To My Dearest Sweet Heart

You’re sitting at your desk at home watching the time tick slowly by, waiting until the moment when you can get into your bed and sleep to dream land where I will be. Suddenly your computer chimes and you notice that you have an email. Figuring it is a memo from work you lazily log in to your mailbox. Upon seeing my e-mail in the sender slot you sit up and quickly begin to read it, despite the absence of a subject. Here is what it says:

“To my dearest sweetheart,

It has been the longest day since I woke up this morning without you here beside me. In order to ensure that I will not be going to sleep tonight alone as well, I have let myself into your bed, made your bed with soft, red, satin sheets, took a long, hot shower and am now waiting under those sheets in your bed wearing absolutely nothing. I’ll be here for you when your done there…. Don’t be too long!



You sit awhile, reading my e-mail over and over, feeling yourself get harder and hard! er as you imagine me in your bed at that very moment wearing absolutely nothing. Again you look at the clock . Reading the e-mail one more time, you finally delete it just as someone stops at your desk to ask you a question.

Making sure to hide how hard you are for me, you quickly answer them and then look again at the clock, finally it is time to leave. Shutting down your computer, you grab your keys and cell phone and head for the door. . A smile curls your lips when you recognize the number calling as your number.

With my sexy voice I ask what is taking so long and tell you how much I want you. I also tell you that I wanted to make sure that I was nice and wet when you got home so I started to play with myself. Tentative at first, I gently caressed myself before sliding just one ! finger inside me. Working very slowly I rubbed it, making me wetter and wetter. As I tell you all about my busy hands you can barely focus on your driving.

With your pants getting tighter and tighter as you get harder you can’t seem to drive fast enough. Soon I start telling you everything I want to do to you tonight. How I want to lick you until you love cream all over me, how hard I want to find you when you join me in bed.

The ten minute trip seemed to take forever but at last you are pulling into the driveway and upon hearing your car, I hang up the phone.

Hurrying out of the car, you toss your phone and keys on the counter and begin stripping off your clothes and carelessly dropping them about the house as your near your bed room. When you reach the bedroom door you are complete naked and you see me staring at you with my amazing smile and beckoning you to me.

Now we have all the time in the world and we want to make this night last forever so you walk to the bedside and pull off the satin sheet that is my only covering.

Looking me up and down you first lower your head to kiss me. As I wrap my arms around your neck I pull you closer to me, letting our tongues entwine I kiss you again and again.

Meanwhile your hand slides down to cup my breasts and you rub your thumb against my hard nipple. Taking your mouth off my lips you put that too on my nipple as yo! ur hand explores even lower.

At the first touch of your finger inside me I arch my back and moan, finally being able to enjoy you after waiting so long for you to come home.

Making sure that I am sufficiently wet, you slide another finger inside me, both of them caressing me now, finding all the right spots to drive me crazy.

Without warning I feel your mouth on me too, you soft wet tongue encircling my clitoris and sending me spiraling. My fingers reach for you and run through your hair just as you slide your tongue deep inside me.

No longer able to hold out my love cream for you, filling your mouth with all my sweet wetness. You continue to lick me as I lay back on the pillow and catch my breath.

Regaining my strength, I pull your mouth back to me. Fiercely kissing you again it is my turn to slide my hands down your body and over your very hard length.

With you on your back, I straddle your hips and kiss your neck, going down lower and lower on your chest, letting my tongue make a wet trail down your entire abdomen. When at last I reach your long, hard penis I boldly take it in my mouth, covering you with my wet, hot mouth.

My fingers slide gently to your balls, cupping them and rubbing them, making you moan for me now. I ease my mouth off your penis and let me! tongue flick over just your head, teasing you, daring you to love cream for me.

Suddenly I take you all in my mouth, using my tongue to lick up and down you, sucking hard. Watching your hands, I see you grip the sheets and then you love cream for me, spilling your amazing seed inside my mouth. Taking you out of my mouth, I use my tongue to lick you dry, and still leave you begging for more.

Moving to the space on the bed beside you, I lick my lips a smile spreading across my mouth, knowing that I can make you as wild as you make me, but you have no intention of quitting yet. In one deft movement you kneel between my thighs and slide only your tip inside me.

Arching towards you I will you to fill me as you have so many times before. Obligingly you slide towards me, inch by inch, increasing my passion and desire for you. When at last your balls are pressed tight up against me, you kiss me, covering my face and chest in passionate kisses.

We move together as one, thrusting in a steady rhythm to match the wild beating of our hearts. My fingernails run down your back and I wrap my legs around your back, pulling you closer to me and deeper inside. Thrusting faster, both us breathing heavy, I am unable to prevent your name from escaping my lips; I moan it, knowing that I cannot last much longer.

When it seems that I can’t go on, you look deep into my eyes and thrust hard one last time, sending us both spiraling. We love cream together, I spasm around you, as you fill me.

The amazing feeling seems to last forever and just when I can’t catch my breath, we part. Laying beside me, you turn on your side and pull me close to you. You place a palm on my chest and I know you can feel the thundering of my heart. I kiss your hand and nestle closer to you, as I fall asleep listening to your even breathing.

Love u dear … Gudnite

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  1. yadira diaz says:

    I love this! I urn for something like this. Thanks for the inspiration. This is an amazing experience, my heart ran widely as I read it. Wow! 🙂

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