Paradise – Part Three

We spent a wonderful vacation day together, going to places and doing things alone. Enjoying each other’s company. As the day wore on, I noticed that the arm around my waist was becoming the hand on my buttocks. At first, I was a little embarrassed to be seen walking around like this. But later I returned the gesture. The two of us walked around looking like teenagers in heat.

When we returned to our suite, I went into the bedroom to change into more comfortable clothes. On the bed was a red gift-wrapped package on the bed. It had a heart-shaped tag on it addressed to me. Inside the box, I found a red lace garter belt, red open crotch g-string panties, a red lace bra, and sheer nylon stockings. There was also a note in which you deliciously defined all things you wanted to do with me that night in bed. Never before had your words to me been so graphic. The erotic images they conjured up in my mind raised my level of excitement.

I took off my clothes and changed into the sexy lingerie you had given me. First on were the g-string panties. Their satiny smoothness felt delicious against my skin. I pulled them up over my smooth, hairless mound. I imagined your rock-hard penis sliding through the opening, pumping my pussy full of your copious hot cream.

Next, I put on the garter belt and stockings, which I pulled up over my creamy white legs. I imagined their nylon-clad smoothness wrapping around your torso. My legs pulling you ever deeper inside of me. Your manhood thrusting in and out of my velvet hole.

Finally, on went the lace bra encasing my breasts in a most tantalizing gift package. Stopping for a moment, I looked at myself in the full-length mirror. I was enjoying my own image and anticipating the pleasures we were going to share together.

I rolled down the covers on the bed. Suddenly, I was aware of your hands coming up on and caressing my now bare buttocks. Your hands were warm and felt good against my flesh, massaging my cheeks in circular motions. A quiver went through my body when you reached between my legs from behind. Your fingers found my pussy through the open crotch of the g-string.

When I turned to face you, I could tell by the bulge in your pants that you were very turned on. Your eyes were fixed on my lingerie clad body, drinking in my image. I reached over and put the palm of my hand on the swelling in the front of your pants. Feeling the outline of your erect penis through the fabric, I began to rub you. I offered to undress you, which you most readily accepted.

As I took each of your garments off, I made love to the newly-naked part of your body. Placing my palms on your chest, I started by rubbing your shoulders. Then I moved to kissing, licking and sucking on your nipples. I undid your belt and unzipped your pants, pulling your pants down and off of you. I kissed your belly and played in your navel with my tongue. Kneeling back from you, I placed my fingers on the silhouette of your erection. It was pressing hard against your shorts. I began to rub and suck on your manhood through the fabric.

Your breathing increased, and I could feel the tensing of your body as your desire heightened. I placed my hands inside the waistline of your shorts, pulling them down in the back. That exposed your taut buttocks. My hands traveled all around your tight behind, massaging and squeezing their fullness. Then I pulled them down in the front, watching your stiff penis pop out. The purple knob shone, and the skin stretched tight around your extended shaft. Using my tongue, I licked all around your hardened tool. You moaned with each moist trace of my tongue.

You pulled me up into your arms, encircling me in a passionate embrace. Our mouths came together, tongues darting in and out. Your hands undid the clasp on my bra, removing it from my body. Then you quickly went to work massaging my breasts and nipples. I encircled your penis in my hands and yanked on your rod, squeezing you tight as I stroked you hard.

“Bed,” you said in a deep passionate voice. You were definitely aroused and caught up in the moment.

We made our way over and onto the bed. I laid down on my back, opening my legs to you. You followed me, bringing your whole body on top of mine. You brought your mouth to mine and covered me with urgent, passionate kisses. Then you began your sensuous explorations.

Starting first at my shoulders and neck, you covered me with wet kisses. Down you traveled to my breasts. I loved how you put your mouth onto each of my breasts. Flicking your tongue across the nipples, your lips sucked gently against my flesh. Your hands massaged my breasts, gently cupping and kneading their flesh. Pinching my nipples between your fingers, your lips and tongue resumed working their magic.

