Sushi, Tea or Me? (L)

It had been yet another crazy week at work (why do our stories frequently start out like this?) and of course; I had to go in on a Saturday afternoon for a couple of hours to put out another fire. (Figuratively not literally.)

Shortly before leaving to come home, Kay texted me that her girlfriend from home school co-op called requesting a sleepover with our kids. God’s timing is perfect! Whenever the kids are gone, that means there is a strong possibility of marriage heat. Ever the mysterious one, her last text read “Sushi, Tea or Me?”  I teasingly wrote her back that I would consider my options on the way home. As if!!! She responded by saying to take my time and she would take care of everything.

Shwing! Why are women so mysterious? She loves toying with me like this. After a difficult two hours at the office (I manage a 24-hour operation), I had the entire ride home to ponder what my sexy beloved was up to this time. Not that I was complaining, mind you.

It was already dark out when I pulled into the driveway. The house was dark too. OK, she is up to something I knew in my heart. After closing the garage door and entering the house through our laundry room entry; the house was dark, yet I saw some soft shimmering light. Scented candles. And her trademark Smooth Jazz was gently flowing throughout this end of the house. This girl really knows how to set the table! And did she ever…

Turning the corner to cut through the kitchen, I walked back to our bedroom. No sign of Kay. Yet soft, romantic music played and candles softly glowed.  What she is up to now, I wondered. “She never makes it easy,” I laughed to myself.

I walked back to the living room, but still no Kay. Deciding to retrace my footsteps, this time I took the long way and included the formal dining room. The image before as I stepped into the room me stopped me in my tracks.

There lay my beloved, naked on her back, on our solid oak formal dining room table. Her eyes were closed and I could scarcely take in the sight. Lying there nude and bathed in the shimmering candlelight was the beautiful sexy image of my amazing kindred spirit and soul mate. On the hutch next to the table, displayed in a neat row, were the Yankee Candles we so enjoy. And on the coffee table several feet away were our His and Her coffee mugs steaming with what appeared to be hot tea. Yet it was my amazing bride that caught my eye. And once again, the sight of her took my breath away.

There was my sweet sexy Kay, my best friend and soul mate—my Proverbs 31 gal and the mother of our children—lying there naked on our formal dining room table. Her body looked magnificent, gently illuminated in the soft glow of the candles as she lay very still, eyes shut. Yet that wasn’t the entire surprise.

Oh sure, what red-blooded man wouldn’t love to come home to a house with no kids for the evening to behold his beloved waiting for him naked? Especially in an uncommon place like your formal dining room. Except that this night, it was different.  Readers of this site by now have noticed how creative and sensuous my dear Kay can be; which is yet another reason why I am so in love with this woman after 17 years.

You see, in addition to being totally nude laying there, my beloved had strategically placed pieces of sushi all over her sexy naked body. We are both sushi lovers and we once saw something on Nat Geo about real sushi bars in Manhattan where you actually order and take eat sushi off the bodies of living and breathing “sushi models.” (no thank you) Yet leave it to our Ms. Kay to take this kinky idea to an entirely new level—together, in the privacy of our home!

“Welcome home stranger.” I hope you didn’t mind, but I felt like sushi tonight.”

I was speechless, mesmerized by the sight of my naked little bride, on our table with sushi all over her body. Sure was not expecting this tonight!

Somehow, she had strategically placed our favorite cuts of sushi—Yellow Tail, Spicy Tuna, Eel, and even California Roll—all over herself. She had sushi spaced several inches apart up both her upper thighs, one on each hip, her tummy, her collar bone and her throat.

Oh, and did I mention what else she did? She placed freshly cut juicy cucumber slices over each nipple. We love cucumbers and amazingly, these cucumbers could not cover her prominent pink areolas. My erection started kicking into high gear noticing the cucumber couldn’t cover them. Man, how I love her large breasted areola and nipples! So sexy and such a turn-on. With her being multi-orgasmic, I wondered how long those cucumbers would stay in place; especially since her nipples grow to the size of ripe strawberries as approaches and experiences each climax. I know my girl!

And speaking of cucumber, much to my astonishment; my beloved also had a long cucumber inserted into her sweet pussy. I was really taken back by the sight of this. I mean, I wasn’t expecting to see her impaled by a cucumber. And yes, we love eating fresh cucumber and sushi—but not in my wildest dreams did I expect it to be presented in this kinky fashion. She also had two pieces of sushi gently resting atop the upper hairs of her fluffy dark mound. What a sight to behold!  I bet there are not any sushi models that look this hot in Manhattan!

