Stocking Stuffers

Christmas lights blinking. Christmas tree lit. The scene looked inviting to Nich when he pulled into the driveway. Just at the moment of clearing the door, his wife, Sara told him that dinner would be ready in about 30 minutes. He had time to relax in the tub of hot water that she had waiting for him. He didn’t give an argument. When he walked into the master bath, he could already feel the relaxation slowly capture his body. Candles were placed all around the room. Soft music playing in the background.

After disrobing, Nich stepped into the water, which immediately seeped the rest of the day’s tension from his thoughts and muscles. As he relaxed in the water Nich thought about how blessed he was to have a wife like Sara. She was thoughtful. And the chores she did around the house, displayed her love for him. As he thought upon her, Nich could feel his manhood beginning to get hard. Doesn’t take much for that to happen whenever he is around Sara. Gently he wraps his fingers around his hard rod and slowly begins to pump. With the other hand, he cups his testicles and squeezes just enough to feel the pressure. Just as he was beginning to have some serious alone time, Sara comes to the bathroom door and announces that dinner would be done in about 10 minutes. Nich got out of the water and dressed.

The table was sit nice. She knew he love spaghetti. Although simple to make, Sara took great strides in preparing it. She wanted everything to be perfect. After dinner, relaxing in front of the fireplace, Sara and Nich talked of the many Christmases they had shared in the past. As they sat together, Nich smelled the fragrance of her fresh washed hair. He smelled the vanilla scent of her cologne…she felt his breath upon her face as he talked to her. She heard his heart beating seeing she laid her head on his chest.

Before they knew it, midnight and its magic arrived. They exchanged gifts and was very pleased with what the other one had purchased. Nich took his wife by the hand and told her the best was yet to come…but they had to go into the bedroom.

He tells her to get ready for bed while he sets up her surprise…giggling like a young school girl Sara does as she was told. She takes a quick shower. She notices a black and red teddy lingerie laid out for her to put on. She did. By the time she came out, her husband had the covers pulled back and he lay upon the bed in his black satin boxers. He asked her to pose for him in her skimpy attire. She did. With a sexy coy smile on her face, she caressed her face and gently ran her fingers through her hair. She took hold of her erect hard round nipples. She gave out a throaty moan when she would pinch them. Nich noticed her hands gliding over the filmy material, covering every inch of her body.

He saw her hand as it explored the crotchless panties. He couldn’t believe what she was doing. Never before had she such boldness. She felt of herself until she was playing with her clitoris. She giggled when she noticed the expression on her husband’s sweet face. “Lay down here with me. I want to pleasure you.” she walked over to the bed and lay down beside of her man.

He shows her a Christmas stocking. First, out comes a blindfold. He wasn’t for certain how she would respond to using a blindfold but after the performance she gave, she shouldn’t mind it. And she didn’t. After blindfolding her, Nich kisses her face. Slowly he reaches for the stocking. He pours a generous amount of massaging oil in his hands. As his hands glides over her body, he skillfully unwraps her lingerie. He wanted her exposed to him. Her moans and groans gave him pleasure as he suckled on her nipples. “Do me more, darling.” she whispered to him.

His hands glides all over her as he is latched onto her breast. Then he finds the treasure that has given him so much satisfaction. Her legs were slightly agapped. He slid his hand inside of her thigh. He felt the juices on her thighs. The pubic hairs were wet. He touched her pink wet flesh of her vagina. “Oh Nich, fill my pussy with your rod.” instead he slid in his fingers. Wider Sara opened herself to him. With the other hand, Nich once again reaches into the stocking. Sara hears a low buzzing sound. Excitement rose up within her. Not matter what it was, she trusted her husband completely. “Do you want what I got, darling?” he asked. “I want it all.” Sara responded.

With that, Nich straddles her stomach. Passionately he kissed her mouth. Ravenously he suckles her nipples. She felt his rock hard penis on her stomach.

She feels him turning around over top of her. She felt his testicles against her face. She opened her mouth and took his hard rod in. hungrily she devoured him. “Spread your legs wider darling. I have something for you.” She did as she was told.

She felt something big and round slipping into her wet pussy.  The vibrator filled it up…she loved the sensations that came with it. She sucked harder on his rod. Then Nich inserted his finger into her butt. The love juice had lube up her hole. Then Nich began licking and sucking her bud. Sara slipped her finger into Nich’s butt. He felt the pressure but it was wonderful.

Nich could feel his rod getting ready to spew. He was getting ready to move but to his amazement Sara held on. Harder she sucked.

He asked, “Do you want me to thrust you harder?” in reply she nodded her head. Her legs were wider apart than ever before. Faster and harder he thrusted the vibrator in and out of her pussy. He began to join in the rhythm. She was bucking like a fillie. She sucked his hard rod as she felt him thrusting up and down inside of her mouth. Nich took out the vibrator in order to replace it with his tongue. He ate completely engulfed her pussy. She pushed his head deeper into her hot wet pussy. He would nip her bud. Harder and faster they rocked in motion. In unison they reached estactsy.

Butterfly kisses on her womanhood. Soft gentle licks on his rod. Satisfaction inside of them both.

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