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Loving You Enough to Ask

“Baby, does it say anywhere in the Bible that it is wrong to act like a slut?” “No. Being a slut, yes; but acting like one with your husband, NO.” “Good, because tonight I want to get dirty. That is if you want to?” “Let’s do this!” I was smiling broadly as I grabbed her […]

A Weekend of Play

Our 10th anniversary was quickly arriving and like always we try to decide what we wanted to do special.  Usually it is dinner, maybe dancing then a long night of passion. sometimes in a hotel sometimes at home. We spent weeks talking about different things we wanted to do but just could not come up […]

Heros of My Home

Ever wanted to be a superhero just come to my house. I came home from work last Friday evening to find my wife dressed up like wonder woman. Red, white and blue tights and gold bracelets and even a lasso of truth. She looked amazingly hot her large tits being pushed up showing her amazing […]

A Western Wedding – Honeymoon Sex

Honeymoon Sex – Donna and I were engaged for a year and throughout that year we talked about every type of wedding imaginable.  We live in a small town in western Oklahoma where there is nothing but oilfields and cowboys. Even though I was raised in the big city of Dallas, I have always been into […]

Being Playful – Oral Sex Evening

Oral Sex Evening – Date night has always been on Friday night. Since the kids are all grown up and moved out it has been a lot easier.  There are times we sit at home and have a romantic dinner and some bedroom fun. Then there are times we go out, neither one of us […]

Do I Dare

My beautiful wife, Donna, and I have been married for about five years when this particular story took place.  Donna is about five-foot seven deep green eyes and a very nice figure. She does have a few extra pounds but I love it that way I never had liked a skinny woman. When we first […]

My Birthday Surprise

Donna and I have been married for about ten years, and our sex lives are still on fire. My birthday was in November and let me tell you it was the best. I was turning forty-nine years old, and I was dreading it meant I was one year closer to fifty. Donna had asked several […]