Missing you – Playful Submission

Last night before you came home you texted me telling me that you wanted me horribly, so I sent you a teasing sexy message that if you hurried home then you could have me. You let me know that you didn’t get to get off work for an hour. This gave me all the time I need to get ready for you.

I put on those heels that you love and a body hugging black dress, and I spritz on some lavender perfume with some lotion to match. I light candles across the living room and on the dinner table, and I pull the ham I made earlier that day out of the oven, along with the gravy and biscuits.

Tonight Im gonna surprise you with a large dinner and show you how much I have missed you this past week while you worked overtime.

I watch for your car to pull into the drive, and then I come out to greet you. I kiss you “hello”, and when we get in the house, I blind fold you before you can see what else I have done for you in the dining room and kitchen.

I lead you to the kitchen by the hand while the whole way you are trying to guess what I have made you.

After I sit you down in the chair, I give you a kiss that you won’t forget, and reach down to caress the crotch of your pants before I un-blindfold you so that you can see the meal I made.

You smile. “You’ve outdone yourself,” you tell me.

I tell you, “You are worth it! Dig in.”

You kiss me.

During the meal I take off my heel and run my foot up your leg slowly, making you moan, which you hide in a cough.

You eat with vigor and you make me eat more then I normally would have while knowing that later I will wish I hadn’t attempted to do certain things on a full stomach. Throughout the whole meal I caress your leg and the middle of your pants with my foot as I smile and then under the table I reach into your pants, and start stroking you. Your eyes find mine again, and you instantly get hard in my hand. I lick my lips.

“Dinner is over, it’s time for dessert,” you say.

I smile and innocently say, “Can I have mine now?”

“Sure,” you grin, knowing what I’m about to do.

You grab my hair and I get on my knees under the table and I pull your pants socks and shoes off, and I start to suck your cock. I play with the tip, licking it all around and hitting the sensitive spots underneath.

I take the tip out of my mouth and lick your shaft up and down, my saliva cooling on your hard cock, exciting you more. I lick your full round balls all around and back up to the top, which you tug my head down whispering that you want me to suck it all like a bad, bad girl. I plunge your whole cock into my throat and your surprised that I take it all at once. You moan my name as I suck it hard and fast, you tell me, “Faster faster!” and you thrust it in my mouth, plunging it deeper and deeper, and then I stop.

I tell you to go get in the bed, and you carry me up the stairs. I lose my other shoe along the way. You toss me on the bed, and unzip my dress, you tell me that your in charge now, and that I am to get naked. Your cock stands to full height glistening as you take off my panties and undo my bra. My tits are hard already, and I help you take off your shirt and tie. Afterwards you get on the bed beside me, straddling me, and tie me to the bedposts.

A sparkle gleams in your eye as you tell me that its your turn to tease me. You start jacking your long big cock off while you talk dirty to me. Just watching you do what I want to do to you, makes me squirm. You let me squirm for a moment before you start sucking on my right nipple, I get wet when you bite it softly and twist the other one. You kiss your way down to my lips. I beg for your mercy.

You kiss my lips gently, kissing off some of my cum, you then tease your tongue inside me, you make me moan and beg for more and then you get right in my face, and ask me, “Do you want my dick? Do you need my dick? Do you have to have it?”

“I need it! Oh, baby, I need it!” I moan loudly as you kiss me and I taste my pussy on your lips, such an exotic taste that I don’t have any time to pleasure before you stick your dick inside me, making me scream with how you thrust it all in me at once.

You give it to me rough and deep, just how I like it. You set a pace that I easily match and make it deeper. I wrap my legs around your waist to give you as much penetration as possible. I moan and scream your name as you make me yours in every single way in orgasm.

You then bend me over your knee as you draw out of me surprisingly, and you tell me that I have been a bad bad, bad girl and that I deserve some punishment.

I beg you, no, I tell you that I’ll suck you, and I do. Your hand slaps my ass over and over, you taunt me and make me moan, and I make you moan. When you cum in my mouth I swallow and lick you clean.

We finish by cuddling afterward on the bed in our love juices.



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8 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    Wonderfully erotic story Alextif ! Gonna have to play this out with my hubby when he gets back home from out of town. Made me very moist reading it! Thank you so much for posting! God bless and stay horny!

  2. hornyGG says:

    Hey Blondie, got a new story I’m fixing to send up and hopefully if things go well another concerning my photo shoot next week. Should I hold back on one to kinda space them out? May just let you and MH decide. Anyway, just curious. God bless my friend and keep it horny!

    • Blondie says:

      You can send them in at any time that you want 🙂 we have stories still in pending that we need to catch up on and I try to space them out by authors just as we catch up. God bless and stay horny too, my friend. 😉

  3. Lovinghusband says:

    Nice story Alextif. I like the way you prepared for your husband. I’m sure he appreciated the way you were ‘looking for him to get home.’ I like to know my wife is thinking about me in this way, too. I also liked how you described you both cuddling in your love juices. I absolutely love the combination of my wife’s wetness and cum and my cum mixed together. Keep seeking the Lord as you and your husband enjoy the satisfaction of godly sex.

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