Mountain Event

A valley stretched into gray-blue mist shrouding a dry stony riverbed far below the switchbacks they had just hiked up. They were high enough now that they could see the mountain range marching into the distance in a deepening purple splendor. It had been a long hike, but her whole body was pulsing with energy.

When she turned to look back at him, she caught the moony expression on his face as he gazed at the view through the towering spruces. When he caught her glance, he smiled a small affectionate turning up of the corners of his mouth. The dimple on his cheek and the look on his face made her mouth go dry. The fresh mountain air and the smell of him blended into a powerful aphrodisiac. She was suddenly heady with wanting him.

He could read her desire the instant it flared through her body as if his body was tuned into the same frequency as hers. His look was serious and moving in closer he leaned in and kissed her. His lips were cool from the exercise, but his tongue flicking against hers was warm and she invited it into her and breathed in the good, clean taste of him. They were both reluctant to separate, the kiss deepening with passion and longing. Finally, she pulled away breathless and grinned and registered the world around her.

The woods were quiet in the early afternoon warmth as if all eyes were watching them, waiting, anticipating. “Come on,” he smiled at her and took her hand leading her off the path. “We made a good time, let’s take a break.”

“Hey – you got something more than a granola bar on your mind?” She teased him gently. He arched an eyebrow at her. “Got a lot on my mind… how about you?” She smiled in reply and followed him.

They wandered from the path across the soft pine needle-clad ground till they came to an area sheltered from the path by a shield of enormous boulders. The sun was warm and golden, filtered through a regal pine. They took off their packs. His walking shirt hung open, and she watched his taut stomach muscles moving under the light caramel of his tanned skin as he bent and retrieved the water bladder from his pack and took a long drink. He offered it to her next, and she drank after him. Before she’d finished, he was there, right near her, staring at her intently.

“Baby, let’s get naked!” “Yes, please,” she responded and slid her hands across the smooth planes of his chest and pulled him closer to her. He stepped in and pushed her up against the sun-warmed boulder as she took off his sweaty shirt and ran her fingers along the firm, lean flesh of his shoulders and arms.

He gripped the bottom of her T-shirt and smoothly pulled it up and over her head and then his hands were on her, releasing her bra and breathing delightedly as he cupped her breasts in his hands.

His hips on hers pressed her into the rock, and she could feel him hardening against her. It drove her wild with wanting him and as he bent his head to taste each of her tightening light brown nipples her hands scrambled to undo the zipper on his shorts and reach inside. He groaned softly when her hand contacted his cock through his underwear, and she saw him bite his lip and close his eyes when she dove under the waistband to grasp it in her fist, feeling the heavy, engorged length of it fill her hand. Stroking him firmly and urgently, she coaxed him to get harder and harder, feeling delirious with wanting it inside her. But she stopped and withdrew her hand as he stepped back from her, his green eyes glistening with his barely contained desire. She lay back against the boulder, her bare back and shoulders enjoying the warmth of it and watched him step out of his shorts and underwear and stand there in the forest completely naked before her. The sight of his beautiful, lean-muscled body obviously wanting her spurred her on and she slipped out of her shorts and underwear and went to him.

He drank in the sight of her long, slim body and the way she moved as if she were insubstantial, like some luscious liquid. He pulled the tie from her ponytail and the soft golden strands fell lightly around her shoulders. He pressed her against him to make sure she was real. His hands slid down her sides, and he clenched the firm muscles of her butt.

Under the watchful eyes of the forest, they stood pressed together, their hands all over each other and their kisses increasingly frantic. They throbbed with pleasure and growing need. Her arms wound around his neck as one of his hands reached between her thighs, and a finger stroked her mound and slid gently between her folds, seeking out the slick wetness that he knew had escaped. She clung to him as he explored her and found the hard pulsing nodule of her clit and rubbed it gently, tantalizingly, as her breath turned into gasps of pleasure. Then he lifted her and carried her gently to the boulder. She leaned back against it, her legs barely holding her up. He knelt before her, using his shirt as a cushion against the pine needles.

“I want to taste you,” he whispered huskily looking up at her with gleaming green eyes. Her body shivered with delight and anticipation. His hands were on her hips, and he pressed his face in to smell her rich, musky scent. Gently parting the folds, he breathed on the sensitive flesh, then took a long welcoming taste with his tongue. He heard her in-drawn breathe and felt her thighs tighten under his hands and tremble. He thrilled knowing how he could turn her on, loving to hear her small whimpers of excitement. He took his time with her, tasting the warm pit of her vagina, flicking the swelling hood of her clitoris with his tongue until she was squirming and delirious with ecstasy.

In response to him, her body was releasing a honey-syrup of juices onto his tongue, and his mind whirled with the thought of his cock surrounded in her wet heat. Her hips were jerking against his mouth as she frantically sought a release. But not yet, he thought and stopped, feeling his cock straining, needing to be in her. When her heavy-lidded gaze caught his own, he knew how much she wanted him too. He stood and kissed her, sharing the taste of her on his tongue.

“Turn over babe,” he said breathily. After he had draped his shirt on the boulder, she complied like putty in the hands of a sculptor. Her body fit the contour of the boulder, and it supported her weight as she spread her long legs and tiptoed, raising the cheeks of her butt to him and for a moment he enjoyed imagining it going into other less prepared places. But he guided his aching hardon towards the slick wetness of her other opening, and it slid, thickly and deliciously into her. He moaned with the pleasure of the rich wetness that engulfed his cock, and he took his time easing back out of her.

As she pushed back against him, she gasped loudly. Her eyes fluttered closed, and her fingers pressed into the rock as if to constrain the overflow of pleasure with the reality of nature underneath her.

All around them the world was still, but filled with a heady perfume of pine and wild flowers and the pungent pheromones of their sex. His hands pressed into her hips, holding her to him as their bodies melted together in the instinctual rhythm of his thrusts, which began slowly at first then became increasingly urgent. Distantly aware of the natural world around him, he could feel the energy of the mountain gripping him, encouraging this primal moment as if they were somehow closer to that energy through this act of nature.

She felt it too and the rough boulder against her naked body and the feeling of his body rocking against hers. Her fingers reached between her legs pushing against her clit insistently. Feeling his slick cock driving in and out of her, it filled her deeply, satisfyingly. Their bodies slapped against each other in a long, frantic dance.

The heat from her was driving him wild and her feverish rocking underneath him as she brought herself closer and closer to orgasm almost made him shoot his load time and again. She began calling his name softly, insistently telling him that she was going to come as her fingers strummed against herself. When she cried out as the first burst of orgasm hit her, her entire body convulsed underneath him, and the muscles of her vagina sucked at his cock and drove him over the edge. “I’m coming baby!” he grunted and slowed, feeling the dam burst as he let his seed spurt inside her, filling that warm space between their flesh. It seemed an endless explosion of pleasure until finally he was still. A sheen of sweat glistened on their bodies, and he lay gently against her, recovering. Feeling the exertion in his muscles, there was an excited trembling all over his body.

The sounds of the forest slowly returned as if its in-drawn breath had been let out, and the creatures had gone back to the everyday business of survival. He kissed her gently on the cheek, and her eyes flickered open with a small smile of contentment playing across her flushed features.

“That – was incredible,” she said in a soft, breathy voice. “Let’s stay like this forever…” “Better than a granola bar – huh?” He teased and kissed her turned cheek. “Much better than a granola bar,” she smiled.

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