A Christmas Present

My wife is an amazing woman.  She is the mother of our 4 children, she home schools and nurtures them and she is a great wife.  We have gone through a rough patch with a lot of personal issues over the last few months but I have to tell you that it has brought us closer together as a couple both spiritually and physically.

Due to the downturn in the economy money has become fairly tight for our family so my wife and I had agreed that we would not buy anything for each other this Christmas.  The few days before Christmas were filled with a lot of time spent with family and friends and so we did not have much time for each other.  We were desperately trying to clean the house on Christmas Eve to prepare for the family coming over the next day when Cari (my wife) went upstairs to fold and put laundry away.  I was still working on the main floor when a few minutes later she called down to ask if I could help her fold some laundry.

I finished what I was doing and then made my way up the stairs to our bedroom where she always folds the laundry.  When I walked into the room it was dark except for a small lamp in the corner and Cari had put our fireplace on.  Cari was standing with her hands on her hips.  She had on a see through white bra and thong underwear.  I hadn’t seen her in this type of lingerie in about 10 years.  She was a vision of beauty.  She smiled as I stared at her.  I swear that I could see her nipples become erect through her bra.  She asked me if I liked what she was wearing.  I honestly could not answer her.  I was speechless.  She came over to me and felt my full erection through my pants and said that she would take that as a yes and then she wished me a Merry Christmas.

I am not sure what came over me at that point.  I kneeled down immediately and put my mouth over her lace covered nipples, sucking them into my mouth.  Cari moaned with appreciation.  I literally made love to one breast as I pulled on the other nipple.

After a few minutes of that I then laid her down on our bed and kissed down her belly until I reached her thong.  Oral sex is not a regular part of our lovemaking so Cari was pleasantly surprised when I pulled her thong to the side and began to kiss and lick her pussy lips.  She wrapped her legs around me and pulled my head into her pussy even harder as I then sucked on the hard nub of her clit.  Within a minute she had her first orgasm as she buried her face in her pillow to quiet her screams.

As she was calming down from her orgasm I could not wait any longer and quickly stripped off my clothes.  I then flipped her over to her stomach and lifted her hips in the air.  Looking down at the vision of loveliness that was before me I placed my hard erection at the opening of her now engorged lips and asked her if she was ready.

Cari moved her hips back and pushed herself up to me and just said three simple words, “Please fuck me”.  That was all I needed to hear as I pushed myself into her with a force that even surprised me.  As soon as I was as deep as I could go I pulled almost all the way out and pushed in hard again.  At first I was afraid that I might be hurting her but when Cari began to moan into the pillow I couldn’t stop myself.  I grabbed on to her hips and furiously pounded away.  Cari just kept telling me that she loved it and was looking forward to cumming with me.  I reached up her body and pulled back on her hair in almost a caveman sort of way.  I just could not get enough of her body and what she was doing to me.

As I pulled on her hair I lifted her body so she was kneeling now on the bed with me still thrusting inside of her.  I then pulled the straps down on her bra and began to literally maul her breasts, pulling and squeezing her nipples.  She reached down and began to furiously rub her clitoris and telling me that she would be cumming again soon.

I was shocked when she all of a sudden pulled off of me and then I realized what she wanted as she lay down on her back again on the bed with her legs spread as wide as they could go.  She told me that she wanted me to make love to her now until we both came and today as my Christmas present she would allow me to cum anywhere on her body that I wanted to.

I moved between her legs once again with my throbbing erection and this time gently eased into her and then leaned down and gently brought her left nipple into my mouth.  She wrapped her legs around me as we once again developed a rhythm that was certainly going to cause both of us to orgasm shortly.  As I alternated between her nipples she once again reached down with her own finger and began to rub her clit, bringing herself closer to orgasm.

I felt Cari begin to orgasm even before she moaned into my shoulder.  The walls of her pussy clamped tightly around my erection in almost a vice and she wrapped her legs tightly around my waist as she came.  As she was cumming I slowed down my thrusting and allowed her to slightly recover from her orgasm.  Within a minute or so of this slight thrusting I knew that I could not hold out much longer and told her so.  She reached down and began rub her clit again telling me to hold off just for another minute as she wanted to cum with me this time.  I lay there barely thrusting and watched in amazement at this beautiful woman who lay underneath me pleasuring herself.  Cari very quickly told me that she was about to cum as well and told me to pull out so that I could have my present.  I thrust a couple more times and then pulled out as I felt the impending release.

I watched her chest turn beat red again as her orgasm overtook her again as I stroked myself to one of the most powerful orgasms that I have ever experienced.  I kneeled up just as I came, spurting cum all over her neck, breasts and stomach.  I think for a moment I almost blacked out as one of my fantasies was fulfilled.

After I had finally finished cumming, I lay down beside Cari as we both looked into each other’s eyes knowing how much we love one another.  She then surprised me again when she used her finger and took some of my cum off her nipple and placed into her mouth.  She smiled and said it didn’t taste too bad and maybe on Valentines Day another fantasy might become a reality!

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  1. O-surfer says:

    The wife in this story obviously put a lot of thought into her plan and it appears that the couple was very happy with the results.

    There are enough stories on here written by a variety of writers to encourage anyone who wonders that any day can be a “special occasion” if we’re willing to make the effort. Even the awkward or funny moments can become a special memory when we are willing to be vulnerable and put the marriage first.

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