Sexy Trip -A Needed Vacation

Sexy Trip -My husband and I had planned for a sexy trip away from the children for a long time. We were going just out of state, so a long drive was to ensue. I was looking forward, not only to the destination, but also to the long drive so we could talk.  We rarely have enough time, after four children, to have deep conversations.  We can only get started talking before someone or something interrupts.  Or, we are just too tired after a long day of work and childcare.

I packed the usual assortment of items for our sexy trip.  He loves to see me in lingerie and I was aiming to please.  While our sexy trip was only to be two nights, I knew, from past experience, that we would probably have sex at least twice a day, so I packed two lingerie outfits for each day.  Just packing the outfits got me going!  I started to think about how turned on my husband would be when he saw me in each outfit.  It also turned me on to just think of him lusting after my body. As I ran my hand across the different lacy and silky materials, my nipples started to harden and I started to feel my vagina getting moist.

My husband has encouraged me to get the vibrator out or masturbate any time I can get a free moment. I had some free time. So I took out one of my vibrators and turned it on. I pulled down panties and took the vibrator and just grazed my vagina. I was pinching my nipple and the vibrator found its way into my pussy. I had an orgasm in about 1 minute. I realized that I must really be hungry for my husband. The second orgasm came minutes later. A third followed. I put the vibrator down, and inserted my fingers in my vagina and within moments a forth orgasm had me built into a frenzy for my husband. I got up.

I love that feel in the pit of my stomach, the longing for a romantic but, fleshy, sexy trip with my husband.  I had to hurry up and pack. I calmed down and my husband came home; we were off.  The long drive did wonders for each of us.  With each mile I could tell he was relaxing.  We talked and talked for about two and a half hours.  What a joy!  We even finished a couple of conversations that had been interrupted in the last few weeks.

About an hour and a half before our sexy trip destination, after about three hours of fun, inspiring, and even some romantic conversation, I started to think about those things I had packed in the morning. Honestly, too, I was still tingling in my vagina from those earlier orgasms and I was so hungry for my great husband. In fact, I found myself quite turned on again.  Also, I started to think about our destination, and about what we would do the moment we arrived in our room. To put it quite bluntly, I was totally horny!

Before we left on our sexy trip, I had put on a slinky, nearly see-through top.  Then, I put on a sweater.  I was bra-less, and even though I am not small breasted, the fact that I was bra-less could not be determined because of my sweater.  Well, I told my husband that I was warm and would he mind if I took off my sweater.  He agreed (I think he knew something was “up”).  When I took off my sweater, he kept glancing, when he could because he was driving, at my perky breasts and nearly visible nipples.  I leaned the seat back and started rubbing my chest, making sure that no semi-trucks or larger vehicles were coming by.

Sexy Trip Heats Up

My husband loved the show and I could tell by the huge bulge in his pants that he had to shift around to remain comfortable.  My breasts are the door to my sexuality and the more I rubbed, the harder my nipples became, making them more visible through the light blue silk top that I was wearing.  And, the more I rubbed, the tighter the knot in my stomach became, and I felt that I was soaking my panties.  I grabbed my husband’s free hand and had him rub the outside of my jeans.  I could tell my clitoris was standing straight up and it needed to be rubbed hard. I opened my jeans and slipped my fingers down my pants. His fingers were over my fingers over my pant. I hardly moved my fingers and was coming close to orgasm. But I held off. Now I wanted to be in the hotel room. I was so horny. He was so horny.

When we arrived at the hotel room, we were nearly shaking from being so turned on.  We checked in quickly and made our way to our room.  Once in the room, my husband locked the door and we started to kiss wildly.  We were shoving our tongues in each others mouths, sucking on each others lips, and letting our hands roam wildly.  Within minutes, we were down to our underwear.  I could tell my husband was turned on as his penis was standing straight up through his boxers.  I love his penis; it is so big, smooth, and warm.  I wanted it in me right then.  But, I had to wait.  I knew what my husband wanted.  He loves to see my backside, to be teased to the limit, to keep pushing his sexual tension to the highest level. So, I got on the bed and told him to stand by the wall.

The only thing I had on was the shear blue top and a matching set of blue lacy thong panties.  I got on all fours on the bed and proceeded to give him the show of his life.  I started, again, to rub my breasts on the outside of the top.  Then, I took off the top, while kneeling on the bed and started to rub my breasts and pinch my nipples.  Then, I got back on all fours and turned by bottom towards my husband.  He was breathings so hard and occasionally rubbing his hard penis through his boxers.  I started to rub by bottom and my vagina on the outside of my panties, then, I slowly slid the panties about half way down my thighs and started to finger myself.  Occasionally I would glance back to my husband and smile or wink at him, or just let him see the determination in my face as I grimaced with pleasure.

Finally neither I nor he could take it any longer.  I put my head on the bed but kept my rear fully in the air.  Then I spread my vagina lips open with two fingers and said to my husband, “Please, come over here and eat my hot _____ (he loves when I talk very aggressively and very detailed).  He came over and knelt beside the bed and started to lick my vagina from the rear.  Wow, it was awesome.  He stuck his tongue deep in my hot hole.  Then he would proceed to lick my clitoris.  I could arch my back and his whole mouth would be around the top of my vagina and he would suck the entire area of my clitoris, and even lightly bite and nip at my clitoris with his teeth and lips.

I was nearly ready to come.  I turned around on the bed, still on all fours, and asked him to stand up.  I started to return the favor, licking and sucking my husband’s penis.  It was so great.  It was so hard, so smooth in my mouth.  I took as much of him in with each breath.  I licked the tip, ran my tongue down to his balls, then came back up and took his whole manhood in my mouth.  This was too much and he said he was near coming.  So, I stopped, lay down on my back, and asked him to screw me hard.  He jumped on the bed, knelt down between my spread legs and jammed his hard penis right in me. He had not pumped in and out more than three times before he was gushing inside me with a thunderous orgasm.  I love the feel of his warm sperm shooting inside me. We kept at it for a couple of more minutes before I came in a truly wonderful orgasm also.

We lay in the bed for about an hour before resuming lovemaking.  After another very romantic session, we were famished and went to find something to eat. Our sexy trip was off to a great start!

Sex Trip Idea from Essence Magazine

If you have any sexy trip ideas, comment on them and share those sexy trip ideas with other Marriageheat readers. What was your favorite sexy trip? What did you do on that sexy trip? What made that sexy trip so sexy?


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  1. Gina G. says:

    I sometimes go with Ben when he goes out of town to work. We always have great sex. Hotel sex is awesome! One morning we actually had the mattress partially on the floor. Sex that started in the shower and got a little wild from then on! Wonder what the cleaning service thought? LOL!!!

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