“Welcome home sweetheart; I hope you don’t mind; but I felt like something a little different tonight, so I threw this together.”

“Wow honey, I don’t know what to say. This is amazing and yes, I defiantly feel like partaking of some fresh sushi tonight.”

“Well I tell you what, I ah, started to get, hungry waiting for you to return; so why don‘t you go first. Besides, I want to watch you eat me—I mean eat it off me. My only request is you save the cucumber for last.”

My girl is amazing. I was naked in a New York Minute and my erection was ready for action.

Even though she said she already ate; there is always room for sushi. I took turns foraging the sushi off her thighs. I love how taut they are with the sexy baby down blonde peach fuzz which is so prominent. After eating the first two, I gently placed the next two into my mouth (one at a time) and fed them to her, placing them in her mouth as a mother bird does to her babies. It was really sexy and intimate doing this, something we had never done before.

“Mmmm, thank you for feeding me babe; yet another reason why I love you so much.”

Repeating this procedure, I ate both pieces off her hips and enjoyed their close proximity to her luscious mound of neatly trimmed thick dark pubic hair.

My tongue slowly and teasingly worked its way up from the top of her pubes, along her sexy pleasure trail, along her tummy. Her breathing was increasing and her flesh was hot to my touch. Reaching the bottom of her sweet titties, my tongue slowly licked up until reaching her cucumber covered nipple. I was amazed to see the cucumber slice tilted at an angle. I was right—her nipple had swelled to the he size of a strawberry– tilting the cucumber off to the side. Amazing.

Taking the cucumber slice into my mouth, I devoured it in one bite. Then I played with her nipple for a while with my tongue; gently licking and biting it. Still trying to be still, she let out several low moans of delight as I ate the sushi off her body and pleasured her nipple with my tongue.

Sensing her first orgasm building deep inside her (I can bring her to orgasm by carefully manipulating her nipples and titties) I stopped and moved on to her other breast. Yet this time, I gently lifted it off her nipple (this one was also tipped over) placing it in my mouth and carefully fed her. She took it from my mouth and enjoyed it herself. I watched her slowly chew and swallow then slowly lipped her lips with her hot little tongue. My pulse was racing and I wanted to take her there and then; but we had to finish playing this sexy game of hers.

I quickly devoured the sushi from her collarbones; leaving only the two on her throat. Stealing a glance downward while I was feasting on these remaining pieces, I caught my beloved slowly screwing herself with that cucumber. No wonder she was quietly moaning and breathing deeply. I had thought it was my tongue work, but it looked like it was her slow and steady right hand. Perhaps it was a combination. Either way, she was enjoying herself and so was I.

With all the sushi gone, I slowly nibbled and nipped my way down her precious body. From her neck down to her shoulders and along her arms, I licked and gently bit her. Goosebumps appeared all over her arms and legs. My teeth gently teased and bit the baby down fuzz on her forearm before stopping at her hands where I slowly licked and sucked all five fingers. She was really squirming now.

“Oh babe, where did you learn to do this? Your mouth feels so good on my body. Please don’t stop honey. You spoil me, you know that?”

“No worries sweetheart, you do so much for us. You deserve some serious downtime and loving.”

“Ooohhhhhhhhh, K—thank you for loving me. I don’t deserve you. I can’t wait to feel your manhood stretching my pussy. Oh, how I love you!”

My mouth worked its way down her sides to her hips. Then I slowly tongued the sexy peach fuzz on her thigh again as she kept flexing her muscular leg for my enjoyment. Man, she has hard thighs when she flexes them.

Gently biting and leaving little teeth marks as I worked her tight and goose bump-laden thigh, my tongue found its way to her magnificent lady garden. Oh, how I love to graze in her pasture.

As she continued slowing working the cucumber in and out of her sex; I decided to give her a tongue bath. Taking my time, I slowly and deliberately licked all the fluffy hair of her mound causing her to softly moan with pleasure.

“Oh, K, your mouth feels so wonderful on my pussy. Sooooo good, babe. I love your hot tongue on me. Thank you for taking the time to do this my kindred.”

Her soft pubes felt so good on my lips and mouth. Yes, I had to stop several times to gently remove some of her lady hair from my mouth, yet it was well worth it. We adore playing like this. I kept licking and mouthing her until her entire mound was wet from my mouth and tongue—which is really saying something, considering how lush she is between her legs.

