Do I Dare

My beautiful wife, Donna, and I have been married for about five years when this particular story took place.  Donna is about five-foot seven deep green eyes and a very nice figure. She does have a few extra pounds but I love it that way I never had liked a skinny woman. When we first met it was like someone turned out the lights and turned on the disco lights if that makes any sense.  We were great for each other in public and in private.

I have never had a woman that was willing not to try so many new sexual things, but teach me a few as well. Our favorite thing was to see how many games we could come up with to keep the life in our sex lives and never let it get dull. We made up more games and tried everything under the sun but we always seem to come back to one particular game.

Truth or Dare was our game of choice.  We would change the rules a lot, but we loved the surprises that came with it.  This time we decided that we would make it a week long game I was on vacation and we had the time. The only rule was any dare that you asked had to be something we never had done before.

So any time that the person had their turn they could as long as they wanted to make it even more surprising.  Monday I gave her a dare that she had to give me at least three hardcore blow jobs, that day I got four, thank you, baby. Tuesday she gave me dare that all I could eat all day was her, nothing else. Wednesday I gave her a dare that if she wanted to have a orgasm, she had to do it on my face.

When I told her that dare she just smiled and said OK but my dare is for taste whatever is in my pussy at the time I get off.  That means whether it is your juices or mine or even my piss. I agreed and that entire day I tasted more than I have thought I would.

The next morning she kissed me and said, “I know that I kind of through that dare in yesterday if it is alright I would like to have another right now.”  As the husband that, I am, I agreed to give up my turn just for her.

“What do you have on your mind, girl?”

“I want you to do whatever I say till midnight tonight.”

‘Well, I think you are breaking the rules, we said something we have not tried before.”  After I told her that I gave her big kiss and a smile.

“I know what the rule is, it is not me telling what to do is the dare the dare is hidden within the dare,” she smacked my ass and smiled back.

I agreed as usual and the game began. Donna had me go shower while she got ready I had no idea what she had up her sleeve but knowing her it was going to be wild. After getting out of the shower, she was waiting for me in the living room and called for me to join her.

“I want you to lay on the floor on your belly.”

I did just as she asked and then I felt a cool gel being applied to my back. Donna began giving me a massage and I was in heaven. Donna massaged every inch of my body from my shoulders to my feet.

“Raise that cute ass up high, love.”

I did it feeling kind of weird and out of place, but I was getting very excited at the same time. Donna spread my legs and my ass cheeks and slide a finger into my rectum. It hurt, but felt good at the same time, my cock was hard as it has ever been. Donna reach under me and began stroking my dripping hard-on and the finger inside me became two fingers.

Donna pressed them up against my prostate and began moving them back and forth.  I have never had something that felt so awesome in my life. It was a matter of seconds before I shot my load all over the floor. Donna told me that being I enjoyed tasting my stuff last night that I need to lick up my stuff off the floor. I was still so turned on, I did not even give it second thought.

After I did as she asked, I tried to get up and she told me she was not done yet.  I stayed right there as I was told Donna returned this time it was not her fingers going inside me it was her large eight inch blue dildo. The pain was rough, I screamed like a little girl, but once she had it in my cock was standing at attention again.

Donna took my hand and placed it on the toy and told me to do myself but make it good. Donna laid down underneath me and began sucking my erect cock.  I began to moan my large balls pulled up against me and I shot another load into her awaiting mouth.  This time she shared it with me with a passionate kiss. I will never forget that dare in my life.

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  1. OneCouple says:

    WOW, what a story davide3450 !! I have to agree with you on the "I have never had something that felt so awesome in my life" part. My wife gave me some external prostate stimulation on occasion and it was an unbelievable experience, it made my dripping cock the hardest and horniest it ever was and made me moan with extacy ! Thank you for sharing this story and may God bless you both !

  2. Truth says:

    Hmmm experiencing that and having one's cock sucked at the same time….!!! Whoa, that is a totally new level. Stay horny always you too

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