in the next bedroom? Seems like the best kind of noise pollution!

  4. Cumming2gether says:

    This is something my bride and I have been doing for the whole 13 years of marriage! It so HOT! We love taking showers together as well…it doesn't matter where we are.

  5. Mtstreetdoc says:

    One time while we were on vacation, my wife and I were upstairs and had guests in the room below us. The morning after an incredibly “wonderful” night, we were all sitting around on the beach; when my wife’s best friend looked at me and said “Damn, you got some serious stamina!”

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