Connection (L)

It’s only been a few hours, but again, I feel you stroking your hand over side, sliding up behind me. The warmth of your breasts press into my back as you reach around me. You caress my arm, gently.

I’m awake. I have been since your first hesitant touch.


We had talked. Sex had been all well and good, but it had started to feel — not stale, not flat — just disconnected.  Days before,  I asked about what we could do to change it. I missed that connection, the feeling that we were right there, together, in that moment.

I had asked what I could change to make you want me more, what I could do to help turn you on. 


You tickle my chest, trying to elicit a response from me. I grunt, low and soft. It’s all the encouragement you need. Your hand darts down to my crotch, finding my soft member. You squeeze and I have to slow you down a moment – my cock and balls a a little sore. I’m out of shape, out of practice. They haven’t felt like that since our first year of marriage.

But you are insistent and I respond. Within moments, my boxer-briefs are tented up.

I turn over; your bare tit is waiting for my lips. You gasp – a heady, intoxicating sound. I suck, firm and slow, as you drape you leg over my hip, pulling my erection close, rubbing me up and down panty-covered snatch.

I look up at you, expecting your eyes to be closed in ecstasy. But they’re not – crystal blue, they lock with mine.


You had asked me to change how I touched you. Less aggressive, more subtle. Slip in behind you and gently kiss the back of your neck. Just once, as more sends you into ticklish fits. Rest my hand at the small of your back and let it linger – a moment or two, nothing more. Caress your arm. And only if no one would see, a gentle squeeze of your buttock.

You’d wanted more propriety in public or at least around the kids. To feel more comfortable, you had said. 

I’d tried to comply, to do as you had asked.


You draw your hand under my nose, as I suck. I can smell you on it – the smell of sea-salt air mixed with the tang that is undeniably you. Your eyes twinkle. You’d been playing before I woke.

Like a dog snapping at a bone, I gape after it, leaving your nipple behind.  You run a damp trail down your stomach. I follow, kissing and licking, the whole while my eyes on yours.

You slip down your panties over the curve of your hips, kicking them free. You spread your legs for me using both your hands to pull apart your below-lips. I shudder in pleasure at the sight. I’ve been addicted to the taste of your since our first night. I lower and begin to feast, watching you watch me.


It had only taken a few days. Suddenly, the connection was there. It was back. When you looked at me in the hallway or across the table or watching TV, you saw me. When I touched, you let me. When I kissed you goodbye in the morning or hello in the afternoon, you were there. I became instantly aware of you as soon as you would enter the room. And then it got stronger.


I devour you. My tongue flicks across your clit, over and over. I feel your butt clench as you tighten and my hands pull me even closer against you. You love the feel of my scruff against you as I begin to tongue-fuck your pussy. I can taste the saltiness of my own cum in you, the remnants of our previous session. Everything is smooth, warm, and wet. Oh my — you are SO wet for me.

Beautiful twin mounds now obscure my view of your eyes, but I know you’re still there, trying to maintain that connectedness we have found. You arch your back, giving me the deepest access you can. You fingers twirl in my hair and play with the tips of my ears. You breathe in shallow catches as my mustache tickles your clitty.

Involuntarily, I grind against the bed, soaking my boxer-briefs with pre-cum, horny and hard for you.


Two days ago, you snagged me, pulling us into the bedroom and locking the door. You only bother locking the door if you think it might take us a while to finish. But you don’t even worry about undressing, pushing me onto the bed while shaking you loosened pants off from your waist. Before I can even ask what you want, you are on top me, pulling your panties to the side and sliding me into your hot hole. You slam down onto my cock, forcing me as deep as you can, gasping. I’m in shock. I hadn’t expect this.

I look up at you. Instead of  dropping your head back, eyes closed, as you normally would,  you stare intently back at me. You flick an eyebrow – a question? Am I ready? I nod.

And then you start to fuck me. 

Not make love. Not intercourse. Not sex. Fuck. Wild, passionate, urgent, needy fuck.  

And the whole time, your eyes pin me to the bed. It’s glorious.


You’re close now. Your legs have closed in around my head. A tiny, whimpering moan escapes your lips with each thrust of my fingers.

You stop me, putting a foot on my shoulder and rolling me away.

I protest.

Then you are kneeling over me. Your naked form glows in the early dawn light from the window.

You pull my underwear down. The cool air hits my cock, making it twitch and jump. You tease just for moment, letting you hanging tits brush against it. I groan, urging you to play more. You do, but only for a minute.

You straighten and swing your leg over, straddling me, but with your back to me.

My groaning changes pitch and urgency as you grasp my cock and lower down.

“Oh yes Stacey, YES!”

I love reverse. I love the way your ass looks as you settle down onto my cock.

My tip slowly enters your swollen, parted lips. Oh–you’re so tight and hot! The head opens you and I feel a dribble of your juice run down the underside of my cock before I thrust hard up into you.

You grind against me, back and forth, wriggling your sweet ass as I thrust.  But again, you stop.

