Oral Sex Wake Up Call: Husband Does Not Mind


Oral Sex wake up calls are fun!

She always enjoyed waking up before her husband.  It was so beautiful to watch him sleep; the peace that encompassed his face as his soft, even breathing caused his chest to rise and fall just slightly.  She would play with his hair a little, run her fingers over his chest… she had always loved his chest hair; so soft and snuggly, like a teddy bear.  That’s what she would call him sometimes when she was in a cuddly mood.

Last night they had slept naked, the summer heat too much to bear, and only a light sheet covered them.  It had been much too hot to have any real enjoyment, the temperature making both overly exhausted; to hot to do much but lay there, they had drifted to sleep just holding each other’s hand, too warm to even press their bodies together.

But now, the air was cool and refreshing.  The morning sun streamed in through the sheer curtains, casting a warm glow about the room and she caught her breath.  His face seemed to radiate beauty.  She felt it odd that beauty had become such a feminine word; her husband was the most beautiful man she knew, and she would not let silly semantics keep her from telling him so.

Laying there, gazing at him, she thought perhaps to give him a special gift this morning.  Sliding the cover off his body slowly, she let her eyes behold every part of her beloved as he lay there in peaceful sleep.  Uncovering his feet at the last, she lay down beside him and aligned her head with his hips.

Beginning at his knee, she pulled her fingers across his leg and up his thigh to reach his penis, limp but no less beautiful to her eyes.  Beginning slowly, she ran her palm gently across its surface; back and forth, up and down, slipping her fingers around it to hold him lovingly.  He sighed slightly but did not wake.

Stroking him a little firmer now, his body began to respond to her actions, his maleness growing at her touch.  Moving her body to straddle him, she held him up and placed soft kisses around his head, parting her lips just slightly to let the moisture of her mouth dampen the end.  His body involuntarily twitched and a small moan of pleasure escaped his lips.

Opening her mouth a bit more, she sucked just slightly on his head; taking him a bit further in, she sucked softly, coaxing his body’s natural responses from him.  Though he still slept, his hips began to rock automatically and his moans became a bit louder.  Was he waking?  Did he think he was dreaming?  She took him fully into her mouth, holding his sack and massaging gently as she held him in her mouth, her tongue pressing to the underside of his length, rubbing up and down.

Beginning to wake now, he softly sighed, “Mmmmmmmmm.  Oh yes,” his breath shaky as she brought him such sweet pleasure.  He hadn’t yet opened his eyes, but he reached down to stroke her hair, feeling her head as it slid up and down his length.  Running his fingers through her hair, he pushed her down slightly and she obliged his desires, his manhood growing quickly within her warm mouth.

He at last opened his eyes and looked to see his wife taking him, his entire length sliding in and out of her mouth.  His hips thrust gently up into her and she matched his need by sucking him further inside.  The conflicting moment of being not quite awake but aroused to fullness drove him wild.  He began to encourage her gently, “Yes, oh yes, that’s it.  Oh yes, that’s wonderful.  You’re so beautiful.”

She began to increase the intensity of her mouth upon his now fully erect manhood, and he tried to keep from thrusting up into her too hard, but it was becoming harder to control himself.  Now fully awake, he leaned down to gently grasp her arms and drew her up to him, taking her mouth passionately in his as her soft and already very wet folds softly caressed his length.

He reached down and took himself, holding it at her entrance and let her lower her around him.  Slowly, bit-by-bit, she encompassed his length until he was fully enclosed by her.  Her muscles tightened delightfully around him and they both just took a moment to enjoy the experience.

Kissing a bit longer, she then sat up and began to gently roll her hips while he slid his hands up her sides and took both breasts in his palms.  The roll of her hips soon spread to her stomach and breasts, pushing forward into his hands then pulling away slightly only to again push towards them.

He continued to massage her breasts, pinching her nipples and rolling them between his fingers, but after a while he slid his hands down her side and to her hips. He enjoyed feeling her as she continued to thrust her hips with his, then reached back to her soft butt, pulling her further open.

She squealed in delight as she felt him push further inside in response to her being more fully available to him.  Their breathing was now coming rapidly, softly moans of delight echoing each other.  One of his hands had returned to her breasts while the other sought out her most sensitive area, the sweet honey of their lovemaking already dripping down his inner leg.  Wetting his fingers, he began to softly massage her nub through a fold of skin and she gasped.  Arching her back, she pressed down into him, controlling the pressure so as to fully enjoy what he was doing.

It wasn’t much longer before she cried out in delight as waves of ecstasy began to wash through her body.  She tightened around him even more and he, too, burst forth within her, filling her with all he had.  Release coursed through their bodies in unison and both cried out in overwhelming pleasure.

After a moment, she leaned forward to lie on his chest, he still filling her as the last quivers of climax continued to give both so much pleasure.  Sweat glistened off their bodies and caused a slight chill to run along her back and her shivers caused even more pleasure to his manhood.  He kissed her forehead softly and ran his hands up and down her back as she nestled to his chest, wrapping her body around his.

“Good morning, beloved,” she whispered.


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