Tasted My Seed

I was hot and tired from the hard after noon work and chores.  We ate dinner and enjoyed cooling effect of the evening air. We live on a private ranch far away from other people so we often made love outdoors and under the stars.

My wife told me to take a shower and she would join me. Little did I know the surprise she had in store for me.  I took her advice, took a shower with her, as I watched her undressed and stripped for me.  We hugged, kissed, and pressed our bodies together. Then She applied shampoo to my hair, then ran her fingers thru my hair and massaged my forehead. I returned the flavor on her. We applied a lather of shampoo to each other. Then I started caressing her breast and nipples as she went for my very rock hard penis with her hands. Making me more excited and wanting even more.

Then she looked me right in the eye, and told me she was going to taste me tonight. I was in shock to heard this, but managed to say, “It will be a wet dream come true”!!. I have been having dreams of her doing this to me since before our wedding. As she knelt down in front of me.

Our love isn’t based on sex but it plays a very important part in our relationship. I never have asked her for oral sex but she knows that I dream about it some. She offers it to me as a menu item for my enjoyment as well I offer her many things that she wants and needs as we are a team joined together by God and are very thankful for each other. I believe that we treat each better then we treat our own selves.  Faith, hope and love is what we try to live by.  Its the actual glue to our marriage, the icing on it is our rich sexual relationship.

She gave me a very powerful climax that night, as she tasted my seed in love.

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  1. O-man says:

    Original, simple, just the right amount of detail.

    I actually feel sad for men who want it yet whose wives starve them of oral sex. I celebrate any wife who is generous with any sexual treats.

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