My Christmas Eve Date in a Bag

As is so often the case at Christmas, the answer to my wife’s question of what I really wanted for Christmas was the same. “I really don’t need anything.” I gave her a few ideas for little things I could use, and made the comment that what I really wanted was a “hot date” with her. As is the tradition on Christmas Eve we all open one gift. That gift is always new pajamas for our 4 young kids. I had bought her a nice set of pajamas, and handed it to her to open. She said lets wait to later to open ours. After what seemed liked forever getting the kids to sleep, we showered, and then she told me to have a seat by the fire, because I was going to get my big Christmas present tonight. She presented a giant size red gift bag, and written on the outside of the bag were the words “Date in a Bag”.

She leaned over me and gave me a deep hot passionate kiss, then looked me in the eyes and said “Merry Christmas”. She reached in the bag and pulled out my first gift to unwrap. My first gift was a scented candle. The next gift I unwrapped was a small deck of cards. On the cards were questions about life & relationships to ask one another. The next gift was little knit shrug, and matching thong. The last thing I opened almost made me fall off the couch. It was a set. Heating lotion, flavored lotion, and a small vibrator. My wife had always been pretty conservative, so this was a total surprise for me. She led me by the hand upstairs to our room. There she had our big sheepskin laid out with candles all around it. She also put several of the relationship question cards on the floor around the sheepskin.

We sipped wine, and randomly picked up the cards, and asked each other’s the questions on the cards. Just having the opportunity to really communicate and connect was awesome. My favorite question was ” If you could take any one of your kids toys and repeatedly throw it against a wall, what toy would it be.”
We loved this question, and anyone with kids can relate.

As it got later things started to heat up. I think just connecting mentally, and maybe the fact that it was Christmas put both of us in a hot, horny, and loving mood. Looking at my wife in the candlelight, with her blonde hair and big beautiful eyes sparkling at me just totally turned me on. Her nipples were kind of pushing out from her little knit top, and her panties framed her trimmed vagina so to make it just a little puffy bulge of soft silk between her legs. I slipped my hands into her top as we just sort of fell into each other. Her kisses were wet, and deep, and she softly moaned each time I pinched her hard nipples. She began rubbing my chest, and before I knew it was rubbing my penis through my silk boxers. The feeling of her hand, along with the silk fabric made me rock hard, and I could feel the juices starting to ooooze out of me. I laid her back and started kissing and caressing her breasts. Her nipples were so hard, and her breathing changed every time I touched her in a different spot. I slowly worked my way down between her legs. Her vagina was so hot, and wet that she was pushing my head down to meet her juices with my mouth. Instead I began licking the insides of her thighs. This drove her wild, as she bucked her pelvis up wanting me to take her in my mouth.

By her moans it seemed that as soon as I touched her she would have an orgasm. I finally went down on her. She loved how I would alternate techniques, each one bringing her a little closer. I then remembered the present she had given me. In all our excitement I almost forgot the little vibrator. I reached over, turned it on (it was very quite) and started to massage her perineum. This drove her wild. I handed her the vibrator and said “show me where it feels good”. I sat back and just watched her as she worked that small little sex toy all over. She rubbed it on her nipples as slowly worked her hot spot. She spread her legs apart wide and I watched as she rubbed her clitoris. She was so close to orgasm. I started to rub my penis as I watched her beginning to orgasm. It was an unbelievable site. She was sooo hot.

She came in wave after wave. She was controlling the whole thing so she knew when to go faster, slower etc…I just wanted in her. After she relaxed, and I laid there for a bit, she got on top of me and started kissing me harder, and deeper then she ever has before. She grabbed the flavored lotion, and covered my extremely erect penis with it. She licked, and sucked me for so long I thought I would never last long enough to finally do her. She climbed on top of me cowgirl style, and started riding me. She grabbed her little vibrator, and held it on her clitoris while she pumped up and down on my hard penis. She came so many times I lost count. I finally lost it, and we melted together in a wonderful embrace. What a Christmas present!!!!!!!!

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