A Western Wedding – Honeymoon Sex

Honeymoon Sex – Donna and I were engaged for a year and throughout that year we talked about every type of wedding imaginable.  We live in a small town in western Oklahoma where there is nothing but oilfields and cowboys. Even though I was raised in the big city of Dallas, I have always been into country music and felt that I should have been born in the country. So after months of deliberation we decided to have a western wedding.

We planned everything from the invitations to the food. I even did all the cooking for the special event. Brisket, “Tatter” salad and baked beans with root beer to drink. The only thing that Donna was not aware of was the honeymoon that was my little secret. If there is one thing that I am good at it is keeping secrets. The only thing she was aware of was that the place I had picked out was not a resort. After the wedding and reception, I had a friend pick us up in a old west style stage coach and take us to our honeymoon spot.

A friend of mine is the owner of a old west town that he uses for special events for business meeting and gatherings. There was not going to be anyone there except for us two newlyweds, we had full reign over the entire town. When was dropped off my friend told me that everything was set up, there was plenty of food in the cafe, beer on tap in the saloon, and clean sheets in the hotel. You could see the surprise in her eyes as she saw that I had worked so hard on bringing everything together.

In the hotel room, I had two costumes. I had picked out the perfect dress for her, a dancing girl and a gunfighter attire for myself including two six shooters. We changed into our costumes and made our way to the dirt street walking and looking at everything. Entering the saloon, I fixed us a beer turned on some music we talked for a little while then Donna got up on stage and danced for me. Within about two songs her stage dancing turned into a erotic lap dance.

Within a few minutes, I was so turned on by her that I could not keep my hands to myself.  Then Donna did what she does best, she got her knees and gave me the blow job of a life time. After about five minutes, she was tasting my hot cream. I tried to seduce her but she wanted me to wait saying that she had a surprise for me. Talking and fantasizing some more we took a walk the sun was setting over the tops of the old buildings.

As we reached the end of the street Donna took me by the hand pulling me over to the side walk. Grabbing hold of the post where you tie your horses to and raising her dress she whispered for me to take her. We did not even undress, just unzipping my pants freeing my hard erection, I found her wet opening underneath that long fluffy dress. As I entered her she let out a soft moan my thrust got harder and harder as her moans got louder. I knew her orgasm was near and I was not going to stop till she was completely satisfied.

Afterwards Donna got on her knees once again and cleaned me up tasting both of our juices. The night just seemed to go on and on. we was there for the entire weekend and each  day and night just got better and more erotic. But I had one last surprise for her something that she would never have dreamed of. On our last day there, the stage coach pulled back up, my friend pulling two chairs off of the top and sitting them down in the middle of the street facing the coach.

I took Donna by her hand looking her in the eyes. “I know that one of you biggest fantasies was that you wanted to be watched while having sex.” Her eyes got very big, then on the back of the stage coach was a small screen. When it came on it was a 30-minute movie that I had recorded and my friend edited for me. It was everything we did from eating to sex, even the sex in the street or saloon and even the jail. But the best part was that he put in cowboys and western women walking throughout the town as if they were there. It was the most perfect western movie I had ever seen.

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    Well planned out honeymoon, one never to be ever forgotten. May each anniversary be celebrated in total bliss with more awesome and erotic experiences. Stay horny you too

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