You resumed your southward journey, kissing my belly and using your tongue to dart in and out of my navel. The sensation somewhat tickled, but I loved it and asked for more.

Then you arrived at my pleasure center. I was drenched with excitement and had soaked the fabric of the g-string. My pussy lips were fully extended. They pushed against the opening of the crotchless panty. I watched with heated anticipation as you parted the fabric of my panty. Then you brought your face down between my legs.

I loved feeling your tongue on me, parting the lips of my vagina and probing deep inside my love tunnel. Then you sucked my clitoris between your lips, flicking your tongue over it. That sent spasms of pleasure through my loins. While your tongue danced on my clitoris, you penetrated me with your fingers. I felt them thrusting and probing inside my honey hole.

My hips bucked as your probing fingers found and rubbed my g-spot. You teased me, sometimes breaking off and then returning. l was dangling on the edge. I felt your tongue running up and down the swollen lips surrounding my vagina. It was licking around the circle of my opening. Plunging into my love tunnel, it licked and lapped up my juices.

The magic of your tongue dance in my vagina brought me closer and closer to orgasm. I could take it no longer. I cried out to you to make me cum, and you obeyed. Your tongue flicked fervently against my clitoris. Your fingers thrust inside of me. I came in an explosive orgasm.

My hips were rising off the bed and grinding into your face. With each spasm, I cried out in ecstasy. The waves of orgasmic passion convulsed my whole body. Your face was drenched with my vaginal juices. My body writhed in the pleasure you continued to give me until my climax subsided.

As you raised yourself above me, I could see your extreme arousal. Your penis was big and thick, the head shining and full. I wanted it, all of it, inside of me. I could tell by the look on your face that you wanted the same. You knelt between my legs, grabbed hold of them, and put one on each of your shoulders. They extended straight into the air. I reached for your distended member, took hold, and guided you into me. I could feel the bulbous head of your penis parting the enlarged lips of my vagina. Then I felt you push your knob into my dripping canal until you were fully contained inside of me.

In and out you drove your engorged rod, filling my pussy with your manhood. With every stroke, I could feel the head of your tool. It glided within the wet velvet tube of my vagina, pushing deeply into my wetness. Your penis was hot, and its heat felt good inside of me.

As our passions increased, you pumped your penis deeper and harder inside me. I reached up to draw you down to me. I needed to press my mouth against yours. I longed to feel your hands on my breasts and your lips on my nipples. Spreading my legs to both sides, you laid yourself down on top of me. Your hard cock drilled further into my pussy.

We kissed and embraced. I told you how good your penis felt inside of me. How I loved the way it rubs me inside. How hot it is. How it fills me. I said that I love it when you cum inside me. I love it when you’re filling me with your hot cream. Love watching you while you’re cumming. How much I wanted it right then.

Raising yourself on your arms, you began pummeling my pussy with almost wild abandon. I could feel your ballsac slapping against my buttocks with each penetrative stroke. Our bed shook from the vigorous pumping you were giving me. I raised my hips to meet your thrusts. When I looked up, I could see that you were not far from your orgasm. Your head was arched back, your eyes closed. Your mouth was wide open, emitting the most passionate groan. I wasn’t too far behind you.

In a final rush of passion, you plunged the full length of your manhood into me, pushing hard against me. Then you exploded like a cannon, pumping my pussy full of your hot semen. Each spasm of your body released more of your jism into me until the waves subsided. You were spent.

I came with you. My vagina gripped your embedded member with each orgasmic contraction. You were flooding me with your semen. Your manhood was a geyser spewing your cream into my pussy. I came over and over.

We drenched the bed with our sex.

We collapsed together on the bed – the satisfied wife and the satiated husband. Madly in love, panting like two newlyweds. We were like two lovers united after a long absence. How I loved you then, and still love you now.

We cuddled for a while before drifting into a deep sleep. This was my dream come true: a lifetime with you.

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