I could sense she was close to climaxing. Without thinking, I took the exposed end of the cucumber into my mouth and gently started to screw her with it. Not wanting to push too hard or too far, I carefully watched her body as I pumped her.

Her muscular legs opened wider as she took the cucumber deeper. She threw both arms back and let out a loud sigh.

“Oh honey, this is wonderful. Feels so good. I can’t believe you are doing this—it makes me feel so good. Thank you for being my loving husband. Thank you. Don’t stop, babe.”

Doing this for several moments, I started to lose control. My hard-on was ready to be welcomed home by her and I could sense some precious pre-cum was slowly dripping out. The clock was ticking.

The sight of the cucumber working its way in and out of her swollen sex was too much. I slowly started working it with my left hand, and then I brushed her soft black hair back to reveal her lovely swollen clit. Now that it was exposed, I began to gently lick and suck it while still screwing her with the cucumber.

“Agggggggghhhhhhh! My husband, my husband. Feels so good! Feels so good; I love you so…Mmmmmgh, Mmmmmgh, Mmmmmgh. I’m cumming, babe. I’m cumming, oooooohhhhhhhhhh, oooooohhhhhhhh!”

As she began bucking like a wild animal, I pumped her harder with the cucumber. I could see and feel her blood-engorged clit swell while I gently manipulated it. What an amazing little organ our Heavenly Father created when He created this part of Woman.

When she finally came down from this first orgasm, I slowly removed the cucumber and was amazed at its size. I was dumbfounded how she was able to get most of it inside of herself.

“Oh, K, please feed me some more. You know how much I love fresh cucumber. Feed me, please, darling.”

As I gently removed it to bring to her lips, she quickly took the vegetable from my hand and placed it in her mouth. Greedily, she stuck it in then started to lick while watching me, same as she does to my manhood.

“Oh baby, I taste my pussy on this cucumber. Tastes sooooo good. I love how I taste, I love it. Mmmmmmmmmmm,” Kay moaned.

As she was tasting herself, I went back to work and began eating her out again. Gently flicking her clit and alternating the tempo for several moments, I inserted two fingers into her. I was rewarded with her second orgasm.

“Oh, Oh, Oh, I love you, sweetheart, I love you. Mmmmmmmmmmm, I love to cum, I love to cum. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, Mmmmmmmmmmm, Aghhhhhhhhhhhhh, Aghhhhhhhh.”

She bucked again and clamped those sexy muscular legs tightly around my head. My mouth was moist from licking her and from her juices bathing my mouth and chin. Yum, yum.

With her sex literally dripping with wetness, she kept slurping and sucking her cucumber. I could not take it anymore.

I quickly mounted her, and my throbbing manhood expertly found its way into my wife.  Man, was she wet—and so warm.

“Oh, my husband, you feel so good inside me. Sooooooo good!  Please taste my pussy on this cucumber.”

As I continued to pound my beloved, she stuck the cucumber into my mouth. It was very moist from her mouth and pussy juices. I adore the scent and unique taste of her sex.

“You like how I taste, don’t you, babe? Oh, you feel so wonderful inside of me where you belong. Sooo good. You are my man, and I am your wife. Ohhhhhhh, Ohhhhhhh, Ohhhhh—I……am…….CUMMING! Mmmmmmmmmmmm, Ahhhhhhh, ahhhhhh. Ahhhhhhh, my love!”

My balls were pounding against her ass I continued pumping her. Her breaths came in short gasps. Her legs cinched tightly around my waist as we held hands. I stretched her arms back over her head, which pushed her breasts out further. Her tits kept bouncing to the rhythm of my thrusts. We deeply kissed the entire times except during  her orgasms.

“Oh, sweetheart, I am so I love with you. Please turn me over; I want you to take me from behind. Do me doggie-style, please.”

As she released me from her grip, she rolled over and got on all fours. I love when she presents her sweet ass to me in this fashion. She slowly parted her legs for me to admire this rear view of her heavenly sex.

She slowly ground her hips backward, trying to connect to my cock, but I teased her a bit so I wouldn’t lose my load right then and there. I slowly licked and nibbled both of her cheeks as she continued to grind in my direction. Her body was wet and sweaty. Her pussy was very moist, and I could definitely smell her juices. This was all so hot.

