All I Want For Christmas

This past year you have been gone so long.  Serving our country, keeping us safe, so many miles away most of the year.  I have missed you so badly.  I have longed for your company, your help with our little girl, your quick smile and silly quips, and also your special intimate touch.

As I lie here in our bed, I am overcome with wanting you and I know you desire me too.  My pj’s are in a crumpled heap on the floor and I can’t wait to feel you inside me again.  My nipples are hard and every touch sends an electric shock through me.  I willingly open my legs craving to be filled.  My legs tingle and I arch my back in anticipation.  I sense that my breasts are firmer than usual, swelled with sexual need.  Your breath in my ear is driving me insane as I reach out to feel you.  Your penis is rock hard and I know you need me as badly as I need you.  You are bigger, thicker and harder than ever before and I know you have been unable to properly satisfy your need for many months.  Your penis is dripping with anticipation of cumming inside me.  I am here longing to satisy you.

I wondered if you will go down on me and let me go down on you, but I know you won’t.  Your need is too great to wait another second and you will plunge yourself into me immediately.  I crave to feel you inside me and I know you will thrust as hard as you can, fucking me as hard as possible.  If you can hold our for a few minutes, I will roll myself on top of you.  I will ride you like you have never been ridden.  You will be at my mercy and I will impale myself on you again and again.  My breasts will swing in your face and you will suck on my nipples sending me into estacy.  I will keep on riding you and will not stop until I have milked you of every last drop of semen in your body.  I will collapse on top of you and hold you tightly for the rest of the night.

I just wish that night was tonight.  I have come to a climax by myself as I have been thinking about you.  As you read this, I hope you will reach your climax as well, thinking about me.  I will see you soon and my fantasy will become reality.  All I want for Christmas is you.

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