Making Up For Lost Time

The morning started out kind of gray, but quickly cleared. John was still feeling a little frustrated from last night. They had decided to lay naked in the bed, and he had gotten pretty horny. Allyson was looking so hot, with her legs spread further by the minute. He’d made comments that her pussy was begging to be licked, and finally went down. After a few minutes, he came back up and waited to see if she wanted to continue. The problem was that nothing happened. She was waiting for more, while he was waiting for her to join in…

Now, at last, the morning had come. There was work to do and good weather to do it in. John quickly got dressed and went out the door. Driving to the new customer’s house, all he could think of was what he’d like to be doing… more specific what he’d like to have done. As it turned out, the job went pretty quick. He was on his way home after only a couple hours.
It did cross his mind as he drove home, how nice it would be to have her waiting for him. But he “knew” that it wasn’t very likely. There’s always something to keep up the neglect he’d been feeling. No surprise, the last thing he expected -as he walked in the door- was to find Allyson laid back on the couch, masturbating excitedly with the Purple Dick he’d gotten her just a couple weeks ago.
“I couldn’t wait for you to get home! My pussy was screaming for attention, and I just couldn’t hold out any longer.”
“Well!” he said, pulling off his pants and hoping she’d keep going, “I guess that means I can at least give you a fill up…”
She smiled and shook her head coyly. “No… I’ve got her satisfied for a while. But I’ve been thinking it’s time to show that cock of yours just how much I love it.”

John just stood there, knowing she couldn’t possibly mean what he’d like her to… “What did you have in mind?”
Smiling, she slowly slid her hand up and across her stomach. Leaning into him as she stood, she planted a quick kiss on his lips. “Hmm… Let’s see…” then gently pushed him into the recliner.

Allyson had been waiting for this moment, to finally surprise John with acts he’d been desperately longing for. (It’s just that things keep getting in the way! Grabbing her attention, right as she’d start thinking of fulfilling his long-awaited needs… But not this time..!) She knelt in front of him, “Lay back and close your eyes.” … And quickly grabbed his throbbing dick.

With a soft moan, John gave a small “wow…” No way was this really happening..! She continued stroking it, slowly building toward the inevitable spray. John started to open his eyes and murmur a thank-you, but she grinned at him and said, “it’s not a surprise if you’re watching…”

He smiled and closed his eyes again. Just when he thinks the spray is about to start, Allyson suddenly let go. She quickly threw a blanket over his face… “gotta make sure..!”

Before he can say anything back, he felt her warm mouth wrap around his now massive cock. “Oh! I…” Head covered by the blanket, John felt -more than heard- a muffled “mmmm…hmmm…mmmmmh…”

Reaching down, he blindly runs his fingers through her hair. “I meant it when I said you don’t have to go all the way.” But as the last word left his lips, Allyson suddenly pulls off… and starts jacking him hard and fast. Just in time, she whips the blanket off his face, gives a giant smile, and quickly positions her naked body to watch John’s hot cum start flying… streams of hot cream spattering across her face, chest and stomach.

“I am so sorry about last night. Your tongue sent shivers through me, and left me speechless. I wanted so badly to jump on top of you right then and there…”

“Oh, my sweet, sweet, sexy wiffle… I was hurt. I was. But I’ll never stop thinking about meeting every need you have. In bed or otherwise! How I’ve longed–”

“Honey, shhhh..! It’s my fault. I’ve wanted to do this for months… years! But everything gets in the way. That’s not fair, and I WILL do better. Just promise–”

“My sexy girl, I’m not going anywhere. I won’t die from a lack of your skilled hands and lips –both sets!! The Father gave me you, gave you me, to fill all the needs we can’t alone. He made us to be together in every way, so I will NEVER stop chasing you… or the things you’ve been so gifted to do.”

“Speaking of both sets…” Allyson cocks an eye, “These think they can do even better…” as she strokes his semi-erect cock back to life, and proceeds to let her pussy lick the last drops from his head…

God bless. Keep it HOT!

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3 replies
  1. Gina G. says:

    Totally Hot! I loved it! If you don’t mind my saying, but I jilled off after reading it. Gonna have to try the blanket thing with Ben soon. Write more please!
    God Bless! Stay horny!

    • WiffleLove says:

      Wow… I think that’s gotta be a day-maker! Thanks 😎

      This really should have been listed under Married Sex Fiction, if only because the facts end at walking in the door. Unfortunately, LIFE has gotten in the way many more times than it should. I actually wrote this to her as my attempt to show, from my creative side (that she used to marvel at all through school), how I felt that night and what I’d been so desperately missing.

      She said she liked the story, and that it got her excited… “We should try that sometime.” Then turned over and went to sleep.

      To say it’s been a climb seems to sum it up pretty well. Lots of times, I really feel like there’s progress. Most of those get blasted down as they’ve blossomed, but some have paid off.

      What can you do, but keep praying that He will get us both lined back up together… and of course find awesome people like you and others here, who show every day that there really is hope to be SO much better.

      I’ve read the comments some people leave you. If it was your everyday public talk, I would have to let you know it’s not what should be coming from the mouth of a godly woman. But this is your intimate talk, reserved for your husband, in the confines of your marrital bliss. The only person with any say on that is your husband. BOTTOM LINE: **Don’t let these comments deter you from sharing as you’ve been led.** Safeguards have been put in place to avert the eys of the sensitive. If they choose to look, then they have only themselves to blame for any supposed misconduct!

  2. WiffleLove says:

    On a side-note… where do the pictures come from? I mean, I like this one, but it’s not what I inserted.

    Honestly, just curious if there’s a gallery to choose from..?

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