Remembering a recent story from our dear friend Gina, I quickly surprised my sweet Kay. Without warning, I placed my hands on the globes of her ass and, in one swift motion, parted her cheeks and plunged my tongue into her tiny little hole and begin licking it.

Kay exploded.

“Oh fuck K; this feels so wonderful. You’ve never done this before; Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh YES. Oh! Oh! Oh Aghhhhhhhhhhhhh! Her chest was heaving and she had trouble speaking between such huge breaths. They came in gasps.

“I can’t believe you are doing…this…to…ME! I can’t; I can’t; I can’t take…Aghhhhhhhhhhh, Aghhhhhhhhhh, Mmmmmmmmmmm, Mmmmmmmmmm, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh.

She had two or three massive orgasms while I tongued her tight little asshole. I’ve never heard her moan and yell like this. Thanks for the inspiration Gina and Blondie!

Giving her cheeks one last big long lick; I parted her once again and rammed myself home. Her body literally moved a couple inches forward on the table with the force of this first thrust. I was so excited I couldn’t help myself.

“Oh my strong husband, you feel so wonderful inside me, sooooo good, fuck me harder babe, fuck me harder K—I love you and need you so much honey.”

My thighs were loudly slapping against her cute ass while she pushed back twerking me. I gently yet firmly grabbed her hair and pulled her head back to me exposing her throat. Somewhat rough yet she enjoys this when being taken from behind.

“Mmmmmmmmm” she moaned when I grabbed her thick hair. Holding her back in this position; my other hand found its way to her ample breast that was swaying to our rhythm.

“Oh squeeze my titties K, squeeze my titties hard honey.”

Gently releasing her by the hair, I moved closer to her and reached around to both breasts. They felt so good in my hands. I slowly squeezed and released them over and over again. Despite the size of my hands; I am unable to contain them in my hands; they overflow from each one. I love how warm and heavy they feel resting in my hands.

Gently yet firmly tugging on each nipple, her next orgasm kicked in.

Now panting, my beloved dropped to her elbows with her ass still raised. Knowing what she likes, I again pulled her up by her hair, gently yet firmly. “Ah my husband, my husband….So….So…GOOOOOOOD! Between short loud breaths she yelled, Oohhhhhh, I love you I love you, Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Agggggggggggghhhhhhhh.”

With all her erotic theatrics, I was ready blow. My dear sweet soul mate can read me as well as I can read her. Sensing my condition, she quickly moved forward causing me to fall out of her. Quickly turning around and facing me on her knees, she took my throbbing penis into her mouth.

Looking me in the eyes, she stroked my dick with hands, licking and sucking at the same time. She had a very determined look on her eyes.

“Thank you K, thank you my kindred. I want you to explode into my mouth, I want to taste you down my throat my love.”

As she started deep throating me, I felt the orgasm quickly making its way out of my balls to my penis.

In pure marital bliss I enjoyed watching my wife play with my cock and plunge it down her sexy throat.

Before long, my cock started twitching as my orgasm had arrived full hilt.

Sensing the imminent explosion of my seed; she expertly let my dick fall out of her mouth and began stroking me harder.

I groaned in pleasure as she took me over the edge.

“Oh yea baby; shoot that load, shoot that load. I want to taste your cream and rub it  over my titties.”

Without warning I exploded onto her face. While shooting she quickly took my throbbing cock into her hand and opened her mouth.

“MMMMMM, yummy,” she said between big gulps. Still pumping my shaft as I continued to shoot, some of my seamen was running down her mouth and chin. Then she rubbed the head of my penis over her nipples so my milky seed was spread upon them both.

With great care, she proceeded to suck me dry. I love how she does this. Then in one smooth motion, she drew her fingers across her mouth and chin and put them into her mouth, licking my load off them.

“Oh K, you taste so wonderful my man. I love licking your juice off me. Yummmmy.”

After that, Kay lifted lifted each breast into her hand and greedily licked my sperm off of each breast. Oh how I love to watch her play with and lick her luscious titties.

Completing the job at hand, my wife gently embraced me on her knees and we locked in a tender embrace. Her breasts were crushed against my chest as our tongues danced-I am so blessed to be married to this sweet woman.

Breaking our embrace after this sweet lingering kiss, my soul mate asked me one final question.

“Well love; which will it be? Sushi, Tea or Me?”

My reply—“All three.”