You look over your shoulder at me and I know why you’ve stopped – no connection for you. We need to invest in a mirror.


I came in you quickly as you fucked me, overcome with powerful spasms as I fountained into you. 

You came as well, shuddering as the last of my climax faded, just as my cock started to deflate. You love it when we come together.

You linger, pressing down on me to keep my cock in you as long as possible. A small spray of sweat glazes your upper lip as we pant together.

Later, I ask you if the changes in the way I touch you made that big a difference.

“Yes,” you say, smiling sweetly at me. 

“Was it because I changed the touch?” I ask, “Or that I listened to you enough to do it?”

“Probably a bit of both,” you say with a laugh.

Then you blush, almost like a school girl. You lean forward, close to me, eyes on mine again.

“I can’t stop thinking about this.” You reach out and place your hand on my crotch. I stir, hardening.


You spin around, dragging your hard nipples across my chest.

You start to fuck me again. Not as urgent this time – more measured, more determined. Before you had needed it, desperately. Now you are in control – you want it and you’re damn well going to get it.

Leaning down, resting on me, you bounce your hips over mine. My cock slides in and out, faster now as you find your rhythm. I press up, angling my cock so that it hits your G-spot and my pelvis rubs on your clit.

In this position I can last almost indefinitely. I can control my tension, relaxing if I get too close.  You look at me, eyes closed almost to slits as you focus.

I slip my hand between us, squeezing your luscious breasts. I remember that once you asked me what I looked for in a woman – tits man or ass man, I think you put it. I’m a whole-package kinda guy and baby, you have it all. In spades.

I massage your plump, pert titties, gently pinching your hard nipples between my fingers. You moan, deep – almost a purr. I can feel you watching me look at your tits. I love the way they spill from my hands. Big enough that I know others look at you when we go out. Small enough that they know their real.

Your moan goes up in pitch. Faster you stroke up and down my cock. Your breath changes again and this time you cum. Your tight pussy clamps down on my cock, each spasm of pleasure milking at me. You high, keening moan changes to pants as you continue to ride me.

You slam hard down onto me driving me as deep as you can with each thrust. Your panting starts to sound like a growl and now I know where we are headed.

I change my angle slightly and grab your hips as I thrust up unto you, matching your pace.

In seconds, you cum a second time, fresh juice coating my cock, lubing me.

The tightness of your pussy is getting to me and my loins start to rise. You feel me tighten in you.

“Go, baby,” you plead. “Please, go with me!”

I tense my legs, urging my balls to release. I thrust, you bounce. The hard nubs of your nipples rub against mine.

Your eyes widen and unfocus as you cum a third and final time. You tighten again around my cock and my own orgasm erupts.

I thought for sure you had already milked me dry, but jet after jet of semen spurts from me. You collapse, but I keep thrusting, filling you with every drop that I can.

Depleted, I slowly slip out, pulling free with a final pop.

You stir, pushing up and away from me, rolling out of the bed.

Then you stop, and return.

Leaning down, you face filling  my gaze, you kiss me lightly.

“I love you,” you say.

It’s more than just words. I can see it in your eyes.


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10 replies
  1. Alextif says:

    Sometimes the connection is more exotic and impotant then the sex it’s self, and i love how y’alll found it again, i love it in my marriage, its one of the more important aspects of it.

    • youngheart says:

      Thanks Alextif. It’s true – that connection is really what it’s so about for me. The physical without the emotional and spiritual is only a hollow reflection of what I really believe sex is all about. I think that’s part of why it’s so important that people (like the great folks here at MH) should focus on keeping it pure, by keeping it within the bounds of marriage.

      Thank you your kind words and be sure to find that connection yourself with you sweet spouse.

  2. Blondie says:

    I enjoy your writing style, youngheart. 🙂 Thank you for your contributions.

    FYI TO ALL: I’m just back on here after a very busy week of wedding stuff for a friend. I’m glad I can come back and start editing stuff again and catching up on all the stories. One of the other admins was putting up stories for me during this hectic time. Hopefully I can catch up as soon as possible, I ask you all to be patient with me for how long it takes to put up your inspiring stories.

    MAY GOD BLESS ALL THE PASSIONATE, IN-LOVE, CRAZY-FOR-EACH-OTHER MARRIED COUPLES WHO CONTRIBUTE HERE. You are an inspiration to so many! We recently had almost 10,000 unique visitors come here in one day. God is so good!

  3. BlueBee says:

    I feel so freaking horny when I read all these stories LOL. I have to confess that I envy all of you who are enjoying great married sex with your spouses. I am desperate to have an exciting and fulfilling sex life with my husband and hope that we can overcome the troubling circumstances that we are currently going through. God bless you all!

  4. Upcomingauthor says:

    Beautiful story! Latley I’ve been feeling a little disconnected from the wife, she feels it but sometimes I want her to desire me more as well and its great to see a story of you guys working on it! Sharing it with the wife with the same question! Thank you! God bless and keep writing!

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