Fourteen Years

This happen the other night, being married for fourteen years I still get erections from looking at my wife in the nude.  We getting ready for bed when I pop massive boner, sticking out of the top of my briefs from looking at her naked breasts and nipples so we locked the bedroom door, because we have children and teenagers at home whom were still awake. We also turned on some soft music to cover the noises of our lovemaking.

She pulled down my underwear and started sucking me on the penis seldom we ever have oral sex but she give full oral pleasure and she asked me moved to a sixty-nine position first time ever in our marriage we ever try it!! My quickly pulled her panties then we lay on the with her on top of me, her vagina tasted so good and was extremely juicy and swollen from her sexual arousal as she climaxed from my tongue sucking her.

Her mouth was sucking me as my penis leaking some pre come into her mouth for the first time ever. She lifted off my penis and told me it had sweet taste to her then she started licking it and sucking me moving me closer to climax.

We then moved to regular intercourse as we pumped each other to mind blowing orgasm. We hugged and kissed each as I got an other erection in short order   and we made love all night long thanking each other for a new wonder experience.

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