My Birthday Surprise

Donna and I have been married for about ten years, and our sex lives are still on fire. My birthday was in November and let me tell you it was the best. I was turning forty-nine years old, and I was dreading it meant I was one year closer to fifty. Donna had asked several times what it was that I wanted, but I could come up with nothing.

That evening when I returned from work, Donna said she had a surprise for me. She certainly did! She wore in a very low-cut blouse, a miniskirt, and very high heels. I went to change, and Donna drove us to my favorite restaurant, where we ate and had a couple of drinks. Afterward, we went to a very nice hotel where she had reserved us a suite.

Entering the room, she stopped me, gave me a kiss, and asked me to get undressed before going into the bedroom area. I did as she requested, already fully erect and with my heart beating out of my chest. Donna reached out and took me by my hard-on and guided me to the bedroom. Laying me on the bed, she took each arm and tied them to the bedpost and did the same with each leg.

She began to teasingly kiss my entire body, starting with my lips and ending at my toes. Then the blindfold went on over my eyes, and my erect cock began to drip pre-cum and twitch. Donna placed something over my hard-on; I realized it was a penis pump when she started to pump it, and I felt my self-grow longer and thicker.

After a few minutes, she removed the device and lowered herself down on to me. She let out a loud moan and began to ride, slow at first then faster and deeper. Her moans got louder. I thrust my hips up into her each time she lowered herself. I was extremely close to finishing when she informed me that it would be a bad idea.

Donna climbed up to my face, lowering herself until I was able to taste her and smell her fantastic aroma. She began to buck wildly. Soon she had an explosive orgasm, covering my face and filling my mouth.

Then Donna did just what I wanted her to do: she took my whole shaft down her tight throat, gagging with every thrust. Her spit running down me and the sound of her gags turned me on even more. It was not long at all before I shot my entire load down her throat.

When we finished, she untied me, and we lay there until I was ready again. We made love the rest of the night.

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5 replies
  1. OneCouple says:

    What an awesome birthday surprise davide3450 ! Very hot, I really enjoyed the story and the way you made each other cum with oral sex, I would love one of those penis pumps……..are you happy with yours ?

  2. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Dreading 50? You shouldn't! When my husband and I turned 50, we had fun! You should read about my husband's 50th birthday in St Petersburg, if was amazingly erotic! Also, count the blessing that God gave you 50 years, because some don't even get that. God bless you two with many more birthdays!

  3. truth says:

    What an explosive birthday surprise, I totally love the tying to the bed part and the blind folding. It will certainly make anyone super turned on. The blowjob reminded me of when my wife hungrily took my Rock hard cock down her throat and sucked really hard on our wedding anniversary. God bless you too

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