And with that, I gently took her hand and helped her off the table as we walked naked hand in hand to our bathroom for a nice long luxurious hot shower…

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16 replies
  1. Gina G. says:

    Loved the story as usual! Not a big fan of sushi, but I can get into some “veggie sex” (Lol) I actually have maturated with a cucumber as well as a banana. Not gonna bore you with any state of arousal I may have felt while reading, but I will say as I read it to Ben , he got hard. So Thank you for that! God bless you both and loves to you!

    • doctemp2 says:

      Dearest Gina thank you for your kind post. And please know you never BORE us by “sharing any state of arousal you may have felt while reading!” We crave feedback from yourself and Ben. After all: that’s what we’re all here for on MH–to support and encourage (and enjoy reading about) hot marriage sex stories among our sweethearts. Blessings to you both and all of our love too!

  2. Lovinghusband says:

    K – What a meal!! You told it so well. The cucumber aspect must have been a thrill to look at! My wife also goes nuts when I part her cheeks and tongue her asshole.

    More than all of these erotic details, the tender love that you describe between the two of you adorns all of your passions in the way God designed. Lastly, thank you for stories like this – that motivate us all to be creative in our lovemaking. This was so hot! Merry Christmas to you both!

    • doctemp2 says:

      Thank you LH; yes the site of that cucumber impaling her sexy pussy was very hot to look at; still cant get that image out of my mind (nor do I want to do so!) We are so grateful He brought us together and that we love and respect each other so much. Glad you like our stories–we will keep them on schedule. Your stories are also hot! Lords blessings to you and Mrs. for a Wonderful Christmas sir.

  3. Peak84 says:

    This was wonderful – surprises and using things to spice up our making love and sex sessions, we (wifee and I) totally enjoy. Thank you for sharing and keep your marriage hot and passionate.

    • doctemp2 says:

      Thank you Peak84; glad we could spice up your love life. We appreciate your talking the time to read and write–hope to read one of your stories soon!

  4. Steve & Annie says:

    So good!!!!! Wifey and me are big sushi fans, we have had similar time with sushi, but that was awhile back. I think we will open the new year eating sushi :0
    Merry Christmas to you both!!!

    • doctemp2 says:

      Steve and Annie thank you for the encouraging words. Glad you enjoyed similar delicacies a while back–you should re-live it via your own MH story. Regardless, have a Wonderful Christmas and here’s hoping you and Annie bring in the New Year enjoying some fresh sushi and cucumber! 😀

  5. rocket says:

    An out of the world story. The rimming and the massive triple orgasms it produced are truly incredible. You two are great – the husband for expressing the tender love by licking her asshole and the wife for responding with such a large number of orgasms. Keep it up – both literally and figuratively. God bless you both. Merry Christmas.

    • doctemp2 says:

      Thank you Rocket for enjoying our story. We are very blessed to have each other–only He could bring us together with our crazy interests and backgrounds LOL. Never knew rimming could be so rewarding and being multi-orgasmic–well, that helps too :-D. We will heed your advice to keep it up and we hope you will do the same. Lord bless you both and enjoy a Wonderful Christmas.

  6. doctemp2 says:

    Well there you go Blondie-being sushi lovers you and Josh will definitely have to try this out! 😀 Glad you enjoyed it and thank you for posting it–we didn’t expect it to go up so fast; so now we have to rush to put another one out, lol.
    Thank you for editing and posting our stories; we try to make them as easy for you as possible. Take good care friend! 😀

    • Blondie says:

      I love editing through your stories! I actually have enlisted the help of another editor very recently so stories can get up faster. She helped me out while I was on a Christmas family thing earlier this week. Merry Christmas to you, Kay and K! God bless!

  7. hornyGG says:

    Hey ladygarden, this is Ben. Gina told me that you two are gonna continue submitting stories. I am so glad to hear this. I really enjoy your stories! Gina says hi! Well, gotta go! My beloved has been sucking my cock as I write this, telling me I need to hurry and get off here! God bless and I am looking forward to more stories from you!

  8. ladygarden says:

    Well HELLO Mr. Ben so good to hear from you sir; especially as dear Gina devours your manhood as your type! 😀 She is right–you are a talented man LOL.

    Thank you for your compliments, we always enjoy your mutual feedback and stories. You and Gina inspire us and we feel a special connection to you both.

    Thank you for writing and I hope you heeded Gina’s advice and Got Off in a hurry 😀 K was away and I masturbated in the shower and enjoyed 4 un-lady like sounding orgasms (as Gina once wrote) thinking about one your recent stories.

    Make it a hot Sunday–our new story should be up this week!

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