Making Time

Making Time – Dessert First

Making Time – It had been a great day. Work was absolutely enjoyable. I had numerous appointments that all went swimmingly and on my drive home all I had was Leah on the brain. I’m not sure if I’ve described Leah on this website, so I will now. She’s 5’4″ with short blonde hair, she has delicious DD breasts, a round butt, and a soft tummy. Despite her views on her weight, she is not fat. She’s just a little plump, after having children she has probably added 20-25 pounds to her sexy figure, after being thin her whole life. I couldn’t wait for bedtime and being able to make time to make love to what was all mine.

My children, however, had a different plan. Upon entering the house there was yelling, screaming, crying, the kitchen timer going off, and in the center of it all was Leah looking care-worn. The oldest two, Teri and John, were arguing about the definition of a word,  Grace was crying because no one was playing with her, and the twins, Floyd and Evelyn, where screaming about Floyd not sharing the toy with her. Leah was trying to stop all of it and cook supper. Everyone was so engrossed in what they were doing no one noticed I came in the door. I decided to take action.

“EXCUSE ME,” I yelled above the noise. Everyone jumped out of their skins, Leah gave me a pleading look, I nodded, and she went back to making supper.

The children then turned to me, “Dad Teri says that…” “Daddy, Floyd won’t share…” “Why won’t anyone play with me?”

“Enough. Teri and John instead of arguing over the word, we have a perfectly good dictionary on the bookshelf so use it. Evelyn we have two of the toys Floyd has, take it and go play with Grace.” Shaking my head I went to the kitchen to properly greet my wife.

The sight I beheld in the kitchen couldn’t have excited me more, unless she was standing there naked. She had on her slightly snug jeans, that looked amazing on her round butt, a t-shirt that fit her perfectly, except it was tight in the chest area. Leah has the, for me, fortunate, for her unfortunate, problem of being naturally larger in the chest than compared to the rest of her body. She needs a larger size for her chest, but it looks like a potato sack everywhere else, but the smaller size for the rest of her torso is nicely tight to her breasts. She was standing at the stove, stirring sauce. I slipped up behind her, pulled her butt into my crotch, and began to kiss and nibble along her neck.

She let out a soft sigh and leaned back into my affections, slowly moving her butt against my penis. “Thank you for handling the children, they were…I don’t know. They’ve been acting like this since I came home.”

“Think nothing of it my darling. How was your day?”

“Great until I encountered our argumentative children. Yours?”

“Fantastic, got a lot done, and have several projects lined up. But that wasn’t my main focus today. Can you guess what has been on my mind all day today.”

“Couldn’t have been me,” she teased.

“Oh, but it was, my dear. I’ve thought of nothing but slowly peeling your clothes off, licking your hot pussy, squeezing your delicious butt, teasing you and making you beg for my cock.”

“Pity I’m only wearing jeans that are too small and a ratty old t-shirt.”

“I like your jeans.”

She laughed, “Love truly is blind.” I squeezed her butt and was about to continue whispering sweet nothings in her ear when the roar of arguing and screaming from upstairs reached our ears.

“I’ll go handle this.”  I got the children calmed down, we had supper, and the kids did activities for the rest of the evening until bed. Unfortunately, the arguing continued. No matter what they did, they found a way to pester each other. It wasn’t until some spankings, privileges revoked, and much yelling later that the five of them stopped. By that time I had a migraine and sex was off the table. Both disappointed, Leah and I crawled into bed for the night.

The rest of the week was not in our favor for sex. Kids had late sports games, someone had a bad dream, someone was sick, and so on. We tried everything. Staying up really late, getting up really early, no matter what we did a child came knocking on the door 10 minutes in to our foreplay.

By Friday we were thinking we were never going to have sex again. I had the day off and I spent it planning how we could get some alone time. My ideas were very radical, desperate, and jokes. I thought of duct taping their bedroom doors shut, sleeping medicine, Leah and I running  away for the night. I was so deep in my thoughts that I almost missed hearing my phone ringing. It was my mother, who said the greatest words a sexually starved husband could here. “I haven’t seen my grandchildren in months so I’m sending your father to pick them up for a sleepover at our house.”

And who am I to say no to my mother?

As soon as the kids left with my dad I got the house ready. I made dinner, ran to the store to get some whipped cream, strawberries, chocolate candies, and caramel syrup. I wrote a quick note for Leah, left it on the counter, and ran off to our room to get myself ready.

I heard the door open, and listened as Leah called for myself and each of the children. I heard her heels as she walked over to the counter, finding my note. I pictured her reading my words..”My darling, my wife, my Leah. My mother called this afternoon announcing she and Dad were taking our five bundles of joy to their house for a sleepover. So now my sexy bride, we have a whole night to ourselves. No interruptions, come to our bedroom, where I am longingly waiting for you. I’ve missed you so much, come quickly. Love, James”

I heard her run down the hall and when she burst through the door I saw her face flushed with lust. Her eyes widened and darkened with desire as she drank me in. I gave myself whipped cream underwear, with the Dove chocolate on the tip of my penis. I drizzled caramel sauce on my chest, dotting my self with strawberries and chocolate. Whipped cream was on my nipples, one topped with candy, the other strawberry, and I had a line of whipped cream on each of my legs.

Leah ripped her clothes off, but then sauntered to the bed. She seductively crawled on the bed, breasts swaying.

“I see I’m having dessert first tonight,” she said in a low, sultry voice. She lay languorously alongside of me, dipping her finger in the caramel, and seductively licking the sweetness from her finger. “Mmmm,” she purred, “tasty.”

She removed all the dessert from my torso and legs. Leaving my throbbing penis for last. “Now,” she growled, “my favorite part.” She dived into my manhood, licking and slurping, taking me all the way in her mouth.

“Leeeah, I-I’m going to cum.” I groaned, arching into her hot mouth.

“Good,” she purred. The vibrations sent me over the edge, and I shot streams of hot semen into her perfect mouth. She swallowed it all, making sure to lick every drop from my, now limp, penis. She moved back up the bed and kissed me passionately. I could taste myself and the dessert on her lips and tongue, I felt life coming back to my love rod. My hands needed to roam, and roam they did. All over her thighs, butt, breasts, and tummy. Her delicious moans told me she needed her own release.

I flipped her down on to the bed, gave her one more kiss on the lips, then moved my attentions to her lower lips. She arched at the feel of my breath against her soaking pussy. I took my time with her, teasing her slowly.

“James,” she begged, “James, cut the crap, make me cum.” I refused to let up on my teasing, and she cursed at me.

“That’s not nice language for a lady,” I scolded, “I might not finish you with that mouth.” She screamed in sexual agony.

“JAMES! So help me you will let me cum or else…” She never did finish her threat, because at that moment I sent her over the edge and her words were lost in screams and moans of pleasure.

My penis was hard again, and as soon as I knew she could handle it. I impaled myself into her, pounding her furiously until we both came again in screams and moans and waves of pleasure. Breathy, I laid down beside her, pulling her close, kissing her sweetly.

“Feel better, my Leah?”

“Yes,” she snuggled closer to me, “however I’m a bit hungry.”

“I should say so, all that work you did. But lucky for you I made supper and all we have to do is heat it up.” We scampered off to our dinner, both enjoying our dessert first, sex afterglow.

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