A Weekend of Play

Our 10th anniversary was quickly arriving and like always we try to decide what we wanted to do special.  Usually it is dinner, maybe dancing then a long night of passion. sometimes in a hotel sometimes at home. We spent weeks talking about different things we wanted to do but just could not come up with any thing different. So I suggested that she think about it and whatever she decides that would be fine for me.

All week I tried to find out what she had decided but she just kept on saying she is thinking about it. On the Friday of our big day, I arrived home from work to find her sitting on the sofa in a gorgeous black lace teddy and heels.  My wife was stunning her brunette hair and hazel eyes just popped seeing her large breast pushed up with a defined cleavage and her long legs smooth as silk. The biggest smile came over my face as I starred at her.

“I guess you figured out something?”

“Yep and you are going to love it have a seat!”

I could not wait to find out how this was going to turn out, Donna has a very good imagination. She wasn’t always like that though I had to influence her along the way. She was a awesome lover and loved trying new things, but she just did not have the imagination.

“This is the deal, baby, You could not come up with a thing for this weekend so I think it is fair to say I get to make the call.”

I had no idea what this woman had up her sleeve but what ever it is it is starting out great.

“I am going to be in charge you have no say in the matter. I did a little shopping this week and I have a couple things in the bathroom for you after your shower. Oh yea one more thing, you will not cum until I give you permission.”

Donna ordered me to take my shower and put on the things that were in the bathroom. I did as she asked, a nice long hot shower cleaning every inch of my body. Then I opened the sack and found a pair of soft-like silk boxer briefs and four collars, a pair for my ankles and a pair for my wrist. When I returned to the living room Donna had a bottle of red wine out and only one glass. I went to sit next to her but she pointed towards the floor next to silky smooth legs.

She poured a glass of wine and began sipping on it just leaned back all relaxed. I had no idea what I was suppose to do so I just sat there watching her. She put one foot with that sexy open toe heel up to my lips suggesting for me to kiss it. I did as I thought was right.  Donna moved the glass away from her lips.


Wow, that demanding tone was so sexy I already had a hard-on, but now my cock was starting to twitch. Running my tongue around and in between her toes and up to her ankle was so sexy. After a few minutes, Donna ran her foot from my mouth down to my enlarged cock and began pressing against it. I was in hog heaven it felt so good I did not know how much more I could take.

“Would you like some wine, dear?”

“I would love some.”

Donna took me by the hand and led me out on to the back yard deck. Removing her black lace panties she leaned back in to the lawn chair and raised her legs up high. Donna placed the opening of the bottle to her wet glistening pussy and pour the wine very slowly in to her opening then pulled my head down to her. The taste of the wine mixed with her tasty juices was the best cocktail I ever had. She refilled herself as needed to give me all I wanted. Then ordered me to stand.

“Remember you can not cum till I tell you. You will be punished if you do and you will not like it.”

Pulling the front of my shorts down releasing my hard-on, Donna took a drink of wine while holding it in her mouth she allowed my cock in as well. Running her warm wet mouth up and down my shaft I was about to cum and she knew it. She pulled away and grabbed it hard squeezing it until I calmed down. She pointed back down to her wet mound and I gave her the best oral treatment I could until she had her first orgasm.

Through out the whole weekend I gave her oral orgasms and watched her penetrate herself with her favorite toy and was teased over and over, but was never allowed to get off. My cock hurt from the build up that she has caused me. It was a whole new meaning when it came to blue balls. I wanted so much to cum, I would do anything.

Sunday morning came, we had breakfast and a shower she had me lick her to orgasm again while we were in the shower. After drying off , we went to the bedroom and she laid me back on the bed.

“Would you like to get off now?”

“Yes, please, please, I beg you.”

Donna went down between my legs and began sucking my enlarged cock, she has always given me the blow jobs but this one was amazing in itself. It did not take long for my hips to start pumping and for me to fill her mouth. I do not think I ever came that herd or that much in my life. Then Donna did something she has never done before she moved up to my face, forced my mouth open, and spit my seed into my mouth and kissed me, forcing me to taste and swallow my own cum.

It was an intense weekend and one I will never forget.

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